Feb. 10th, 2017

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I’ve reblogged this before with the addendum of the context. Bear with me, I’m gonna do it again. It’s a great sign but the context is fucking amazing and why would you strip it out? ? ? ? ? 

This is from the top of Mt. Fløyen overlooking the harbor of Bergen, Norway.

To get to this tree you have to climb over a retaining wall. Its a nearly-sheer drop to the city below. It’s fucking intense. You’re on the side of the mountain they had gun emplacements in during WWII, overlooking the entire harbor of the northernmost outpost of the medieval Hanseatic league. (Parts of the original Hanseatic dock district are still standing.)

Slightly different spot of the overlook. Off to the right is the fjørd, which is I believe none other than Sognefjørd, the largest and deepest of all of them. 

I love this weird little sign. It is clearly not official. It has clearly been there for ages. It’s just part of the view. 

(Original photo unsourced; second two photos are by me, from July 2015, when I was visiting family there.)

I know I’ve done this before, I just– every time I see that goddamn cropped photo, I’m like, it’s a cool picture but holy shit why would you not zoom out.
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I haven’t seen this here yet so I just thought I would share it. I only found out about it because someone I know Tweeted the link to the Buffalo News article, saying, “Hey, that’s my neighbor!”

CNN weighs in here, but seems to mostly crib from the Buffalo News article. 

It’s a hopeful story, and one which I’ve heard repeated with astonished delight in my circle of acquaintances.

Buffalo is not a sanctuary city but has for decades had a federally-recognized status as a preferred resettlement site for refugees, and is home to nearly 2,000 Somalians, over 8,000 Burmese, assorted other groups [Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq topped the 2015 leaderboard], and a couple of hundred Syrians– notable mostly because more Syrians were scheduled to arrive when the ban went into effect, and there was some outcry from the communities who had been preparing to receive them.

Most of us here don’t realize it, though; we’ve only just started to notice because the Burmese in particular are a major contributing factor to our population decline recently beginning to reverse, and a formerly-derelict neighborhood has been given over to some excellent new restaurants and grocery stores. There’s a lot more life in this old Rust Belt relic; some is that we were never wealthy enough to have a housing boom so there was no bust, but the revitalization of culture offered by this influx of new settlement has certainly not hurt. 

The refugee population here has grown by over 10,000 in the last decade, which is coincidentally about the same amount of time I’ve lived in this city, a newcomer from across the state. And yes, it’s a different city now; it’s a lot brighter, a lot busier, and a lot harder to find parking. 
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Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna by Jay L. Clendenin (2009)

Diego’s really working it, putting all his heart into a soulful gaze right into the camera, silken hair flowing loose around his face. Gael looks like he’s just seen a dog wearing shoes and can’t decide how he feels about that.
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Putting together Red State Care Packages of highly appropriate quotes inexpertly laser-printed on cards, and after a quick browse through Twitter just now I want to do a set that just says SWEET CHRISTING FUCK WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU but I figure nobody’d read those.
Alas, because that’s really the only appropriate sentiment lately.
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[Screenshot of a Facebook post by Jessi Murray:

(Public post for easier sharing - on effective communications with public officials)

I had coffee with Richard Lazaro today, Patty Murray’s Seattle director. As part of our conversation, I asked what the most effective ways constituents could help out the Senator are, and whether the phone calls were effective.

In short, they are effective. Having numbers like “40,000 constituents told me they are worried about losing health care coverage” is a great talking point in conversation, both to bolster your own stance and shoot down an opponent’s assertion that no one cares.

However, he told me that the piece that they really could use more of now is personal stories. How would repealing the ACA affect you? What is your personal connection to public education? Etc. These can be used for a more personal and emotional appeal, especially to other Congress members who may be on the fence.

While I had repeatedly seen that “calls are more effective than emails,” Richard assured me that both calls and emails were tallied equally. Given that their voicemail hard drives were filling up every 45 minutes, causing calling to be a pain, and given that you are more able to compose your story in writing, he actually suggested emails more than calls.

Senator Murray can be emailed via this contact form: http://ift.tt/2gX4ibC A friend from CA has told me that Rep. Kamala Harris’ office has asserted similar stances (that emails and calls are equivalent), so I would guess that this would hold for other elected officials.

Long story short, if you only have a minute, call and use a script. If you have more time, and particularly if you have a story, use email.]

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