Mar. 6th, 2017

Went to bed at like 11pm, and am wide awake at 2am. Maybe I ate/drank too much with dinner, IDK, but now I’m Fretting, and it’s not even specific– I mean, I’m dreading whatever racist fuckery executive order gets unleashed tomorrow, but not enough for it to have woken me from sleep on its own.

I wish there were something constructive I could easily do just now, but there isn’t. The cat refuses to get up and keep me company; she’s zonked out on the guest bed, and I went in there to retrieve some lounge wear since the house is freezing at this hour, and she lifted her head and gave me a dubious look, and then went back to sleep.

Argh. I’m like, on edge, nonspecifically, and I can’t stand it.

Tell me why you followed my blog and what made you stay (if it’s two different things of course!)
christ it’s almost 5. should i try to go back to bed? I’m wide fucking awake. This isn’t going to be a good monday. 


Last summer, security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek were so alarmed at the terrible state of information security in cars that they demo'ed a hack that let them take over Chrysler Jeep Cherokees over the public Internet, controlling the steering and the brakes and the acceleration.

Chrysler recalled 1.4 million Jeeps, and the researchers and Wired’s Andy Greenberg, who wrote up the hack, hoped that America had woken up to the looming disaster.

America hit the snooze bar and rolled over.

A Kelley’s Blue Book survey found that 72% of Americans have forgotten entirely – or never knew – about the terrifying hack. Of those who remember it, most get virtually every key detail wrong.

While survey respondents say that they think about cybersecurity in the context of their next car, the remarkable ability of the American public to forget virtually guarantees that automotive manufacturers will continue to ship grossly defective goods and then argue that copyright law gives them the power to suppress security research that embarrasses them.

The Internet Of Things is a dystopian nightmare.

When will the Star Wars fandom finally admit that Lando was the hottest guy in the original trilogy? 
via English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America -

We have all become such suckers for a bargain that we take the low prices of our foodstuffs for granted and are somehow unable to connect these bargain-basement prices to our children’s inability to find meaningful work at a decently paid job.

Our demand for cheap food is killing the American dream for millions of people. Among its side effects, it is creating terrible health problems like obesity and antibiotic-resistant infections, and it is destroying the habitats upon which wildlife depends. It also concentrates vast wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands.
via Moves To Block Access To Health Insurance:



The proposed rules also would lower the percentage of expenses that insurers must cover, forcing patients to pay more for their health care.

Andy Slavitt, the former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said the Trump administration has created a “manufactured crisis” in the Affordable Care Act with talk of a repeal and not enforcing rules.

About 650,000 more people would have to submit documents to verify that they can get health insurance. Among those affected are newlyweds, people switching insurance because of a life event such as losing a job and Native Americans.

This is just some of the fine print in the 71-page proposed regulation that the Department of Health and Human Services unveiled Wednesday, just days after Tom Price was sworn in as the new Health secretary. Price, a physician, has promised to gut the Affordable Care Act.

The increased burdens on married couples are outlined at Page 28.  For people applying for individual insurance under the Affordable Care Act, “at least one spouse must either demonstrate that they had minimum essential coverage or that they lived outside of the U.S. or in a U.S. territory for one or more days during the 60 days preceding the date of the marriage.”

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This is all very horrible! Today is THE last day to submit a comment on this piece of shit.  Go to this site [ ] and submit a comment, PLEASE, i implore you (my US followers, anyway).
Today’s postcard sent to my reps about H.R. 804, Protect the NSC From Political Interference, which is languishing in committees without any Republican support. That’s a real quote by the way, paired with a cartoon I’ve seen everywhere but can’t find the artist’s name on.






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Me, an 18th century noble: Margaret it’s quite drafty, please fold up our hand drawn very expensive map and cram it in there would you?

Spoken like someone who truly has never experienced a Scottish winter in a drafty house. 10/10, would insert most prized possessions into cracks in walls as sacrifices for added warmth.


My family used to use books to insulate their house growing up and I don’t mean in a haha “they had too many books” sort of way. I mean the “we’ve run out of everything else and the rain is still coming in the hole in the wall, time to shred our expensive treasured valuables or watch the kids die from pneumonia” sort of way.

And that was in the 1950s nevermind 1850. So yes, this is utterly relatable and understandable.

Besides all the great Library Destructions, you have to wonder how many books and manuscripts were destroyed through necessity. It’s hard to think of posterity when you’re freezing your posterior off.



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