01:29 am

klyaksa1 replied to your post “well we were

01:50 am

apropos of nothing but this is some dumb blue apron

02:34 am


02:59 am

klyaksa1 replied to your post “klyaksa1 replied

03:09 am

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

03:29 am

grumpylady replied to your post “klyaksa1 replie

12:04 pm

"If you have a creative mind, it’s like owning

02:14 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

02:59 pm

Hi, I fear Tumblr ate my ask :/ anyway, Idk if you've managed to check out desktop!duolingo yet, but

07:59 pm


08:04 pm

Re: the movie recs, have you watched Amores perros by

03:53 am

Re: the movie recs, have you watched Amores perros by

05:33 am

boxoftheskyking:@bomberqueen17 this stuff is a brand called Kate (which might be part of Rimmel?)...

07:33 am

deputychairman replied to your post “klyaksa1

12:03 pm

ewan-mcgregor:Where are you going?

08:08 pm

sunrey: this “find out what han’s

10:38 pm

This has been going on for a little while.


12:03 pm

architectura:Empire Plaza, Albany, NY during a

01:18 pm

krytella reblogged your post and added:But Mexican Spanish is actually understandable if fast!...

03:18 pm

A little ice does not prevent puddle-stomping, if


07:28 pm

Creek’s running a little high, but I’m


08:03 pm

unexplained-events: Bioluminescent Deep-Sea Siphonophore The...

12:13 am

A shot inside the brooder barn, showing the new wiring (left)...

01:18 am

Well, this inspires confidence.

12:08 pm

wildehacked: wildehacked: dignifiedrice replied to your

01:08 pm

i am so tired and i need to go and be working on someth

01:13 pm

notbecauseofvictories: Leia attended a lecture at the University of Coruscant once, in those early..

05:23 pm

copperbadge: pukbak: tielan: wrenb77: suricattus: suricattus: digitaldiscipline: suricattus: m...


08:03 pm



12:02 pm

ibiohexacrypt: Would you like to step inside my cellar and...

12:12 pm

A spider with ten legs, fourteen eyes, twelve noses, and a...


08:02 pm

clockworkcanary: systlin: kittyknowsthings: mszombi: rabbittrabbitt: taavot: remember being...

09:52 pm

I know I just put up a video of this but this is an inch of rain...


12:32 am

I actually have never liked the Widow/Bucky pairing; it seems *far* too easy & pat to me. In fact, I

02:52 am

more animal husbandry on the farm, warnings for discussion of livestock as meat and such, but not in

11:12 am

theforceisstronginthegirl replied to your post

12:02 pm

tardygrading: Liked on YouTube: After Stonehenge: 3,000-year old...

08:07 pm

Crop Scientists Are Racing to ID the Wild Relatives of Common Food Crops to Create a Climate Change-


08:42 pm

This year we sure are learning a lot about how a pig becomes...

02:17 am

Tonight’s question, over dinner, was brothe

02:47 am

danceswchopstck replied to your post “more

03:12 am

mhalachai answered your question

11:12 am

what it's like making gifs

12:02 pm

naniiebimworks: Home. (I see you) Checking and cleaning gear and...

12:37 pm

Farm dog Dini only wants to lick the inside of your mouth,...


12:42 pm

marthawells: The trade paperback of The Edge of Worlds is...

01:07 pm

I’ve sort of written myself into a corner with

02:07 pm

deputychairman answered your question

06:52 pm

Rendering the lard from the pig we processed.


08:02 pm

UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world

10:02 pm

Babysitting. Playing hide and seek. I don’t fit


01:48 am

klyaksa1 replied to your post “deputychairman

02:28 am

I babysat tonight for Farmsister and her husband to go to the...

03:08 am

Asexual Visibility and Inclusion

12:08 pm

seramarias replied to your post “danceswchopstck

02:43 pm

Farmbaby isn’t great at making change but


07:18 pm

danceswchopstck replied to your post

08:03 pm

violentposer: any gay couple holding hands in public who

03:38 am

ineptshieldmaid replied to your post “seramarias

12:03 pm

fuckyeahtx: lishadra: manwiththesquidhat: kichizone: oswinsta...

06:18 pm

Thruway sky


08:03 pm

orlofsky:Today at work I named the sergers

12:03 pm

rafikecoyote: Come with me

12:08 pm

The Nantucket AU on AO3

01:23 pm

s-leary: Now that she’s received it, I can post

01:53 pm

lachesismeg: pipistrellus: growing up i knew very few

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08:03 pm


09:23 pm

runawaymarbles replied to your post “Dealing

09:28 pm

deputychairman: today we were playing on the beach where they have these randomly placed pieces of..

09:48 pm

drove across the state yesterday, haven’t even

10:13 pm

Christ almighty, since i missed the deadline for the appeal for the termination they never notified.

12:35 am

went out to dinner downtown. misread the street signs, got a parking ticket. but Dude is an old hand

01:10 am

New York, that’s cool that you just passed a

12:05 pm

The Ableist, Racist, Classist Underpinnings Of 'Laziness' - The Establishment

01:30 pm

I don’t give a shit that no one will ever read


01:36 pm

bob-belcher: fakethistoyourgrave: what’s the

02:35 pm

Accidental art from a customer roll of film that clearly sat in...

04:32 pm

Today’s extremely unimportant and tiny whiny


07:35 pm

Trash now joined by construction debris. My


08:00 pm

ltfrankcastle: Okay, good.


09:45 pm

for the last two weeks or more i have been pecking pecking pecking away at my zillion WIPs and...

10:45 pm

I wish I knew what the fuck was wrong with me, but


02:30 am

Let Us Go Down to the Vineyards - Chapter 1 - thesacredreznor - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of

12:05 pm

newtpotters:No! What’ve you done? Are you

01:10 pm

mediamattersforamerica:Days after United Airlines passenger...

01:25 pm

There were times when I seemed very "absent-minded." I'd forget my keys, or accidentally lock myself

03:05 pm

callout post

08:01 pm

introvertunites: We have a twitter here too:...

10:00 pm

TW for animal death mention; if you want you can just look at the picture of baby pigs, who are not.

12:20 am

*stares blankly at the wall*I opened this window to do

12:01 pm

luninosity: “It is almost universally the case


01:55 pm

klyaksa1 replied to your post “*stares blankly

03:06 pm

torrilin replied to your post “*stares blankly

08:00 pm

bodhijyns: I was protecting you.

09:40 pm

jemmaprophet said: This is a wretched situation

12:01 pm

andthebluestblue: rainbowcolouredshoes: One day I hope I am the girl that walks into a room and...


01:31 pm

I feel like it’s a little-discussed thing here

06:41 pm

Ha, I have the letter I need for the health insurance


08:01 pm

imwechirrut: fed up boys

10:01 pm

bedbugsbiting: My face is having uncontrollable spasms. Great. It hurts really, really, really...

10:01 pm

I know this is nothing in the grand scale of problems


10:56 pm

lieutenantbae replied to your post “I feel like

01:01 am

notbecauseofvictories:Having done all the math with the

11:11 am

omg 3A space dads, except with both of them like grossly slumped over and snoring, lol. (exhausted b

11:21 am

You are shedding, Chita, don’t be grumpy that I

12:02 pm

"The first great text on how to act in a positive way

12:11 pm

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

03:06 pm

rinsantago: In the long run it’s a good thing

03:36 pm

justsquee answered your question “I know this is

06:21 pm

(wip game) Blow :)

06:41 pm

Ha so the thing I had to upload for health insurance

07:21 pm

magickedteacup replied to your post “justsquee

08:01 pm

bottleshark:I couldn’t face myself if i gave up

08:11 pm

scifigrl47:So adorable!!!! (And, yes, I asked both the...

10:16 pm


10:46 pm

roguerizwan: @hdogjr: First show day two @Coachella. Swet Shop...

02:46 am

@walburgablack more on the concept of food, in WIPs,

12:04 pm

"Eventually Bodhi stopped talking as the path grew narrower. Cassian saw the pilot stumble and..."


12:26 pm

icantbearsedtothinkofone: Thank you, Riz Ahmed, for reminding me how much I like slightly hairy...

01:01 pm

celebsofcolor: Riz MC of the Swet Shop Boys performs at the...

01:21 pm

walburgablack: bomberqueen17: @walburgablack more on the

02:16 pm

tinybuckylife:You have been visited by the Easter Bucky


08:06 pm

rrroux:i missed them

11:16 pm

jumpingjacktrash: roachpatrol: livingdeadpoetssociety: grandenchanterfiona: Why do my interests...

12:51 am

Easter with dude’s family is always entert

12:03 pm

ugh i have a tummy acheit woke me up at like 4am and has

12:03 pm

leralynne: little jyn and her lantern #tiny orphaned child all...


12:23 pm

asgardreid: murkmen: maxiesatanofficial: ottomantwerks: 2017 I...

01:18 pm

oh i know! since i’m feeling wretched and

01:28 pm

Sled Dog Guy Mystery, chapter 5: Kaytoo Is Helpful. Contains unexpected backstory revelations and...

02:33 pm

i am so bad at being sick. See, i feel like I’m

03:18 pm

yeahhh not possible to use the health insurance website

04:18 pm

Good Thing Of The Day: I bought this umbrella-style clothesline...

04:28 pm

assam-wow reblogged your post and added:this fic has been an unending source of joy for all of the..

06:13 pm

Sick day fuzz therapy


07:48 pm

librarychick94 replied to your photo “Good Thing

08:08 pm

millicentthecat reblogged your photoset

08:43 pm

psst! thoughts on Lyra Erso, especially what you think might've happened if she had somehow survived

09:13 pm

jemmaprophet replied to your post

09:36 pm

buttons-beads-lace replied to your post “yeahhh

10:38 pm

I never can manage to do challenges because I

12:08 am

dolly-bassett: missbuster: dolly-bassett: My mother recorded...

01:38 am

stripped-to-glimpses replied to your post “i am

02:08 am

noooo i successfully ate dinner and was happy and all was mostly good and then dude reminded me that

11:58 am

cassohwary: mikkeneko: neshtasplace: jemeryl: I have bipolar mood disorder and I get worried that...

12:08 pm

heartofoshun: Another journalist is shot dead in Mexico By Kate...

01:33 pm

safarikalamari: i don’t know (anyways a v

01:53 pm

boxoftheskyking: Sometimes I look at my Facebook feed or

02:28 pm

A customer over in the retail part of the store just


08:03 pm

tobermoriansass: Continuing with the rewatching rogue

09:48 pm

Ugh, got a complaint that "Your cook didn't wash their

11:13 pm

I’m at a weird cross-point in writing at the

11:24 pm

magickedteacup reblogged your post and added:I had the

11:53 pm

I get the writing thing. I'm currently writing a story that I really have no intention to publish bu

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12:08 am

fluffywinged replied to your post

12:44 am

icantbearsedtothinkofone replied to your post

01:03 am

sugarspiceandcursewords: I am traveling for work and naturally...

01:38 am

magickedteacup replied to your post

01:48 am

thesmilingfish: bomberqueen17 answered your question

11:53 am

in-a-trans-like-state reblogged your photo and added:As an Australian I find this post extremely...

12:08 pm

Almost forgot. Random #farmbaby tidbit. So given

12:08 pm

shadaras replied to your post “I’m at a

01:23 pm

For the record, I’m on day 5 of being unable to

02:38 pm

Beautiful trash vista in the rain…


07:23 pm

torrilin: petermorwood: siliquasquama: anarcho-shind

07:33 pm

nuttersincorporated: scaliefox: shaded-iris: scaliefox: hzs-m...

08:08 pm

sex-ruiner: I’ve been meaning to write a post on

03:16 am

"INTERVIEWER: If you could be an animal what would it be? HEANEY: I might enjoy being an albatross,.

03:48 am

magickedteacup replied to your post “For the

06:11 am

:( I was trying to put my laptop into my bag at work today and lost my grip on it and instead...

12:01 pm



12:16 pm

So. Usually my ADHD* is like my hidden writing superp

01:16 pm

kirbyfanneox: sanguithar: I just discovered there is a small subreddit dedicated to...

01:31 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

03:11 pm

tastefullyoffensive: “You’re about this

03:21 pm

OMG the state of health site was down for maintenance this morning i am so excited moment of...

08:01 pm

semisweetshadow:This is Rogue One!” Specks of

10:01 pm

I’m in! I’m in! They never sent me a

01:06 am

I don’t really understand how challenges and

02:06 am

I was really trying not to be a creep but guys look what she is...


12:01 pm

chuwenjie:A compilation of stuff I know about drawing Asian...

01:46 pm

I still don’t understand Tumblr or challenges. I

02:31 pm

The Sled Dog Guy Mystery, on AO3, a modern A/U Bodhi/Cassian story featuring mystery, intrigue, a...

03:02 pm

csevet: marthawells: marthawells: This is a novella, coming out...

08:01 pm


12:16 am

unicornduke: today I saw, in the back of a truck in an open cooler, a dead pig with its back legs...

01:02 am

s-leary replied to your post “The Sled Dog Guy

01:11 am

runawaymarbles: TFA Covers | Never Wrote A Letter |

03:16 am

In case anyone was in suspense about the saga, just now I got a notice emailed to me about my health

12:01 pm

jynandor: With approximately three seconds until total shutdown,...

12:31 pm

akaniffer reblogged your post and added: This is completely insane. And wrong....

01:41 pm

oh not to be annoying, but for completeness’

02:11 pm

To make up for all my boring healthcare saga posts

02:46 pm

question: are the colors in the hat you used for the cover a good-ish match to what the Hat is suppo

04:26 pm

sarah-jt replied to your photoset “To make up

05:36 pm

csevet: @bomberqueen17 replied to your post

08:06 pm

"Ahmed also revealed some pieces of Bodhi

08:56 pm

Dumb sugar selfie at thruway rest stop gas pump (at Indian...


01:14 am



02:00 am

I got no complaints but seriously does anyone over 25 work here...


03:34 am

bedbugsbiting replied to your photo “WHO GOT

03:54 am

deputychairman: bomberqueen17: sarah-jt replied to your

04:19 am

bedbugsbiting replied to your post

12:09 pm

rookbodhi:Bodhi smiled—just a twitch of his

01:09 pm

sarah-jt replied to your post “sarah-jt replied

02:39 pm

buttons-beads-lace replied to your post

07:19 pm

danceswchopstck replied to your photo “WHO GOT

08:04 pm

wynonasrider: My wife and I will take the girl.

08:44 pm

My mother makes me beautiful socks sometimes! I am such a...


08:59 pm

A sleepy Farmbaby reading Highlights with Grandma.l, practicing...


01:44 am

deputychairman replied to your video “A sleepy

10:44 am

csevet replied to your photo “My mother makes me

12:04 pm

kelseyuum: … he claimed to be genuinely surpri

03:19 pm

csevet replied to your post “csevet replied to

06:04 pm

awisekraken replied to your post “csevet replied

06:14 pm

nasa peepo?

08:09 pm

Idk if u noticed but Riz is a serial man-spreader... discuss?

10:24 pm

Farmbaby is telling jokes. Q: What did the beer say to the wine? A: screw, screw, screw! When her...

12:04 pm

queeniegoldsteiinn: Leia Organa 


05:24 pm

One whole pallet of organic potting soil in the back of a Ford...


08:04 pm

skeletoninlove:An excerpt from a history book about Rogue One

11:44 pm

Three Worlds Travelers exchange open on AO3!

11:08 am

Monday I discovered that I cannot get a replacement

11:33 am

danceswchopstck reblogged your post and added: I


11:53 am

By her request, and with her choice of filter, here is Farmbaby...


12:08 pm

lucydoesart: Rogue One broke me :’(


07:23 pm

thebyrchentwigges: I woke up today and…it was

08:03 pm

ephemeral-elegance: Welcome to this week’s


11:45 pm

Got a Lost Kings update out this afternoon, but

01:28 am

OMG, weird worlds-colliding: was idly discussing someth

11:48 am

danceswchopstck: bomberqueen17: danceswchopstck reblog

12:03 pm

We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of


12:03 pm

I was digging, she says, to get some soil to make a house for my...


03:03 pm

A video in which I discuss relocating my yurt.


03:53 pm

Close Encounters Of The Boar Kind. Gosh he’s


05:33 pm

torrilin reblogged your video and added:My main concern would be how high the stream gets? It looks.

07:18 pm

blergh the sun hives are backalmost got the yurt moved. will wait until sun has subsided, then...

08:03 pm

spacelatinxs: Spacelatinxs Week! We are announcing...


08:08 pm

torrilin replied to your post: blergh the...

10:28 am

torrilin reblogged your post and added: Yeah, I figured

12:03 pm

moonykins: theimaginatorifunny: piercingsandink: outside-the-in...

05:48 pm

Today’s culinary adventure: pork skin into pork


08:08 pm

ahsokacassian:Cover our backs!


11:48 pm

Backlit blanket stitch. I cut the neck out of my


12:13 am

I stole this picture from my sister’s FB but

12:08 pm

dontbearuiner: larkfeather1153: thebibliosphere: moonblossom: ...


08:03 pm


12:48 am

risdaniels: adriofthedead: pyopyon: jamesisrambling: Biggest...

12:08 pm

whichisnone: what’s fascinating about cassian is


12:43 pm

made it the 300 miles back to my house without incident yesterday. oh i forgot, on the trip eastward

01:43 pm

ugh i have like fifteen fics open in tabs that i intended to read and at *least* kudos if not review

02:38 pm

Draw Someone dancing idk who I'm bad at prompts

04:53 pm

torrilin replied to your post “made it the 300

08:03 pm

johnswick:Riz Ahmed photographed by Rozette

10:48 pm

magickedteacup: chocotaur: Signal Boosting this for a Friend!...

11:08 pm

bebeocho mentioned you in a photo



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