12:34 am

Feeling so shitty and generally incompetent that I went to take a nap to escape myself for a bit. I.


01:44 am

bomberqueen17:Feeling so shitty and generally incompetent that I went to take a nap to escape myself


02:24 am

Any port in a storm: her favorite snoozing spot is


03:54 am

Dug out my antique iBook or whatever they were called, back in the day. It still boots up and I can.


04:14 am

unclear-art: And a special end-of-the-month bonus. This is from...


01:04 pm

trumpisaliar:It’s like watching a horrible car

02:09 pm

It’s time for


02:44 pm

Town Hall Project 2018

02:49 pm



03:09 pm

Raw Story on Twitter

06:09 pm

Car selfie while on hold with Wells Fargo who mysteriously...


09:05 pm

notbecauseofvictories: Not to keep harping on this, but when it comes to privacy versus freedom of..

10:39 pm

Hey! That article headline did sound super rude so I went and read it and I think maybe u should hol

01:24 am

deputychairman replied to your post “Feeling so

01:34 am

I'd love to read 25k og bodhi/cassian nothing tbh, especially *your* version of 'nothing'

02:54 am

blackmorgan: Blessings for Imbolc (Imbloc, Imblog, Imbole, ...

11:59 am

When it was hot in the news cycle, I was away from my computer for basically all of it, so I...

01:04 pm

the-enigma-and-the-abyss replied to your post

01:04 pm

micdotcom: After inauguration, @Trump_Regrets continues to be a...

02:54 pm

sanguinarysanguinity: wecanmaketheworldbetter: teaandinanity: i...

03:34 pm

I’ve been spending more time on Facebook lately

09:04 pm

"Sometimes as I am falling asleep in a dark, quiet room I have for a moment a great and treasurable.

01:24 am



04:24 am

i know a dude. i’ve hung out with him a couple

01:09 pm


03:39 pm

The Army Is Accepting Your Comments On The Dakota Access Pipeline

09:03 pm

cornerof5thandvermouth: i just have to keep reminding myself that from an objective, historical...

10:48 pm

FACT: There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe.

01:03 pm

laughingacademy: sashayed: kellyannekanye: kellyanne conjob and kirsten gillibrand are the same...

01:29 pm

Do you think Bodhi Rook is religious?? I can't make up my mind.


02:28 pm

Wall goes up around US at miniature world in Germany

09:03 pm

teal-deer: Current Mood: Arthur Dent, in a bathrobe, laying in the mud in front of a bulldozer,...

01:03 pm

Here’s what it takes to get a green card

08:58 pm

quasi-normalcy: Spread this around; remind the world that for...

09:03 pm

eddycruz: The original flag, by Gilbert Baker, June 25, 1978.


02:38 am

i just want one of the eight simultaneous chapter update

01:04 pm

Thoughts on Kirsten Gillibrand:This is sort of a placeholder; I want to think, research, and write..

09:02 pm

Awesome Megafauna Skulls!

02:32 am

tagged at just the right moment of soul-crushing ennui and certainty of my own irrelevance by the...

12:57 pm

deputychairman replied to your post “tagged at

01:03 pm

About 20 Rabbis Arrested During Protest Over Trump Travel Ban

01:03 pm

rizahmedsource: x

02:55 pm

I love dogs. I grew up with dogs. I had dogs as siblings, in the pack of us that all ran together;..

09:07 pm

nuderefsarebest: This is so fucking telling, it really, really...

01:17 am

sandalwoodandsunlight: Devos might have gotten confir

11:52 am

We’re having the wrong argument about GMOs

12:52 pm

Kes Dameron in 500-ish words

01:02 pm

ineptshieldmaid: mhalachai: caffeinewitchcraft: writing-prompt-s: You are an anonymous...

02:52 pm

Better said than my addendum last night, from markpopham on...

06:27 pm

micdotcom: People are turning Mitch McConnell’s

09:02 pm

this is an invitation for you to expand on cassian andor's and mon mothma's relationship if you want

01:47 am

I’m starting to make Red State care packages for

11:52 am

Can you tell us about the Empires propaganda machine?

12:17 pm

my favorite part of all this though is that as this shit is...

01:02 pm

voidarcade: baze stop scaring the child

02:22 pm

littleredhatter:Something I’ve realised working

02:52 pm

wait, what's the difference between Cassian's real age and the age they say he is?

09:01 pm

popelizbet-blog: menderash: i saw a really cool butterfly expert man on PBS and was so in awe of...

01:29 am

csevet replied to your post “wait,

01:56 am


03:26 am

Grand Island resident is elected president of Somalia - The Buffalo News

01:01 pm

deputychairman: dailygaelgarcia: Gael García Bernal

06:16 pm

Putting together Red State Care Packages of highly appropriate quotes inexpertly laser-printed on...

09:01 pm

pearwaldorf: [Screenshot of a Facebook post by Jessi...


03:26 am

bachfan replied to your post “I’m starti

11:26 am

For my own personal tally, it took Stars & Stripes 24 hours to put up a story about the...

12:01 pm

I’d been sleeping mostly through the night

01:01 pm

thetransintransgenic: (...

01:16 pm

On a more “life goes on” kind of

01:36 pm

Dude just said, “While you’re

02:36 pm

Following up on that post from my queue about food

02:51 pm

unicornduke replied to your post “On a

05:56 pm

Am on wee local road trip to test new car. Disappointed to report that Grand Island has not updated.


09:01 pm

Advanced Black Lung Cases Surge In Appalachia


09:12 pm

Berlin: Oscar Isaac to Star in WWII Thriller 'The Garbo Network'

02:06 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post

02:36 am

quiz for myself: do i just post the first 10k of this bodhi/cassian thing in an attempt to make it..

02:51 am

I heard you wanted stories about dogs. My chi goes bonkers when you blow raspberries on her neck. Sh

03:06 am

My fairly intelligent fairly well-trained German Sheppard will track convos she's interested in and

03:26 am

My in-laws' dog carries around shoes. They think it's an anxiety thing (she was a rescue) but she's

01:01 pm

Dog stories! Current fluffer Mara is learning to play b/c she's a rescue who we aren't sure what hap

01:11 pm

altorogue: lettersfromtitan: dorkilybeautiful: wittgensteinsmister: the worst thing about...

02:01 pm

bomberqueen17:Am on wee local road trip to test new car. Disappointed to report that Grand Island...

02:26 pm

One thing I remember about the German Shepherd-Husky mix that my family had when I was a teenager wa

04:01 pm

So I put the Bodhi/Cassian thing I’ve been

05:16 pm

Oh Anderson’s, you understand me.


09:01 pm

Why It’s So Hard to Find a Bra That Actually

10:36 pm

s-leary:@bomberqueen17, I am making you a thing. *incoherent...

11:01 pm

deputychairman reblogged your post “altorogue:

12:51 pm

One of my good friends from Minnesota has two miniature dachshunds, miniature as in they are slightl

01:01 pm

jumpingjacktrash: roachpatrol: godlessondheimite: sogay4rey: bodhirooke: bodhirooke: its kind...

04:11 pm

Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown

08:51 pm

wyomingnot:I just wanted to show off my Bodhi Rook minifig. I...


09:01 pm

hauntologist5000: Dear God, I cannot love Thee the way I want to. You are the slim crescent of a...

11:21 pm

deputychairman reblogged your link and added: This

12:21 am

1/? This is going to be long, please copy/paste the

03:01 am

This is actually from the other night but I just remembered it...


03:06 am

catsbeaversandducks: tastefullyoffensive: If you


09:06 pm

dog story! when i was growing up we had 2 dogs, a black lab-pointer mix and a yellow lab-poodle mix.

12:21 am

olofahere: degeneratemagicalcatgirl: malekbrosinc: des-zimbits...

01:01 pm


09:04 pm

US peeps, call/postcard your reps about defunding the EPA

02:22 am

this hellsite won't let me post the last bit of my ask. :(

01:07 pm

automodown:he is afraid of rain getting on him

05:07 pm

A Runner’s (Second) Guide to Active Recovery

09:03 pm

Psychologists Explain Your Phone Anxiety (and How to Get Over It)

12:22 am


01:20 am

yoisthisracist:How the fuck is the “least racist


01:03 pm

apeincagewithwirecutters: british person: it’s

02:57 pm

My darling @zobar2 picked up some postcard stamps for me so now...

09:02 pm

lookninjas: lookninjas: So Dr. Bronner’s changed

11:57 pm

ugh i have a thing i have to do tonight, i don’t

12:22 am

laporcupina: There are as many as 800 languages spoken in New...


02:02 am

Blurry Chita says, I got u fam, u can’t paint

04:12 am

I keep starting and deleting posts about what

01:07 pm

I love your thoughtful and measured response to that ask about what is ok and not ok to write about,

02:52 pm

I don’t spend much time on Facebook lately but I

03:17 pm

danceswchopstck replied to your post “ugh i have

03:32 pm

ok the thing i was trying to make myself do last night was to decorate a t-shirt for a gift for a...

05:07 pm

A slogan for our era.


06:37 pm

Did I just buy a 4T boys’ t-shirt at Target and


06:37 pm

dogpuppy: Give The Child The Hand of The Beans fill it with dry...

09:05 pm

"The bottom line is this: You write in order to change the world, knowing perfectly well that you...


01:01 pm

orlandobloom:Leia Organa’s hair appreciation

09:00 pm

icedcatte: madmaudlingoes: sweaterkittensahoy: ruiniscrazy: grandpaahab: severalowls: beyonslay...

12:10 am

diegolunadaily:Diego Luna wearing The North Face at The Ice...

12:25 am

aimmyarrowshigh: ::looks up, wild-eyed and hunched like a raccoon with little claw-hands:: that post

01:35 am



01:00 pm

What’s the coolest family name in your histor

09:01 pm

The Sermon on the Mount is counter-cultural.


11:50 pm

Fourth wave of bomb threats targets Jewish community centers in at least five U.S. states

12:25 am

Fascinating article on Trump’s pick for National

12:50 am

I’m super good at this. I’m saving them

01:45 am

shuttertroy:Notes left for Rep. Chris Collins. Today more than...

02:45 am

Love Letter America |

01:00 pm

"Bad books on writing tell you to “WRITE WHAT


03:15 pm

cornerof5thandvermouth: cunningcelt: thebibliosphere: stimmymage: pervocracy: fandommember: bena...

03:55 pm

darktenshi17 replied to your photo “I’m

09:01 pm

quinndolyns: powerburial: kvltmvtherfvcker1349mvrdermvsic: Exac...


11:10 pm

darktenshi17 answered your question

11:55 am

anhamirak: queenis: Little sister #baze’s expres

09:00 pm

lazaefair: bedlamsbard: One of the problems with writing

11:50 pm

amongststars: political-betta: conservativeleague: callmestp: ...

02:00 am


01:04 pm

asblackascole: fandomsandfeminism: I’m really

02:35 pm

Anxious!Anxiety!Formless anxiety!Woke me up!Now

07:00 pm

minty-draws-cartoons: skidar: skidar: skidar:


07:51 pm

There’s… some kind of light


09:05 pm

How mammoth cloning became fake news

02:35 am

girderednerve replied to your post “Anxious!

12:45 pm

So all y’all who’ve been around a while

01:01 pm

Gifs freeze in gifsets for no reason: the ongoing saga

02:10 pm

jesus, the fucking first and only time in my entire life


02:41 pm

ha you can hit the back button and retrieve your changes. UNDEFEATED yo I think the coffee just hit.

02:45 pm

artifactrix replied to your post “jesus, the

05:10 pm

This might be a really goofy thing to do but I’m


08:35 pm

I finished painting that shirt. It’s gold paint


09:00 pm

True names of Swedish animals

12:30 am

singelisilverslippers replied to your post “ha

01:35 am

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post: ...

02:25 am

in norwegian -very similar to swedish- we actually use

04:21 am

I’m staying up super late to go crouch in my

07:30 am

awisekraken replied to your post “I’m

01:00 pm


01:45 pm

icantbearsedtothinkofone: On the one hand, the USA scares the crap out of me. On the other, Oscar...

04:30 pm

boxoftheskyking replied to your post

09:01 pm

eliciaforever:My Beautiful Lady by Ali Franco

01:45 am

bebeocho: semisweetshadow: Rage (2009) my roommate has been...

02:25 am

writing smut is so goddamn difficultwhy do i keep insisting on iti have such good ideas, i say,...


02:55 am

meanderings0ul replied to your post “writing

01:05 pm

captbexx: Cassian & Bodhi ^-^

03:10 pm

Ha I managed to overcome the writer’s block and

09:01 pm

badcharacterdesign: luxtempestas: CHICKEN DIVERSITY...

01:01 pm

brutereason: I was thinking about Jon Ronson’s

01:30 pm

Hide and seek: she counted to thirty!


08:51 pm

Patched the patches I put on some patches. I’m


09:02 pm

nervouspizzaman: Native english speakers will never know the joy of purposely talking terrible...

02:21 am

unicornduke replied to your photo “Patched the

03:11 am

At the farm. Things are still fairly low-intensity; spring will spring pretty soon, and shit will...

03:11 am

bedbugsbiting replied to your post “unicornduke

03:21 am

torrilin replied to your post “At the farm.

11:51 am

Checking the weather app to divine today’s


01:01 pm


03:41 pm

Learning new skills. I tell you what a proper butcher is worth...


10:18 pm

Finn handles a blaster like no one else



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