Apr. 22nd, 2017

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today I saw, in the back of a truck in an open cooler, a dead pig with its back legs sticking out over the side of the truck because it was too big for the cooler. when the truck hit a bump, they wobbled

I may have held up traffic turning at the light because I was laughing so hard

My sister has the world’s most hilari-terrible story ever about when she worked on a pig farm in Illinois. I’ll tell it, but I can’t really do it justice. I’m the chattiest of my sisters, the most voluble, and Farmsister tends to do more taciturn looming than chatting, but she and I are on a spectrum and sometimes she slides more my way.

So she tells this story with a lot of flailing gestures, and it’s a Live Experience ™. I’ll try to do it justice. Mind the TWs in the tags!

So she worked at a huge pig farm in IL, and went from being just an occasional laborer to being the manager. But there were some bumps along the way.

One day, there were a couple of sick pigs. Her boss asked her to take one of the sick pigs across town to the vet, who couldn’t make it out to the farm, or maybe charged more, hard to say, lost to the mists of storytelling.

So she gets this thing into the truck, and it’s sick but it’s still pretty fiesty, and she’s like, how am I going to keep this very large live animal in the bed of this not that large truck? And her boss is like, y’know, just tap the brakes if it looks too fiesty. She’s like, what, but there’s not really time to argue, because the thing’s already starting to climb out. So she gets in the truck and floors it, and heads for the vet.

Now, mostly, she’s got open roads to drive on, and all is well, while the truck’s moving the pig isn’t that interested in leaping out. So it chills, and she drives with her eye glued to the rearview, and the thing’s docile enough. But then she hits town, and there are stop signs and other cars. And the damn things starts to get antsy. 

So she’s like. Driving like an asshole, swerving, braking sharply. The thing keeps climbing up on the tailgate, and she has to brake hard to knock it off. Remember how fucking big pigs are; this one wasn’t full-grown, but it wasn’t little. It’s at least 200 pounds of animated cunning. And it’s sick, but as I mentioned, it’s not really that sick. Not like, lie down and die sick. Definitely like, still gonna jump out this truck and make a break for it sick. 

And then she hits a stoplight. And the fuckin’ thing is about to go. She has to get out of the truck and run around and smack the pig, with spectators, in the middle of town, like, don’t you dare get out of this truck, and there’s much hilarity. She manages to get back in the truck and floor it at the green light, and she swerves around and manages to not hit anybody or get murdered. 

Gets to the vet. Breathlessly explains what’s up. Oh yeah sure, says the vet, who was maybe expecting her. They get the pig out of the truck and– 

the vet kills the pig. Like, no blinking, no hesitation, straight up murders the animal, flips it over, does an autopsy right there. It’s like, still twitching. 

My sister believed she was taking this animal for treatment, and had not been forewarned about this, so she just stood there gaping in shock like a total noob. But no, this had been the plan all along; the animal was to be destroyed for diagnosis, so that the rest of the herd could be saved or destroyed as necessary. 

Possibly the best capper to the story is that when the vet was done, he loaded the dead pig back into the truck, autopsied parts and all, I guess because otherwise he’d have to charge for disposal. 

So she had to drive back through town with a dead split-open still-bleeding carcass in the bed of the truck. Which– it’s a farming neighborhood, sure, but that was kind of a lot for suburban downtown Whereversville IL. I think it was like right at school dismissal time or something, too, so like, great, there’s little kids everywhere, and she just has this corpse stinking and bleeding…

She makes it back to the hog farm and is like, why did you make me take that live pig across town when we could have killed it here, and her boss was like, it seemed easier.

Believe it or not, when she tells it, it’s a funny story. Mostly because you can still sense the echoes of her formidable, towering rage.
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Wait, nobody has made you covers for the Bucky stuff?! I… do not normally Art, but I feel I have t remedy this situation.

I was on mobile and tried to respond to this but I don’t know if it worked, but– I feel like I should clarify publicly! I have had people make me fic covers a couple of times, and it is always such a huge thrill when people do. I meant that I have never made any myself, for my own works or for anyone else’s. 

Which is dumb because I’ve been formally trained in Photoshop and have used it for about 18 years at this point, including a recent stint doing professional photo retouching. I always just assumed I can’t do art, but that’s sort of silly to extend to this.

So, inspired as I am, I might take my camera around the farm this next visit and try to collect visuals for photo illustrations for the Lost Kings. Space chickens ahoy! Maybe I’ll do some embroideries for it, too; I have such vivid images in my mind of Norasol’s embroidery work

In the meantime, I really should reblog some of the beautiful cover art people have made for me, I just have to find it.

OK most of it isn’t on Tumblr. Here is a gorgeous cover for The Night Has Seen Your Mind, by Lori. The same person also made a cover art for the series, Choice Is Not A Word A Bullet Knows, and a cover for A Face Built For Gettin’ Punched. 

Then for Star Wars stuff– I got into writing Star Wars at all because @albymangroves offered to make me art, and that included a gorgeous cover image for Home Out In The Wind, which I don’t seem to have the image of to hand, but it’s embedded in the work. 

Then, later, @runawaymarbles was inspired and made a series of covers for the main trilogy of that series: Home Out In The Wind, Never Wrote A Letter, and Can’t Go Home This Way. Those three are also posted on Tumblr and I think I reblogged them at the time? But maybe not. I’ll have to find them again and queue them up. WAIT I NEVER SAW THAT THIRD ONE BEFORE!!! Whaaaat. See??? This whole post was worth it, I’d missed that one!!! It’s got the Tikal temples in it, it’s so pretty. <3 <3 <3 !!! 
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TFA Covers | Never Wrote A Letter | 89k

I was young when I left home
and I been out ramblin’ round
and I never wrote a letter to my home
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In case anyone was in suspense about the saga, just now I got a notice emailed to me about my health insurance being activated.

(OK, not emailed to me, but I got an email notifying me that I should log into the website for an update, and so I went and did that– nowhere have I described this, but to log into the website, I have to scroll halfway down a page, click “get started!”, then click through a disclaimer, then scroll back up from where it’s automatically put the cursor in a field I don’t need, to find the “already have an account?” button, click that button, and then get to where my login credentials are stored. I’ve tried to bookmark the page with my login credentials but it redirects to the “get started!” page no matter what I do. Then, once I’m in there, I have to find the “Inbox” tab, which doesn’t have any status indicators to let me know if there’s an unread message or not, and from that, I have to scroll down to the list of notices I’ve received, and then I have to download a PDF, and then I can open the PDF and read whatever message it is they want me to read. #1 no wonder it broke, and #2 hell to the no fucking way does this work on any kind of mobile device or tablet.)

Fascinatingly, though, this notice says my coverage begins June 1st, while the thing on the website yesterday said my coverage began April 1st even though I hadn’t started the application by then. 

I can’t use it either way until the card arrives, though the website (which said April 1 as start date) reassured me that if I had an emergency I’d still be ok.

But if my coverage doesn’t start until June, well. That’s some time from now.

If I were savvier at this sort of thing I’d append here the gif of I think Oprah saying what is the truth but I know if I went to search for that I’d forget what I was doing and come back and find this tab still open in like three days, so just use your imaginations here. 
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With approximately three seconds until total shutdown, K-2SO listened to Cassian’s voice cry his name one last time. Then, without regret, the droid turned his weapon on the console. The comm cut out. With the controls now reduced to a melted plastoid-metal compound, the stormtroopers would have considerable difficulty entering the vault.With one second left until total shutdown, K-2SO chose to mentally simulate an impossible scenario in which Cassian Andor escaped alive.The simulation pleased him.
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This is completely insane. And wrong. And did I mention insane?

Yeah, I went back to the part of the site where it had told me I was eligible as of 4/1 and if I had an emergency not to worry about it, but that’s gone now, there’s no information like that, everything says 6/1.

Given that they hadn’t sent me any notifications to let me know I was approved, maybe I wasn’t actually supposed to have seen the 4/1 part at all. But I did, and I went from there and signed up for a plan which is what you’re supposed to do once approved, and the document they sent me last night refers to my having signed up for a plan, so I think it was me signing up that triggered the sending of the document, and if I hadn’t signed up they wouldn’t have sent it to me, so– would I have been told something else if I hadn’t signed up? or would I just never have been told anything.

I don’t know, there’s no record of what was there before, because the determination of my eligibility was never sent to me as a document, it was just content on the site that looked static so I didn’t bother to screenshot it, but now it’s something else there so clearly it was generated content. 

So much for getting that sun allergy looked at ahead of the season; last year I had my first bad case of sun poisoning in May, so. I guess it’ll be good to go into a doctor’s appointment with a fresh memory of how bad it gets. Or maybe it’ll have cured itself during this whole span of my not being able to figure out the system… 
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oh not to be annoying, but for completeness’ sake, they just sent me another message saying I’m eligible as of 4/1 again. It directly contradicts the other one. I am, hang on. I have to screenshot. I just. What? This is realtime, guys, I’m not like, posting at these times for effect. I keep posting because I think this is the last thing. I swear to Christ I’m not doing anything here. 

Last night’s message confirmed my eligibility as of 6/1 and also confirmed that I had chosen a healthcare plan. I can’t screenshot much without getting personally identifiable information like a doofus, but here’s the relevant bit: 

That’s from a PDF that I received at 11pm last night. This morning, just now, 9:27 am, I got a PDF message that contained approximately the same content as I remember seeing on the webpage a couple of days ago, when I posted here in relief that I was accepted after all even though I hadn’t gotten any notifications. 

This message tells me to pick a plan, and says, again with the only bit I can screenshot without getting my dang social security number or whatever,

SO LIKE ok I’m gonna do it. It’s the least I can do for those of you who have not yet blocked the tag “the healthcare saga” like you absolutely should, this is ridiculous.
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yes that's the same hat, i abused the fuck out of the photoshop Warp and Distort tools plus some clone stamping
Heems gets a bonus cameo and I wish I could use him in the story but that wavers too RPF-y for my fragile tastes
i know this looks like an alien life form but really it's the crest of House Organa yes really
look at this Good Boy! he is too Good to really be K2
this Good Boy is absolutely sarcastic enough to be K2. also i specifically envision his coloring more like this. SNOOT
i think deer are lovely but also delicious, i can't not think about eating them when i see them, it's ridiculous
god he's so gloriously Brooding, this is Jeron
and then this is Cassian being a goofball but actually underneath still ready to kill you
i see a lot of this in my daily life and it's hard to romanticize but god i'm trying
i love and hate the giant yellow plows, really i do
To make up for all my boring healthcare saga posts I’m going to put up the contents of the Google Image Search folder I made before my maiden attempt at a fic cover yesterday. Here’s my Sled Dog Guy Google Images Search Aesthetic photo post! Done in true Awful Person fashion, I have no credits for any of these, because I was just poking through Image Search, but– I mean, they’re all still there, if you want to use one I’m sure you can find where it’s from.

I was sad I couldn’t get the photo of the deer in the woods into the fic cover anywhere, but that moment in the fic (halfway thru this chapter) was such a fleeting moment of beauty in the otherwise dreary background that it really wasn’t as representative as having an icy windshield image instead. I also wanted to use the great shot of the echelon plow formation on the Thruway, which is straight off NYSThruway’s Twitter account, and which i’ve witnessed firsthand and you never really get over the awe, but that hasn’t actually happened in the story so it’s irrelevant. It’s just aesthetic as hell. 

There’s a tiny possible hint to the plot development with the hideous knitwear.

Here’s my filthy secret though: I haven’t totally worked out what the plot point actually is. I have a vague concept of the shape of it, and all my vague imaginings have failed to fill in any concrete details of the shape of it. 

I JUST HAD AN IDEA OMG see that’s why we do these. Also my brain knows I have to go get on that Thruway today and is trying to come up with ways to avoid that out of sheer self-defense.

And I don’t mean to imply, up there, (in the captions, i wrote captions) that Jeron and Cassian are different people. They’re just characters, both played by the same guy. Jeron is what the roommates and the boss and everyone know him as, on the left there, all brooding and scary. 

I’m actually remembering a Dick Francis novel, I think, with Cassian’s characterization– my mom was a mystery nut and I read a ton of those books when I was a voracious adolescent. One of the books, the main character was supposed to be undercover, and he did very well at it except that there was one girl who was kind to him, and he liked her, and so he let some of his real personality slip through, let on that he was smart, and he wasn’t even really trying to flirt, he just couldn’t resist having a real conversation with her, a human connection. And it didn’t prove disastrous, and I don’t remember exactly what the upshot was but I think her suspicion that he wasn’t what he seemed wound up saving him somehow, though I might just be filling that in. (I’ll never find the book again, but I vaguely recall that the reason he went undercover was to get money to support his teenage sister’s schooling or something, it was very heartwarming and also managed to be Macho, Dick Francis was super good at that.) (They were mystery novels about horses, what do you want from me, I was a human teenaged girl.)
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Ha it would be amazing to know that, somewhere out there, The Hat exists. I am extremely excited at this idea, because I have a whole family full of knitters who I daren’t tell that I write these things.

So! There is actually a Whole Backstory to the Hat. And I suppose it would help me work it out so it actually works in the story, but I’ll cut it in case anyone wants to Remain Unspoiled For The Possible Direction This Is Going. (I guess that means I’ll answer this publicly?) Or I guess I’ll just cut for length, LOL. 

 The colors are based on the crest of House Organa. And the whole elaborate backstory to that is that in this ‘verse, Bail is alive, about 80, technically “retired” but still extremely heavily involved in the covert intelligence community, and has two powerhouse adoptive daughters, also both living, Leia who is a general, and Winter who is a senator. And Leia just has the one Mysterious Circumstances son, but Winter has had a relatively normal life and has two or three kids, and one of those kids is an adult daughter who is Super Into Knitting, and makes these Extremely Exclusively Special hats. And she gave one to Chirrut, for reasons that may or may not wind up plot-significant. (It may have been custom-made for him; I’ll guess it probably was, and thus is probably Extra-Bobbly; she likes to experiment while knitting so it’s highly likely that each individual hat she makes is wildly different. But imagine, if you will, a resplendent 80-year-old Bail Organa in a wildly-golden-orange knit hat, daring anyone to laugh at him. I enjoy this image.)

 It is unclear even to Baze whether Chirrut really appreciated the Significance Of The Hat. I know I haven’t posted any of these bits because they’re all the Baze POV parts that I haven’t managed to incorporate into anything. But hey now I will. 

 Breaking Exclusive Secret Spiritassassin Excerpt Only For People Who Clicked This Cut And Especially For Kiwi Who Asked: 

Chirrut had unwittingly already marked Bodhi for protection. The ugly hat had been a gift, and a joke, but those were the colors of House Organa, and anyone who knew anything would recognize that. The inner circle might even realize that the hat was the distinctive handiwork of Bail Organa’s granddaughter, and as such, was a powerful token indeed. (Adoptive, via his second adoptive daughter Winter, but she was still very much the innermost circle. Bail was in his eighties and theoretically retired; Winter was nearly sixty and still a Senator. The other daughter, now, Leia: she was a General, and Baze stayed as uninvolved in that as he could manage.)

Baze had protested, partly on the grounds that Bodhi was a lovely young man and the hat didn’t suit him, but partly because he wasn’t sure Chirrut really truly understood what the hat meant. But now he was glad of it.

And Chirrut had kept the matching scarf. Not that he needed to be marked for protection, particularly, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

The fact that Jeron didn’t seem recognize the hat told Baze a lot about who he wasn’t. He’d half-wondered if they’d get someone from the inner circle for this job, but clearly, they had deemed that too risky. Unless, of course, Jeron had recognized it, and that was why he’d struck up a relationship with Bodhi. But that seemed too cynical even for an agent as experienced as the one on this case was supposed to be.

“Come here,” Chirrut said, tugging on Baze’s (boring, monochrome, machine-knit) scarf as the door of their apartment closed behind them. “My big strong shoveling monster.”

“A monster, am I,” Baze said, pretending to resist.

“Some kind of yeti,” Chirrut said. “You smell like one.”

“That’s your coat you’re smelling,” Baze said, “not me.”

“Nonsense,” Chirrut said, “I just had this dry-cleaned when we were back home.”

It is actually meant to be in shades of rust-orange and yellow and gold, and has cabling; in my head the cabling vaguely resembles the wavy lines/triangle shape in the House Organa crest, and she’s made a real go of it. It’s skillfully done, but not in any way classy or tasteful, and so it’s kind of an inside joke, whoever has these amazing hats.

I put a pompom and earflaps on it because my dude’s mom buys him hats like that and he wears them in total seriousness all the time. (Also, this is real. You can tell that’s not photoshopped not because of the Getty Images watermark but rather because it’s actually an unflattering pic of Diego, which is hard to achieve.) I’m not like, married to the pompoms and earflaps, I just thought it’d be funny to mention them. I picked that one out of the image search because I liked that there was a little bit of purplish-gray in it that went with the shadow in this image, but I actually don’t think the purple is meant to be part of the heraldry, it’s just a shadow for artistic effect.

So really, there’s quite a bit of scope for what the hat could really look like, and still be True To The Artistic Vision And Also Plot Point. 
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The Dick Francis is definitely For Kicks, in case you fancy revisiting it!

ah and here it is on Goodreads! I remember this, it was… oh gosh, and I read all the surrounding ones too. First published 1965! 

I am uncomfortable aware, suddenly, that while all the authors surrounding me in fandom, I mean my contemporaries of a certain age, got their start and inspiration from whatever that genre is, Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey and all, I definitely, definitely formed my sense of What A Protagonist Is by reading a shitload of Dick Francis. 

His protagonists were always, always these macho, selfless, self-contained, self-disciplined sorts, always, always. Extremely competent, quick on the uptake, not glory-seeking, quiet and unassuming. Self-sacrificing and ruthless all in one, unemotional, but deep down very sensitive, feeling attachments keenly. One recurring protagonist (I think he recurred… all of them were really the same guy, it’s hard to tell) had a Tragically Unrequited Love that was never plot-significant, just a background characterization– she loved him too, but she was his first cousin and objected to any possible union on those grounds, and that was just that, she wasn’t involved in the plot at all, she just gently broke his heart every now and then, and he Pined Nobly, had loved her since childhood, and it never was resolved, she wouldn’t change her mind, that was that. 

There was another recurring protagonist, I think, who had a wonderful relationship with a great woman who was, I believe, fat and outspoken and very frankly sexual, and she also was uninvolved in the plot, he just came back to her in the end and there was some line with her cackling about the “myth of the vaginal orgasm”, which I being a very young youth was very intrigued by. It was a throwaway line, but that was just part of the guy’s characterization: it was tangential to the plot, but he was madly in love with and extremely happy with this woman, and sort of the moral of the story was that while the evildoer was left with nothing, our Hero was going to go home to this great chick and drink expensive wine with her. (She had inherited some fabulously expensive wine collection and decided instead of selling it she’d drink it, so they’d have $400 bottles of wine on a Tuesday night for no reason and such.)

His characters also were pretty good with the platonic soulmate friends and like, loyalty-unto-death bullshit. I could be painting these somewhat rosily in my mind, but I do feel like there was a refreshing lack of hideous sexism for all Francis’s heyday was the 60s and 70s. 

My runner-up for How To Protagonist is Tony Hillerman, though. I should revisit those books, I’ve no idea how they’d hold up to a reread, but shit, I was so infatuated with them. Unlike Francis, Hillerman wrote all his books on a continuum, so the characters actually grew. His first protagonist started out as a youngish hard-bitten cop and grew into being the secondary character in later books, the Legendary Old Detective, sometime antagonist and sometime mentor to his newer character, the Young Earnest Idealist Cop, and the whole thing had an extra dimension because they were Navajos and worked for the tribal police, and it wasn’t cosmetic, it informed who the characters were from the ground up, their whole idea of justice and morality, up on through the bullshit administrative details like how the FBI had jurisdiction over any federal crimes and so on. And like, the older guy’s wife dies of Alzheimers, and the younger guy was raised by his uncle to be a traditional medicine practitioner and it’s sort of incompatible with being a cop but he still feels so moved to do it, and he gets offers of promotions that would take him off the reservation and has to struggle with the idea of leaving his people, and so on. It’s really fascinating stuff and was just so interesting to me to contemplate in my formative years. 

Anyway. Not like I didn’t read a ton of Anne McCaffrey and feel obligated to put really euphemistic sex scenes into everything I wrote. Also dragons, i was super into those. 

But mostly? Stoic self-sacrificing heroes who are smarter and more sensitive than I let on. Forever. 
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@bomberqueen17 replied to your post “question: are the colors in the hat you used for the cover a good-ish…”

I have no idea what a cable chart would even entail, but I am delighted by the concept. And the Shovel Monster scene was headed towards nookie but I stopped writing it because I have too many WIPs and I’m gonna have to come back to that. I don’t know how this story is going to end but Baze is definitely going to Shovel Monster somebody. I hope he is anyway. I’ll be super disappointed if he doesn’t get to.

i mean, for me any kind of charting mostly involves a lot of cursing at photoshop. i think i’m gonna wait until i can get hands on the yarn. a project like this really begins with yarn that Fits, especially since i don’t dye at all. so it has to be warm golden tones, and variegated, and sturdy enough to have good cabling definition but soft enough for chirrut to tolerate in a scarf (you mentioned a matching scarf you monster how could you do this to me)

anyway once i have yarn i can swatch, and then i can figure out how big the cable motif should be. shape-wise it’s probably going to be something like [this], and the scarf pattern should translate pretty easily from the main body of the hat. this is normally where i would grab a chart pattern off of ravelry, since there are plenty of nerdy knitters, but no one has actually charted the organa house crest as far as i can see. all the star wars charts that come up in search are colorwork patterns for, like, “here’s the rebel starbird in ten different resolutions! fifteen views of the death star!” and. no. the nerd must go deeper. i might actually publish this if it turns out well, my god. even if it’s not so recognizably the organa sigil, it’ll still make a cool vaguely-celtic knot.

you’ll be disappointed - baze will be disappointed if he doesn’t get to shovel monster somebody! :P (i really just want you to write all the ships in foundcat/sleddog, i’m sorry. also all the baze and chirrut, i love the way you write their voices)

Hahahaha well— the colors are pretty open-ended! And it doesn’t have to be a perfect chart, we don’t know how good at charting Winter’s daughter really is. In fact, it *could* be the starbird, I actually hadn’t thought about that. The starbird was someone else’s family crest, I forget who now, and I forget when they adopted it; I imagine it would fit into this world pretty well. 

I didn’t think about what a matching scarf really means, whoops! Well, my mom likes to knit me scratchy scarves, so… LOL. I should dig out the one, though, it’s so great and I love it, but I have to wear a silk scarf under it, and I keep meaning to just– sew the silk scarf to the inside, because it’s not really a scarf, it’s a cowl, and it’s gorgeous, off-white, with a silk-blend lacework trim and the body is this great Icelandic wool but uh it’s Icelandic wool, that shit’s not soft. And it’s got Icelandic goat-horn buttons and I love it. And I just forgot to dig it out this year, and I really need to just line it in silk and be done with it. I could sleep in it, too– oh maybe it’ll do springtime yurt duty. I’m packing the car now, maybe I should dig it out and find some silk and throw it in my bag to do this trip. Hm!! 

Well– re: Shovel Monster Baze, @incognitajones just reblogged this photo set and the tags I had forgotten I’d put on it, which I had half-forgotten. I have no idea how the Action Plot is going to resolve but if I don’t get to do that dynamic I’ll consider myself to have failed– where Bodhi gets to be utterly fearless because he knows he’s the bait and Baze is going to close the trap on Whoever The Antagonist Is. “Oh yeah,” he says casually. “It’s just– it’s just back here.” And looks across the hall to the alcove where Baze is standing serenely with a shovel raised high above his head, utterly still and poised. 

I’ve no idea if that’ll happen, but if not in this story, then certainly in some other. 
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Ahmed also revealed some pieces of Bodhi Rook’s history that never made it onscreen. “Bodhi grew up on Jedha. It’s been a troubled planet for a long time. It’s occupied by Imperial forces, and I was thinking, ‘What makes you want to be a cargo pilot and just fly long distances for the Empire?’ I always imagined he was supporting maybe a single mother.”

In his mind, Bodhi was the only child from a poor family who agreed to work with the Empire because his mother was sick and had no one else to support her. “He’s taking a job, which a lot of people wouldn’t take. They’d think he was a collaborator with the evil forces,” Ahmed says. “He’s in a position of necessity rather than privilege, and I also think the desire to kind of fly and escape is a strong one. He’s someone who’s always kind of dreamed of escaping and leaving his home world behind, which also speaks to his ability to turn away from the political reality of Jedha.”

Then something happens that changes his mind and makes him turn against the Empire and try to help the Rebellion.

“In my mind, I think he would have lost his mother not too long ago, before we meet him, and that, in a weird way, makes him reassess,” Ahmed says. “It liberates him more. What he’s doing with his life, given that we’re only here for a short period of time?”

With his mother gone, there would be no one left in his life for the Empire to punish for his resistance.

Bodhi Rook went from the man who wasn’t there to the man with nothing to lose.

- Riz Ahmed for Entertainment Weekly (via eisoj5)
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Dumb sugar selfie at thruway rest stop gas pump (at Indian Castle Rest Area)



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