Feb. 24th, 2017

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I hope your anxiety shuts up soon and you have an okay day anyway


LARGE HUGS youre okay youre gonna be okay


Well, fuck your anxiety. I hope it gets better for you ASAP.






Everybody loves you especially the cat.


Your brain is a dirty ducking liar and you rock.


Aaaand I’m just going to leave my typo there because it’s vaguely amusing.

<3 <3 <3

Thank you all. It died down by midafternoon and I felt better. I didn’t even have too much coffee, I didn’t do anything to cause this, it’s very annoying. Oh well. I appreciate everyone’s sentiments, it was enormously cheering to see them. 
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So all y’all who’ve been around a while already know this, but I have a cat, and she is a spoiled princess named Chita Rivera after the Broadway legend because of an inside joke circa 2007. (It’s not that obscure an inside joke. My dude worked for the local altnewsweekly, and Chita Rivera was coming to our city, and the guy who ran Gaywatch [the gay community calendar] was SO EXCITED that he had a 52-week countdown to her visit, and also had a mural of her painted on his dining room wall, which the legend herself did indeed politely admire when she visited, just to lay any suspense to rest. Anyway we got a kitten during the last 20 weeks of that countdown sometime, and since she sang and danced, we figured we might as well give our Only Cat an over-elaborate people name. And also it was a fitting homage to a woman who really is a legend after all.)

Anyhoo. She is a Good Cat, generally, very chatty and snuggly but not a furniture-destroyer or a revenge-pee-er or a scratcher or anything. She’s not big on playing with cat toys but she does have one weakness:

She loves socks. My socks specifically. Only when they’re balled together; singly, she could care, but if I have them balled up then they’re perfect for wrestling with and carrying around. 

I’ve been having a rough end-of-winter, so the other night when I was collecting laundry off the drying rack in the guest bedroom I did myself a tiny little favor, and instead of collecting the socks and putting them into a pile in my room like I do (near the drawer they ought to go into, in the time-honored fashion of my people), I just set them in a little heap on the floor by the rack.

And sure enough, every time I look there’s another pair of socks somewhere strange in the house. I mean, I know I’m only enabling her to make a mess, but it is making me laugh a lot to keep finding random balls of socks in strange places in the house.

(She won’t touch them if anyone’s looking. If she remembers you’re in eyeshot she’ll drop them and walk away with elaborate nonchalance. But sometimes she just forgets you’re there, and she’ll go over and start fighting with a pair of socks. It’s the best thing.)
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Have you noticed lately, in your dashboard or when you visit someone’s blog, in your mobile/s or your computer/s, that there’s one gif not moving in a gifset? Normally just one, maybe sometimes more? Most frequently with gifsets that aren’t new, maybe months or years old? Perhaps you did and thought it was just you, your internet connection or that the person who originally uploaded it wasn’t careful with the sizes. I’m here to tell you it’s probably not that.

I started noticing this over a month ago. I came across one of my older gifsets and one of the gifs wasn’t moving properly. I thought I had, for some reason, messed up the sizes, so I made it again, re-uploaded it and it got fixed. All was well, until I realized that it was happening with more of my gifsets, some of which I had their respective files still saved in my computer. When I re-uploaded the same exact gif as it was originally uploaded, it got fixed. When I tried downloading the one which didn’t move and compare it to either the original or another one, which was moving, from the same gifset, the one not moving seemed like a still image in photoshop, without the frames and with a different size than it originally had. I started fearing there was a glitch or something ruining my gifs and I was going to have to replace each one manually for them to work properly again. 

So I gave up trying to figure it out and mailed the Staff. I sent them the link to my post and a copy of the gif I had originally uploaded, so they could see it wasn’t the size. Their response was that they saw the gifset perfectly, that I must have been the one with the problem (!!!!). They gave me the normal instructions (check all your extensions, update your Chrome, restart your computer) but nothing worked. And I knew it wasn’t going to anyway, because my sister, who also uses tumblr, had seen this happen in other gifsets from other people as well. 

Feeling like the lead in a horror flick of the early 2000s when they know the house is haunted but people around them insist they just need some sleep, I decided to get some back up and asked people about it, in and out of tumblr. I sent the link out in social media to know what others saw in the same gifset. Out of 13 people who responded to me that same day, only 2 people saw it perfectly. The other 11 saw one gif not moving, some saw the same one I did and others saw another gif not moving, but there was always at least one. This was not my problem for sure. 

I sent this to the Staff with gif screencaps of what I saw in my blog, my dash and the pop-up sidebar on my dash (because the gifs not moving change in one or the others sometimes). And then asked my brother about it. He said it was probably how Tumblr is handling proxy so we used a proxy site to change different servers to the link. Lo and behold, in a European server, for example, the gifset moved perfectly, but in a US one, one of the gifs didn’t move, however, it wasn’t the same one I saw not moving from Argentina, it was another one. Whatever is happening, there’s where the issue lies. 

Basically, it’s not me. Or you, if this has happened to you. And your gifs aren’t ruined or not properly sized or have a glitch. As of today, the last message I got from the Staff was that they were working on it and passing it to the appropriate people to handle, so we’ll have to wait patiently until it’s solved. I’m leaving it be and it’s in their hands now, but at least I have a vague idea of where the problem lies. So if this is something you have experienced in the past months, now you know why it might be happening. For some reason, I haven’t seen many posts about this, maybe people thought it was their internet connection or their extensions or that OPs messed up sizes and kept scrolling without paying it any mind. Maybe I missed a huge post about it and what I’m saying isn’t news to anyone. Still, I thought it was appropriate to let you know. 

Whenever I get a message from the Staff, I’ll update this post. 
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jesus, the fucking first and only time in my entire life I’ve ever done any proofreading straight into the window on AO3, and I get to the end of minor edits on a 9500 word chapter, and hit save, and it comes up with “you’ve been logged out for your own protection!” and DOESN’T SAVE MY FUCKING CHANGES.
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ha you can hit the back button and retrieve your changes. UNDEFEATED yo I think the coffee just hit. Whoa.

Anyway. Another chapter is up of the Sled Dog Guy Mystery:

The Worst At Sexting

 featuring the hypothermia trope, a bump up to Explicit (it’s less explicit than my E usually is, I thought about leaving it M, but you know what, there are dicks, it’s E), and also Bodhi being domestic and getting snuggled, which is what we all really wanted. It’s still not really fluff, but. 

Oh, also Baze is in this bit! And the excerpt is a part I’ve posted at least some of before but I mean, here it is again but as a part of a thing you can read all of, this time. 

“Oh,” Bodhi said, “well, then, okay.” Jeron nipped at the edge of his jaw, and bit his neck, not hard but hard enough, and he made a kind of embarrassing noise and writhed in his grip.

“Fuck,” Jeron groaned fervently, “fuck, that’s hot, you’re hot,” and from how he was hitching his hips he was pretty close, so it was okay that Bodhi was really close too. He hadn’t– it had been so long since anyone had touched him, his body wasn’t sure what to do, couldn’t remember ever feeling like this.

“Jeron,” he said, intense, breathing hard.

“Cassian,” Jeron said, and it jolted Bodhi for a moment, but then he followed it up with, “my real name– is Cassian–”

“Cassian,” Bodhi said, and Jeron– or, he supposed, Cassian– groaned, heart-felt and desperate. “Come on, then,” Bodhi said, his heart softening as he realized what that meant.

“Bodhi,” Cassian gasped. “Bodhi–”

“Yeah,” Bodhi said, and Cassian made a high, pleading, broken sort of noise, and came, shivering and gasping.

“Bodhi,” Cassian pleaded, shivering and breathless.

“That’s my real name,” Bodhi said. “I promise. It’s really my name.”
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I often find that if I leave a comment on AO3, then use the back button to return to the main list, the first “back” takes me back to the page with my unposted comment. Might work for this too?

Ha ha yes, I had noticed that tidbit before too, and as soon as I stopped being Extremely Pissed I went ahead and did it. But good looking out! And FYI everyone else out there! Just back-button through the You Have Been Logged Out screen, and voila. 

I mean. It is still in beta, the whole site. I don’t really know what that still means at this point, but there it is.

Also, kids, don’t do your final proofreading edits in the AO3 window. It was a bunch of fiddly shit too, like fixing how gdocs puts a space after the last italicized letter, and so on. Ick. BUT ANYWAY. 
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This might be a really goofy thing to do but I’m making a Sympathy for the Bomb Threats card for my local JCC because I don’t know what else to do. (If you haven’t heard about this, someone’s on a nationwide campaign of calling in hideous, graphic bomb threats to Jewish community centers, especially daycares, and it’s disgusting and apparently nobody can do anything about it? Google “JCC bomb threats” and there’s a ton of stories.) So anyway, glitter is all I have to give, so I’m giving it.
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I finished painting that shirt. It’s gold paint over red marker and I dotted the i’s with rhinestones.
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Today I figured I’d write a bit about an interesting phenomenon in Scandinavian folklore: the concealment of the true names of some of our wild animals.

The idea that a true name holds magical power is fairly universal; it pops up in everything from Egyptian mythology to German fairytales, and nowadays it’s a pretty common fantasy trope too. In Nordic folklore in particular, it was often believed that speaking the true name of a dangerous creature could actually summon it. For example, the English idiom “speak of the devil (and he shall appear)” has as its Swedish equivalent “speak of the trolls (and they stand in the hallway)”, stemming from the belief that trolls would appear if you mentioned them by name.

Now, what’s really interesting about all this is the way it’s shaped the Swedish language. You see, the danger of speaking a creature’s name out loud also applied to wild animals that were feared in the old days: bears, wolves, and so on. As a result, people invented new names for these animals - false names, if you will, that could be spoken without risk. Nowadays, such false names are said to be “noa words”, while the true names are “tabu words” (these terms are borrowed from Māori, just like the English word taboo).

Over time, the noa words for many of these animals became their de facto names. That’s just kind of how language works: call something an X enough times, and voilà, now its name is X. Even today, many of our animals’ true names are archaic words that a Swedish speaker would never use naturally. Here are some examples:

Wolf: The true name of the wolf is ulv, which shares its etymology with the English word. Ulv is archaic; the average Swedish speaker would recognize it, but never think to use it. Instead, we say varg, which originally means something along the lines of “killer” or “criminal”.

Magpie: The true name of the magpie is skjora. This word is still in use in some dialects, but most Swedish people would not have heard it, and it is not officially recognized. Instead we say skata, meaning “something long and thin” or “something that sticks out”, referring to the tail. The magpie might not seem like an animal to be afraid of, but they were considered bad omens, thieves, or even harbingers of death… and besides, have you ever been swooped by a magpie?

Fox: The true name of the fox is räv, and in this case, it has actually remained in usage. I guess the fox wasn’t intimidating enough for its name to become completely forbidden, hehe! In the old days, farmers would sometimes refer to the fox as Mickel to avoid summoning it. You see, foxes weren’t direct threats to humans, but they did have a tendency to break into hen houses and run off with the chickens. (This is also why foxes are known in our folklore for being cunning and sly, rather than outright dangerous). I’m not entirely sure why the farmers chose to refer to the fox by what is essentially a Scandinavian version of “Michael”, but I did a bit of digging, and it turns out that old Danish uses Mikkel as a generic insult for an incompetent or foolish man. So, I guess it’s a little bit like calling the fox an asshole.

Bear: The true name of the bear has been lost to history! No one actually knows what they were originally called, since all Germanic languages use “bear” or some variation thereof, and Slavic languages use medved (meaning “honey-eater”, from what I gather). In any case, the contemporary Swedish word is björn, which - like the English word - seems to just mean “brown”. Historians speculate that the true name of the bear might be similar to the Greek ἄρκτος (arktos), but I guess we’ll never know.

There are more examples on Swedish Wikipedia, but sadly there seems to be no article in English. Still, I hope you learned something interesting from all this!

Now, imagine the kind of power we would have if we knew the bear’s true name… 

Same in Finnish (though it’s normal because we’ve been independent only 100 years and before that belonged either to Russia or Sweden). We don’t either have name for bear, because its original name is forgotten. No one dared to speak bear’s name out loud, because that could summon the bear. Bear in Finnish is Karhu, coming from word karhea (rough), because bear’s hide is rough.



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