01:26 am

Early season work in the greenhouse.


03:11 am

oh man am i tired. (Discussion of meat packaging not

01:01 pm

Maxine Waters Is Back and She's Not Here to Play

04:31 pm

We stuck all the left-over, not-part-of-any-cuts-of-meat bones from the pig carcass in a giant stock

05:02 pm

buttons-beads-lace replied to your post “We

07:57 pm

Pastured egg chickens in their winter greenhouse digs giving me...


09:01 pm

bedbugsbiting replied to your post

09:26 pm

live update from the farm kitchenSister is cooking. She picks up the jam jar of bacon grease sitting

03:46 am

danceswchopstck replied to your post

01:01 pm

historylover1230:Last thing written in the meeting minutes of...

01:46 pm

Yesterday we cleaned out the second floor of the

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01:56 pm

And oh yesterday my sister and I sat at her kitchen table and knocked out about 20 postcards to...

07:26 pm

libbyvanderploeg: layer up

09:04 pm

morethanonepage: In anticipation of more #PoeDameronFunFacts, I wanted to have a guesstimate of how.

12:14 am

Inventorying seeds for planting. Greenhouse abruptly in full...


03:19 am

Do u all buy seeds from Territorial Seed Company?

01:09 pm

"Why has woman’s work never been of any accoun


07:15 pm

Sign-painting season is upon us. (at Laughing Earth)


08:39 pm

psst Territorial sells organic seed and ships all over the country (and internationally) :) disclaim

09:04 pm

ashleynef: simaethae: so on the subject of stolen proper


10:49 pm

The other handlettering work I had to do today is for my...


01:44 am

i lied i used rendered bacon grease as hand lotion again today in sheer desperationit is cold as...

02:05 am

Recently I've been trying to get into embroidery, and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations

02:14 am

seramarias replied to your post: i lied i used rendered bacon grease as hand...

12:49 pm

The toy bat and toy spider wrapped up in the rainbow banner are...


01:04 pm

archaicwonder: Rare Scythian Silver Moose with Cabochons, 2nd...


01:54 pm

Mending: a 3-cornered tear in some tiny pants gets a heart patch...

05:04 pm

For some reason Grandma brought over a book in Spanish about...


09:05 pm

This came up on facebook from a cousin of


02:04 am

smolpoe replied to your post “This came up on

03:14 am

i forgot to mention this but last sunday when i drove across new york state I saw eight red-tailed..

11:54 am

buttons-beads-lace replied to your post “i

12:49 pm

So the week before last, I discovered Wet Seal was going out of business. Nine times out of ten i...

01:04 pm

asajjventress:you may know a man’s mind by


02:39 pm

I need to go, finnpoe!

03:39 pm

It’s really been a shockingly long time since I

03:49 pm

fancybidet: fancybidet: fancybidet: I’ve been

03:59 pm

There is a Secret Cat in this picture somewhere. You


05:24 pm

cruelsunflower replied to your photo “There is a

05:24 pm

the long-awaited spiritually-affirming threesome scene is done

09:00 pm

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet..."


11:05 pm

Ellicott Square Building, detail: St Bridget’s


08:10 am

Went to bed at like 11pm, and am wide awake at 2am. Maybe I ate/drank too much with dinner, IDK, but

10:10 am

Came for the _______. Stayed for the _______.

10:10 am

christ it’s almost 5. should i try to go back to

10:10 am

Less than a year on, America has all but forgotten the epic Jeep hack #1yrago

01:00 pm

saborstan:When will the Star Wars fandom finally admit that Lando was the hottest guy in the...

01:15 pm

An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America

06:00 pm

Administration Moves To Block Access To Health Insurance


07:30 pm

Today’s postcard sent to my reps about H.R. 804,


09:00 pm

petermorwood: thebibliosphere: juneookami: bazernalbus: sirc...

12:45 am

heh, came for the fic, stayed for the farm stories

01:55 am

Lookit dem paws! My favorite part is probably the one baleful...

01:01 pm

design-is-fine:Example of handlettering from: Modern Lettering...


02:25 pm

I was gonna go thru and answer every ask I got about the

02:40 pm

Facebook just popped this up on

03:40 pm

Ugh I was dizzy so I ate food. Now I’m dizzy and


04:50 pm

My new pack of postcards is a heavier cardstock that


05:00 pm

Today’s tiny moment of the-opposite-of-Zen: This


09:00 pm

haidaspicciare: Frances

11:05 pm

i asked how my dude’s day was but i’m so


11:05 pm

torrilin reblogged your post and added: Huh, for me a 2 digit repeat is...

11:16 pm

magickedteacup replied to your photo “Facebook

01:15 am

welp i just went back through my drafts until my browser

01:30 am


01:45 am

Chita dear I know you were excited about the Cheetos but...


02:35 am

abunchofstuff replied to your post “CANADIANS

02:35 am

samurailibrarian replied to your post

11:45 am

People who enter Canada illegally aren't automatically deported because of the Safe Third Country Ag

12:01 pm

merrily-rolling replied to your post

12:01 pm

I'm sure you've tried just about every strategy under the sun, but to help remember long-ish sequenc

12:15 pm

This Presidential Memorandum Is Ominous. Everyone Missed It Today Including Me

01:04 pm

texnessa: ichoosecake: russann: Every Tuesday my parents go...


01:25 pm

I’m not striking for women’s day but


03:00 pm

So this works both as a standalone Cassian Andor backstory, and as an installment in the Lost Kings.

04:05 pm

morganeilish replied to your post

04:50 pm

She knows I’m home sick (snotbomb!) today so

05:10 pm

I'd like to apologize for my earlier ask about the numbers. I thought the problem was having to inte

07:35 pm

Tumblr is so impossible to search.A couple of weeks ago there was a post going around about flower..

07:45 pm

Rey/Finn/Poe, road trip au.

09:10 pm

Bread and Roses


09:45 pm

bomberqueen17: So this works both as a standalone Cassian Andor backstory, and as an installment in.

11:25 pm

Victorian Language of Flowers - Floriography

11:58 pm

Happy international working women’s day!


02:13 am

girly-fanatic: reichenbackdatassup: wow my brother was

02:28 am

kobriena reblogged your post “girly-fanatic:

01:03 pm

fnhfal: French Resistance


03:43 pm

I’m forever rattling around between WIPs and

04:18 pm

This is the Tail of Helpfulness.


04:33 pm

Today’s outfit includes snowflake-patterned


04:38 pm

Senate Republicans introduce resolution ensuring ISPs don't need your permission to sell your privat


08:28 pm

thirteenthblackbird:Give us the exact same health coverage that Congress gets.


09:03 pm

"This is for the miracles, for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the saving acts and for the


09:48 pm

Today’s postcard, inexpertly hand-lettered and


12:28 am

I have a head cold that really really, really really wants, as all head colds always do, to become a

11:53 am

deputychairman: deputychairman: nehirose: deputychairman: Tod...

12:08 pm

oh boy it’s snowing


12:28 pm

we’re out of half and half for the

12:38 pm

boogiewoogiebuglegal reblogged your photoset and added: Ser is used when the...

12:48 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

01:03 pm

abirdkeeper: thenatsdorf: Kestrel fights winds to see...


05:08 pm

garbagefingers: portsunknown: abloodymess: foxnewsfuckfest: I...


05:23 pm

deputychairman: bomberqueen17: oh boy it’s


06:48 pm

ineptshieldmaid reblogged your post and added: This is the most amazing...

06:58 pm

For the thrilling followup to this post that I

09:04 pm

salamanderinspace: Yurie Nagashima / onnanoko shashinka


12:14 am

Welcome to the Future Range of the Woolly Mammoth

03:33 am

I reread the whole of the Lost Kings series posted to date last night, and was rather pleased by it.

11:03 am

yaaaayyy it’s saturday!better wake up with

11:43 am

bell-park: autisticgayrey: How many posts about relationship advice on this site is written by ppl..

12:33 pm

magickedteacup:These passages in the book “The

12:48 pm

girderednerve replied to your post “I reread the

01:03 pm

queenofattolia: yaushie: so who else gets irrationally afraid and embarrassed about their interests.

01:33 pm

popkin16: akaniffer: popkin16: akaniffer: popkin16: I slept on my shoulder wrong a week ago,...

02:08 pm

Five Guys will sell you a “grilled


03:08 pm

For my own reference, here is a list of all the postca

03:33 pm

from the department of That Sounds Like Way Too Much Effort:so I ran out of blank postcards for my..

07:38 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your

09:08 pm

galadhir: I’ve been thinking overnight about


01:17 am

Curiosity has gotten the better of me: what happened to the half and half? Did exposure to the eleme

12:12 pm

danceswchopstck replied to your post “from the

12:27 pm

ugh the cold has met its goal and settled in my lungs.

01:02 pm

cleoselene: the far left is way too comfortable with domestic...


01:32 pm

csevet: @bomberqueen17 replied to your post: ...


02:07 pm

This is what I get, I sewed like, one thing for like one minute yesterday and broke a thread on my..

02:17 pm

csevet replied to your post “This is what I get,

03:27 pm

Revolution in Petrograd

04:07 pm

what demisexuality isn’t

05:02 pm

keekmenta: we will never realise just how much we own Tapping for putting down her feet after the...

09:02 pm

kimmariesembroidery: A good guide for picking out what stitch...

10:42 pm

lazaefair replied to your post “I’m

11:12 pm

@deputychairman am working further on Home Out In The

11:27 pm

shaebay: Got my Roy G. Biv going for Ocala’s

11:52 pm

sorry for like mega-posting but it’s sunday

01:47 am

deputychairman: bomberqueen17: @deputychairman am workin

02:57 am

buttons-beads-lace replied to your post

09:07 am

It’s 4am and I’m to the point of the

12:02 pm

Some Gays May Be “Lonely”—but


01:07 pm

bookish-but-corruptible reblogged your link and added:

01:22 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

01:27 pm

deputychairman reblogged your post and added:You guys know you can count on me for all your Oscar...

08:02 pm

diegolunadaily: Diego Luna as Damián in Sólo

03:17 am

So, relating the gifset I just posted of baby-faced sweet-soft 26-year-old Diego Luna in Solo Dios..

12:07 pm

letdiegolunatouchjabbathehutt: Jessica Henwick (the actress who...

12:07 pm

So the entire State of New York is in a state of emergency as of midnight last night. Ever since i..

02:12 pm

wyomingnot: for the anon who asked, “

02:12 pm

bigfatscience: tribvtaries: fattyatomicmutant: viergacht: sinthiasweet: thecrazygeek-rant: thi...

02:22 pm

deputychairman:today i have been mostly thinking about oscar...

03:52 pm

It’s not nothing. #winterstormstella

06:37 pm

cassianxbodhi: high school era bodhi / cassian - based on an au...

07:17 pm

In any other year this would kinda be an average March day here....


08:02 pm



10:33 pm

bomberqueen17:I promise you, Guy I Know In Real Life Who

10:33 pm

I promise you, Guy I Know In Real Life Who I’ve

11:22 pm

As I sort of predicted, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo spent today being a pompous asshat all over...

11:45 pm

hellotailor:[x] posted at 7:36pm ET

12:15 am

Out of all the WIPs I was shuffling through today, the one I landed on was Shara Bey and Bodhi Rook.

01:01 am

yoisthisracist:‪Honestly, the only thing that

01:10 am

s-leary: bomberqueen17: hellotailor: [x] posted at 7:36pm...

01:20 am

dontbearuiner replied to your post “I promise

03:00 am

singelisilverslippers replied to your post “As I

03:00 am

runawaymarbles: TFA Covers | Can’t Go Home This

03:35 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

03:50 am

Trump Tax returns

03:50 am

ofmoonlightandthesun: smis-happens: edens-blog: brendonbrandon:...

04:15 am

dontbearuiner replied to your post: dontbearuiner replie

12:01 pm

Calculating US police killings using methodologies from war-crimes trials #1yrago


01:30 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

02:35 pm

Ugh I spent at leas a quarter of my commute in semi-controlled...


05:00 pm

Weather report: they closed the mall at noon. More...


07:35 pm

catsbeaversandducks: Couple Mourning Their Cat Find a Note from...

08:05 pm

plantanarchy: plantanarchy: He free That moment when a betta...

09:15 pm

Cheerios is giving away free wild flower seeds to help save the bees.

03:20 am

who took a lil nap after dinner and figured on getting up at like 7:30 and spending the evening with

03:50 am

I kind of fucked around all day at work. I never get a

12:00 pm

The Táin

01:58 pm

shit i gotta, like, get my shit together and stop whinin

04:40 pm

"When applied to an entire global population, the vegan diet wastes available land that could..."


05:30 pm

Winter sky. More interesting than my attempt to photograph...


06:05 pm

galadhir: Lazily writing a thing while telling myself I

06:16 pm

The Táin

08:05 pm

sashayed: I heard something amazing last night: a longte

10:05 pm

Another Sled Dog Guy Mystery chapter is up,

12:10 am

The tiny clothespin is maybe the best part of this. (at Buffalo...


04:15 am


12:01 pm

"It’s not bees that are experiencing colony


01:50 pm

gwydionmisha: This is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, a late...

02:00 pm

uh, heh, I uh. I forgot to wear green today. Which

08:05 pm

Aloo Bhaja-Bengali Style

11:56 am

Don’t Plant Those “Bee-Friendly”

12:01 pm

gwendoline: #same.


12:36 pm


01:21 pm

*sigh*So a while back I did this fluffy A/U thing and knocked out like, a huge story in like a week,

01:46 pm

tora42 replied to your post “*sigh* So a while

02:16 pm

“I tried to give her K2 when we broke

08:01 pm


11:26 pm

semisweetshadow:“Bodhi, where’s the

05:11 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

12:01 pm

jadenvargen: hearts full of love


05:11 pm

I recall (possibly erroneously!) that at some point you mentioned of a phrase which you were maybe c

05:56 pm


06:41 pm

artifactrix replied to your post “I recall

08:01 pm

semisweetshadow:I brought the message. I’m the

01:56 am

batdad: Poe Dameron’s parents everyone. oh.

04:11 am

boxoftheskyking:Word. Also I do get confused in these

12:01 pm

#look at Cassian’s face#look at how much he

01:26 pm

I’m so tired, for no good reason. I need to go

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08:01 pm

botany side of tumblr,

09:46 pm

torrilin reblogged your post and added: Oh bleegh.Yeah, my brain tries shit...

10:31 pm

unicornduke replied to your post “torrilin

12:04 pm

A Hero’s Hero

01:14 pm

crazywriting: deputychairman: bomberqueen17: boogiewoogiebuglegal reblogged your photoset and...

01:49 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

02:20 pm

spacelatinxs:The Damerons.

02:20 pm

s-leary: witdiseased: Executive dysfunction is basically

03:34 pm

Idk if these are jewelers loupes or what but


06:34 pm

Dude decided to decorate the huge wall at his new office with a...

08:04 pm

ryan-coogler: Orders? When you know they’re

12:04 pm

Minimalism Is Just Another Boring Product Wealthy People Can Buy

12:59 pm

Bodhi Week 2k17

01:54 pm

spooky-doings: aimmyarrowshigh: batdad: Poe

05:04 pm

British Storms Unbury an Ancient Welsh Forest

05:39 pm

Oh I put this on Twitter but not here– axe-th


08:04 pm

how does finn tell poe he loves him

03:24 am

oh my god I have to stop looking at Twitter, I was

12:04 pm

starwarsolo: Rogue One ⦝female Rebel pilots

01:19 pm

Um I don't even know how to ask this really, but "the axe-throwing joint" ??

01:54 pm

tobermoriansass: chamerionwrites: tobermoriansass: brotheralyosha: tobermoriansass: Ideological...

02:29 pm

oscaricaas: #space latinos and their leather jackets I feel like...

07:59 pm

Oh no Transit Rd got a La Divina Taqueria. Oh no I


08:09 pm

s-leary: threadcraftory: As requested, here’s


11:38 pm

bomberqueen17:Farm Baby picks up a baseball bat. Me: I think that should not come into the house....

12:16 am

Dude just found this while collecting his Apple IIe disks for a...


02:46 am


03:16 am

sagansense: halalbarbie: do you ever sit and think about your female ancestors and like how many...

03:36 am


12:01 pm

semisweetshadow:Baby Diego is the gift that keeps on giving tbh.

01:37 pm

into-the-weeds:Really enjoying this new routine of waking up, checking twitter, screaming into the..

01:51 pm

icantbearsedtothinkofone:So I have two evenings in new york accounted for, but I should probably...

06:11 pm

albymangroves: @bomberqueen17 replied to your photo

07:11 pm

buttons-beads-lace: metapianycist: the Arthur episode about chickenpox came out before the...

08:01 pm

safarikalamari: Rogue One Stars Answer the Web’s

09:41 pm

into-the-weeds:Also: “DOING BIG THINGS IS

02:11 am

dunkinmycloud: On April 1st, let’s celebrate

02:26 am

senator-organa: donnie yen’s kids are amazing

02:26 am

senator-organa:and jiang wen’s kids are really

02:56 am

non-farming Army brother-in-law has managed to circumvent the federal hiring freeze by getting a job

12:02 pm

oscaricaas: Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in Rogue One: Behind the...

12:36 pm

yesterdaysprint: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, June 7,...

01:53 pm

aimmyarrowshigh: ok shara is… surprised that kes

02:08 pm

(sometimes i wonder if the implication about shara's complete silence about the war coupled with her

02:34 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post: (sometimes i wonder if the implication...

02:38 pm

hey not to be pest but if you're going to be discussing suicide could you at least tag for it, for p

02:53 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

02:53 pm

swcomics:hope softens the rough edge of every promise

07:36 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

08:01 pm

Desperate John Deere tractor owners are downloading illegal Ukrainian firmware hacks to get the crop

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08:57 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

12:03 pm

vivelareysistance:Okay. We’re coming in.

02:07 pm

tfw you have too many wips and you want to work on all of them at the same exact moment so you spend

02:26 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

03:16 pm

FIC || nearness without contact  [Archive of Our

04:46 pm

Shoutout to those who aren’t writers or artists

06:06 pm

deputychairman:@bomberqueen17 in fairness I

06:21 pm

boxoftheskyking:Yeah when I was working restaurant shifts I was...

08:01 pm


09:41 pm

@aimmyarrowshigh said: (I quietly disagree about SE not being good for Shara character development..

10:21 pm

mazarin221b: azriona: oddree13: rubiline: maptitude1: These...

10:21 pm

You should always make a post about the given days for appreciation week a month in advance to give

10:51 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

01:56 am

After Barring Girls for Leggings, United Airlines Defends Decision

02:16 am

y’all farmbaby video-called me from her

12:01 pm

Half-formed thought of the day

01:11 pm

enrique262: Art Deco architectural style, one of the first truly...

01:51 pm

semisweetshadow:More thoughts:I think the reason

02:02 pm

runakvaed: Mandatory jawline appreciation post. #you can tell...

08:06 pm

vintagegeekculture:Science Fiction pioneer, writer, editor, and...

11:06 pm

Ana Tijoux, Somos Sur (“We Are The

12:01 pm

operaticspacetrash: “The real damage is done by


01:41 pm


03:26 pm

Listen @wegmans I get why there’s wax on apples


05:31 pm

Dove, that’s just not sound medical advice.

08:01 pm

rederiswrites:You know, some of my favorite fics are


01:11 am

Hi! I'm not a Spanish speaker, but I'm a long time Duolingo user so maybe I can help? IMO desktop!Du

01:41 am

Hey do you like Poe Dameron and Kes Dameron and want to know more about the Dameron-Bey household?..

02:16 am

millicentthecat replied to your photo “Dove,

02:26 am

meanwhile i play a game with myself with the next update for the Lost Kings, which is, is this...

03:06 am

dotsandfoxes replied to your post

03:16 am

seramarias replied to your post “meanwhile i

03:26 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post: ...

03:56 am

Bruh I was going to go to bed two hours ago


12:01 pm


01:16 pm

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

02:06 pm

Hey, I saw your post about fandom curation, shere is a very active and thriving Baze/Chirrut fandom

07:01 pm

Ha my real name is not really a secret on here but events of today in national news have further...

08:01 pm

#bodhi rook#rogue one#i hope to read a million little...

09:56 pm

icantbearsedtothinkofone replied to your post

09:56 pm

meanderings0ul replied to your post “Ha my real

12:34 am

Do you happen to have a link to the clip of Young Diego in the telenovela where his gf tells him she

01:49 am

She looks so offended that I’d intrude on their


12:04 pm

bomberqueen17:Farm Baby, 2, was eating a little potato at supper. As she gnawed on it, she...

01:19 pm

Pushing the button on the next Lost Kings update. PSA:

02:04 pm

bodhirookweek: Bodhi Rook Week April 17 - April 23 To celebrate...

03:04 pm

emeraldincandescent: Sometimes writing is like having an enormous lake in your head, and you want to

06:04 pm

queengrasshopper replied to your post

08:04 pm

bomberqueen17: Farm Baby was really really really really

10:09 pm

bomberqueen17: Pushing the button on the next Lost Kings

12:14 am

My nephew had A Problem with me when he was in the 2-3 age range and his mother was trying to make h

12:44 am

lazaefair replied to your post “Pushing the

02:14 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

02:34 am

shuttertroy:My latest documentary project Sudden Change. It...

12:09 pm


01:34 pm

Business Phone Call Don’ts

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01:59 pm

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

03:54 pm

I allllmost have crocuses, a couple weeks behind schedule....


03:59 pm

being someone who doesn’t watch television or

06:09 pm

shadaras replied to your post

06:24 pm

If I keep my face real close to this webcam feed of


07:24 pm

aimmyarrowshigh:I’m surgery’d and in


08:05 pm

zanopticon: A story that the Jews tell each other is that when the slaves were fleeing Egypt they...


10:34 pm

well we were maybe going to go out to a show tonight but when i asked dude yesterday if he wanted to

11:39 pm

i want you like a seatbelt - belugas - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]



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