Apr. 10th, 2017

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The Nantucket AU is a sprawling AU written between 2007-2012 by @besweatered, @sheafrotherdon, @theletteraesc, and myself that attempted to answer the question: what would life be like for John Sheppard and Rodney McKay if they lived on a small island off the coast of North America? Mostly, it seemed, our answers involved a lot of naps, sandwiches, and coziness.

Given the latest changes on LiveJournal, the community where the AU has been hosted until now will soon be deleted. The full run of Nantucket stories is now hosted on AO3, and you can find all the stories in this series (all 80k+ words) over there for the first time.

I’ve also set up a collection to gather together the art, fic, and podfic inspired by the Nantucket AU. Broken links and name changes have made it hard for me to track down everything that I know is out there—if you made something Nantucketish back in the day, please feel free to add it to the collection.

I read this AU before I was even in the fandom, because I knew @theletteraesc from elsewhere and knew if she was involved it was good. So I honestly read this as a standalone thing, with no concept of any of the background parts, and it did not disappoint. I wholeheartedly recommend it, while simultaneously mourning the platform collapse that’s leading to it getting moved. 
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Now that she’s received it, I can post the finished BB-8 cross stitch I made for @bomberqueen17! I started with the excellent Rollin’ with my Homies cross stitch pattern and substituted a verse from the lullaby Poe writes for BB-8 in her Home Out In the Wind series.

A huge part of the plot revolves around BB-8’s unusual intelligence, adaptability, and loyalty. Poe treated B more like a child than a droid, correcting misconceptions instead of wiping memory. As a result, BB-8 loves Poe like a parent. And, it turns out, a lot of other droids know the song, too. Like, a lot.

I had a great time stitching this, and my son had a great time watching and checking up on my progress. “You finished BB-8′s head! Good job, Mommy! Read it to me again!”

This is so wonderful a thing, so wonderful, and it has really made my week, possibly my life.
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growing up i knew very few women of my mother’s generation who actually changed their names when they got married but now that i am an adult EVERY SINGLE MARRIED WOMAN from MY generation seems to have taken her husband’s surname

it’s really weird and surreal to me. what does it mean

My husband and I flipped a coin for it.

My younger sister only took her husband’s name because his grandmother was so sad she hadn’t. 

She sort of wishes she hadn’t, but now it’s too much of a hassle to switch back, and anyway her daughter has his name now too, and really– 

but now both my married sisters have taken their husbands’ names. (My older sister was so excited to be a Mrs. and I don’t know why because the name she was so eager to take was smith, like, c’mon, it sounds like a pseudonym!) One of my best friends, though, probably the most old-fashioned of us all, always wanted to be a housewife, that was her ambition, she felt obligated to get a career and all, but she finally got her wish and married a man and became a stay-at-home mom and… never even considered taking his name. “I have publications,” she said, “and anyway it’s mine.” 

She carries her children’s birth certificates everywhere she goes, though, because her children have his name. 
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Hahaha this makes me so sad now You made it sad

Yeah, I did make it sad… I have a talent for that.

But it’s got a happy ending! 
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today we were playing on the beach where they have these randomly placed pieces of exercise equipment, gently corroding in the sea air but still used. 2 lean n fit French dudes came running up and stood very pointedly behind us so applying playground etiquette because I raised them right my kids moved on to let them have a turn on the metal bar things. Which was good because the lean n fit French dudes did their Manly Shirtless Pullups on the metal bar things and that was a nice view so we didn’t rush off (”They’re speaking French like you and papa!” chirped Child 1. “Shh darling, let’s not talk about your father right now,” I said, slipping my wedding ring into my pocket) (that’s a joke I didn’t really do that but it was a nice view, is all). Then while they carried on doing press ups in the sand (not where I would have chosen but then I can’t do any press ups at all so what do I know) some more kids came up to play with my kids, and this little 8 year old girl’s dad lifted her up to have a go on the metal bars, and as soon as she was up there it was like the Olympics, hand over hand, top speed all the way round, she did like 90 pullups without even losing a flip flop, then her dad caught her and put her down and she ran away to do something else. 

the French dudes came back after that for another go, but you could tell they knew they’d been outclassed. the 8 year old girl did it faster and her hair was better and everyone on the beach knew it. 

#8 year old girls are the future of humanity #‘the girl did it better’ said my kids #'she did didn’t she’ I agreed #i don’t care if her lower body weight made it comparitively easier for her #she looked cool and she will inherit the earth
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drove across the state yesterday, haven’t even unloaded my car, had to go to office job work today, spent whole day wishing i could see the sky, at least we had the door open so i could feel a breeze sometimes, that made a difference, but i am so icky-feeling all through from spending a day trying to care about this stupid job, ugh… 

and I was going through my tax stuff and saw a notice from my health insurance that showed I didn’t have health insurance in December. What?

Come to find out, I was kicked off my plan in December, and never knew because the only notice they sent me was an PDF file I had to I guess just psychically know that I had to log in to see that was just called Template0001, and no other information about it, and I didn’t know, and I had 60 days to appeal it but I didn’t know I ever got it, and it’s way more than 60 days now!

So I have no health insurance and have missed the enrollment period and have missed the appeal date! So that’s awesome. Plus now I owe a bunch on my taxes for the penalty you have to pay if you’re not enrolled in insurance, which of course I’ve long-missed the appeal date for. 

So I’m super upset and don’t know where to start now, and guess I’m going to just have to spend a year not insured and paying a penalty for it because they never sent me a warning or notice about it!

Super fucking rad! I would literally never have known except for my tax documents, unless I went to an emergency room or something. Amazing. Super amazing. 
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Christ almighty, since i missed the deadline for the appeal for the termination they never notified me of I may have to purchase my plan at full price

not to be TMI but I earn twelve thousand dollars a year approximately before taxes so how the fuck am I going to afford an unsubsidized plan

*cries forever*



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