Jun. 5th, 2017

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ahhh what do ants hate???

i rain-proofed the yurt by stuffing all my bedding into a trunk. i mouse-proofed the trunk by stuffing it full of dryer sheets. it all seemed fine: the roof leaked while i was gone, and the air mattress, bare rubber, dried just fine. 

opened the trunk to remake my bed: bedding is all dry but AUGH HOLY SHIT THE TRUNK IS FULL OF ANTS.

My world is ants. 

Spiders hate clove oil and peppermint. Mice hate dryer sheets. Ants seem totally unfazed by both. 

It reeks, by the way, of clove oil and Bounce in this piece. Also myrrh incense, because I was trying to make it smell like something else in here, and I had a measure of success, certainly, but uh. 


At least after a lot of screwing around I managed to get the power to work. Two one-hundred-foot extension cords is a long way to check for breaks or problems, and i’m still not sure what the problem was, but at least i have power. When I discovered the ants, I had only a candle, and I resolved to myself that if I could not get a light to work, I was not sleeping in a dark ant-infested yurt but instead would go sleep on the couch in the house. (The guestroom is occupied, which is why I’m glad i have the yurt…)

But I need to know what ants hate, and if the smell of it will be as overpowering as– currently, the clove oil is winning. Fortunately i like clove oil.
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I saw a post that categorized Adam Driver’s charity, Arts in the Armed Forces as being super pro US Military and how he’s out there on military bases “raising money for these guys” and like, I know the new thing is to condemn Adam Driver for his military service since no one has been able to stop people from being fans of his character but like…

I am as anti US Military as a lot of people and the military mind set is hard for me ti understand, but at the same time I can fully recognize how the machine preys on poor youth with few options (many of whom are people of color) grinds them up, and then spits them out without access to adequate mental health care.

And I honestly don’t know if the person who said that about AITAF actually knows the org’s purpose?

It was started because even after only 2 years of duty, during which he never saw battle, Adam Driver had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life, and he found that his arts training opened up avenues of communication and expression. It’s literally just an organization that brings theatre performances and discussion to military personnel as a way of providing access to the arts and different forms of thought and communication.

To be clear, this post isn’t meant to white knight Adam Driver. It’s just me, as an artist, believing that art should be accessible to all and can enrich anyone’s life.

But sure, I guess you could say people in the military don’t deserve access to things that could broaden their horizons and help them heal from moral and physical injuries. I guess. That totally solves everything.

oh, i know what post this is referring to– pointing out that if one calls for a boycott of Wonder Woman because actress Gal Godot served in the Israeli military, which is compulsory for all Israeli citizens (and, recent-ish-ly, on her Instagram, said something supportive and positive about her comrades there), then one should also similarly condemn movies starring other actors who have served in Problematic military forces, such as, for example, Adam Driver of Star Wars, who not only served in the US Marines, who have seen some pretty Problematic service in recent years, but also remains involved in a charity devoted to improving the lives of servicemembers. Clearly that’s way worse than just a positive Instagram hashtag!~!~!~* etcetera.

The point was, if you have a problem with Gal Godot, the problem is overwhelmingly likely anti-Semitism cloaked in a thin veneer of anti-Zionism. Because no shit, nobody’s giving Adam Driver shit for being in the Marines and also devoting a shitload of time and effort to an arts-based charity to benefit servicemembers because it would be shitty to do that. However, like half this website is salivating with eagerness to trash the entire Wonder Woman project because of Godot’s military service.

You can get all upset about Adam Driver if you like, but it’d be missing the point of the post. The point was that it’s a shitty thing to hang performative outrage on. And also that the inconsistency is pretty fucking telling. 

I follow some people who are Not Fans of Kylo Ren, I can tell you, and even with the mean-ass shit they say, nobody’s ever gone there. Because it’s a shitty thing to get mad about. 
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boy i’m tired of seeing a constant refrain on ‘progressive’ posts that says like ‘well as long as it isn’t sexualized’, as if anything sexual is obviously bad. cross-dressing’s okay if it isn’t sexualized. queer characters are okay if they aren’t sexualized. dancing is okay if it isn’t sexualized. murder is okay if it isn’t sexualized! 

and people keep using the term sexualized as if it’s just the same thing as objectified, as if being sexy makes you less human. because that’s what we’re all taught, right? sluts aren’t people. pervs aren’t people. but it’s bullshit. 

sexuality is not an inherently dirty, damaging, wrong, toxic, stupid, or frivolous aspect of human experience and human expression. coercion, violence, and dehumanization are what hurt people, and they hurt people in plenty of nonsexual ways too. treating people like things— seeing them only as objects to gratify you— is wrong no matter what. 

sex is a crucial element in a lot of people’s lives. sexuality is a big part of a lot of people’s identities. it’s not something we can ignore or devalue. if we continue to insist that sex is inherently bad and damaging, we’re going to continue seeing sexual people as bad and damaged, and that is antithetical to any truly progressive cause. 

Something that came to mind while I read this post was a comment I had recently on one of my fics, which said “wow despite the tags this fic is really wholesome”. The tags referred to were likely the kink-related ones (and there were several on that particular fic) - but also tagged were things like established relationship, moving in together and love. And I think this post goes some way to explain why the person who left that comment wasn’t expecting a kink-based exploration of a loving relationship even though it was there in the tags.

There is a belief that reading and writing about purely sexual scenarios is some kind of guilty pleasure, especially if they are in some way extreme or hardcore. Authors commonly talk about ‘sinning’ and they are only half-joking when describing it as such. It’s also often dismissed as being lesser than other kinds of writing the author might have done - how many times have you seen a writer say ‘oh this is just a little PWP’?

There’s as much room within erotic writing to create something meaningful, interesting and nuanced as there is in any other kind of genre. As OP says “sex is a crucial element in a lot of people’s lives. sexuality is a big part of a lot of people’s identities.” - there is *so much* scope there for a writer to do something good with.

Don’t misunderstand me - I don’t think I’ve cracked it. But I am saying that’s my goal. And thank you to the person who commented for making me realise that YES I WRITE WHOLESOME KINK THAT’S WHAT I DO XD 

tl;dr I’ve been thinking too much about the political implications of writing explicit erotica in an increasingly fear-based, censorship-prone society and OP’s post is a good one. Take erotic writing seriously 2k17

I tag many of my fics “Porn Without Plot,” but do you want to know my darkest secret?

The porn IS the plot.
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#this is poe dameron walking to his death with his chin up#sure that he’s doomed the galaxy and fully believing that this end is deserved because he did#but he keeps his chin up because the resistance will not be intimidated#he might have killed them all (he has killed them all) but they’re not going to show fear and neither will he#HE’S SO GOOD HE’S JUST SO GOOD EVERYONE FLATTENS OUT HIS CHARACTERIZATION BUT HE’S SO /GOOD/



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