Jan. 27th, 2017

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These types are tools, not jewels. #letterpress #wnybac
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I told Wells Fargo (who emailed back and said that my fax from this morning didn’t come through and also once I’d faxed them the instructions I would have to call a third time to give them verbal consent) that I found it disgusting how much they lied to me. Because that’s what this is: every time I’ve called, when I’ve hung up I’ve done so after multiple reassurances that no, nothing else had to happen, except that form had to get faxed in (the first time), or that it was all taken care of and nothing else had to happen (the second time), and I find it utterly deplorable that they can’t do business in writing. I don’t trust them, I think they’re delaying on purpose, and now I think they’re just doing it because I was so angry with them.

They’re disgusting. They’re just disgusting. I said I just wanted them to email me back so I’d have it in writing that if I called one more time the transaction would be complete, because they’ve told me out loud repeatedly that this would be the case but since it wasn’t written down, I have no proof. 

So tell me in writing that you lied to me three times, and then I have it in writing, at least. I TOLD YOU I had trouble understanding phone conversations, I TOLD YOU I was going to write it down, but me writing it down has no real meaning. 

Do business in writing, you fucking cowards. 

I’m sure there’s really some legal requirement for what has to be done via electronic means and what can’t be done verbally and so on and so forth. But they’re supposed to be advisors, and they can’t get their story straight, let alone explain it to me? Surely they’ve had other customers be confused by this in the decades since email became a thing? And they’ve never managed to explain it one time in all that time?

They don’t deserve to be in business, if they can’t make their own instructions clear. 

(The answer is, no, they’re just jerking me around because there are no consequences to them for doing this.)
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It’s all well and good to say “the president works for you and not the other way around” but like employees usually don’t own bombs
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They have met before, and it is… fraught. It’s not a personality conflict, though. I’m feeling sort of pleased with myself that i never really explained precisely what Poe’s whole deal was, though. It’s like I left some room here on purpose. Go, past me! Muahaha. 

I think moving forward they’ll probably get along all right. I haven’t really considered it. I think Bodhi and Finn would get along quite well, and actually I have some plans for Jyn and Rey.
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I used to do this self-sabotage by staying helplessly up way too late a lot more, I guess I should be glad that it’s a while since I’ve done this, but I’m really irritated because this is the second night in a row and what the fuck am I doing awake. Ugh. 

Oh well. I’ve had to pee quite badly for like three hours too, so. I mean. Yeah. Ugh.

Every year January is really brutal and every year I’m like “i’m gonna plan ahead and be ready for it” and every year I get to the last week of January and am like, “how did this happen”. 

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My elected officials are the sitting Senate minority leader, among others. I sort of. Don’t want to subscribe to his newsletter. But.

I did follow both my senators on Twitter, and my rep too. I just feel like things are presently so hectic that none of them are about to come do town halls in my area. I will keep my eyes peeled. 

I think I’m going to try to reconnect with some of my former roller derby teammates for socialization and political action. It would be great to see some of them again, and also I think making a regular date to sit in a coffee shop or bar and write postcards and plan to attend meetings and such would be pleasant. I’m just… procrastinating on making the arrangements, because what if social anxiety and such bleargh? Etcetera. 

*deep breaths*

I could probably do more good being involved in local stuff back at the farm, which is a Republican House seat. B-I-L is politically active there, and my sister is head of some committee in her Unitarian church, so I will probably just tack myself onto her while I’m there. 

I suppose I could hit up the Unitarians here. I don’t know any, though. And I’m not one. But that could be another connection.

RL action is great, and I know a group is important to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

If only I were like, five or six years younger and still in really great shape, I bet I could get together a really great Attractive White Ladies Human Shield group for protests, and knowing some of us back then, a bunch of us probably would’ve been glad to join an antifa group. but now we’re old and fat and tired. 

And I’m really really not willing to get arrested because I have a thing with my shoulders where having my arms handcuffed behind me makes them both dislocate, and it’s excruciating, and we won’t talk about when ever I would have found out about what being arrested is like and how much it hurts when you’re handcuffed and a cop drives all shitty and slams your dislocated shoulders into the back of the seat repeatedly. They weren’t even trying to be dicks, I can’t imagine what it would be like if they were.
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I wrote about this on Facebook and have seen a lot of references to it elsewhere but I just think for archival purposes I might as well write it down here: Trump is a puppet and Republicans of all stripes are desperately scrambling to force through as much absolutely repugnant shit as they possibly can, so that when his downfall comes (and someone, somewhere, probably has a careful plan for how to bring that about, and maybe even a schedule; impeachment most likely, and they’ll drag it out but let it happen), they can disavow everything terrible that happens, and spend just long enough dragging their feet on “repairing” all the “damage” he did (and it was all him! all on his own! he and his people! such rogues!) that the things they wanted will still happen, the people who were getting paid off for various corporate deals can still cash out, the assets can still get stripped out of the various government agencies, the outrage can burn itself out a bit, hopefully the few thousand sickest and most expensive patients stripped of healthcare will up and die already, the most annoying activists can get declared felons, a good collection of undesireables can get rounded up and deported or whatever, it’s all to the good even if it’s morally and legally indefensible. 

But by the time midterms roll around, they can all pin the blame for everything terrible that has happened on Trump, and campaign for re-election and maybe even swing some *more* seats red because of the terrible consequences of the things they pushed through. They were helpless, you see. It was all that horrible man’s fault.

So. I’m thinking maybe we need to spend a little less energy frantically protesting everything he does, and a little more energy carefully taking note of just who wrote each of those executive orders, who the authors of those bills were, and who, especially among the Democrats, collaborated. 

Take note of your Republican reps’ actions, and write to them and tell them that you see what they’re doing, and when Trump falls you’re not going to let them blame it on him; you see what their actual actions were in this ridiculous and confusing time, and you’re not going to fall for it.

Take note of your collaborators and write to them and tell them you’ll be backing a primary challenger against them in the next elections, if they’re Democrats. 

We surely need to be planning for 2018, and these are the first steps for that. This is all meant to be overwhelming and distracting. Look to the long view. There’s not much more we can do in the short view– obstructionism is the only way to minimize the damage before Trump is eliminated. 

(And, of course, keep the pressure up so that he does actually get eliminated.) 
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I’m not crying, but I’m just sitting at my coworker’s desk trying and trying to fax this fucking form to Wells Fargo, which apparently didn’t go through yesterday, the one they rejected but never told me they rejected, because a ticky box wasn’t checked (I’m not making this up: the ticky box is to specify whether this is a new account or an updated account, and it says right next to the ticky box that verbal confirmation is acceptable here), and I’ve tried fifteen times, and this is the sixteenth, and twelve times it’s just made me go through the whole thing, scanning the two pages, entering the phone number, waiting, and has just clicked off afterward with no information about what happened, and four times it’s printed out a page that says “line busy”.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour. I was doing other stuff, but after the eighth failure I stopped letting myself get distracted, and now I’m just watching this machine. 

I can’t believe this. I just can’t. Faxes. Amazing. 

Whoop, it just clicked off with no error or notice! Sixteen failures. On to attempt #17!

Oh I scanned it upside-down. I bet it’ll go through this time and they’ll reject me because the page reads upside-down. 

I’m going to sit here all day and even if it says it’s gone through I’m just going to keep sending it until they call me and tell me to stop. 
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cassian and poe become allies in the face of their boyfriends’ unrelenting adorableness

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I watched it the whole way to the end this time, stared at the little panel on the fax machine for three and a half minutes, and it blinked a message lightning-quick: “SENT OK” and clicked off.

So there’s a chance I’ve actually successfully sent that fax fourteen times.

Thing is, I know that this fax machine is supposed to generate a report when it sends a fax. It prints off a page that says whether it’s actually sent the fax. And I know that yesterday, it did this same “click off” behavior and didn’t generate the paper report I expected, but I said “it’s probably ok” and let it go, and it hadn’t in fact sent the fax.

So I don’t know if it went through or not. I’m going to give up in a moment, but I’ll send it one more time. 

This is why we don’t use faxes anymore, you pieces of shit.

Go ahead, use my sending this multiple times at great emotional expense to myself as yet another excuse to delay me. I know you’re looking for a reason. 
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First they came for the scientists…

And the National Parks Services said, “lol, no” and went rogue and we were all like, “I was not expecting the park rangers to lead the resistance, none of the dystopian novels I read prepared me for this but cool.”

Best tumblr post by a friend of mine in years.

this is gonna get long and wordy, because i kind of have a lot of FEELINGS wrt the nps.

i grew up surrounded by nps employees, because after earning his masters in forestry, my dad spent his entire professional career working for the nps.

you do not join the nps to make a lot of money. you do not join the nps if you want easy career advancement. especially if both you and your spouse/partner want to work outside the home. or if you and your spouse/partner both work for the nps. because the unofficial motto of the nps is “to move up, you have to move on.” it’s like the army, but for liberal, tree hugging hippie types. and they don’t usually just transfer you - you have to apply for positions you want.

my dad wanted to advance, so we moved every 2-3 years when i was growing up. as his first nps mentor told him, “this job is hard on families.”

so you have a bunch of people who have built a career in which they could be earning much more with their qualifications in the private sector and for which they are literally willing to uproot themselves every few years and move.

might be across the country. might be from urban to rural, or vice a versa. if you start out as a temp/seasonal employee, which is usually how you get your foot in the door, you usually have to make a “sacrifice move” - i.e. apply to a position in a park that you know will be under-applied for, because nobody wants to go there. we lived in corpus cristi, tx for 18 months as a result of this. before that, we had lived inside of mt. rainier national park. it was like moving to an entirely different country.

maybe your spouse gets tired of moving every few years. maybe they get tired of their own career having to be on the back burner, or sacrificed completely, so you can move on to the next advancement, at the next park.

maybe they don’t want to live in a remote area, or an urban area. maybe your kids are tired of leaving their friends and their schools at short notice.

why the hell would anyone willingly choose this career, when they know what kinds of financial hardships it will bring? when they know how hard it will be on their families and their interpersonal relationships? on themselves?

most of them do it because they genuinely, passionately believe in preservation. because they believe in the mission of the nps:  “ The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.”

and motherfuckers, you had best believe they are relying on ~*~actual science~*~ to carry out that mission.

they have been fighting the good fight for decades in a myriad of ways, both local and national. i have watched my dad prepare for local city council meetings, in which he had to tell a group of enraged and concerned townspeople that, no, they could not MOVE THE RIVER BACK after it changed course following spring floods, to flow through an older channel. didn’t matter that your pappy and your grandpappy had always been able to see if from a certain bend in the road, and now you can’t. nature is taking its course, literally, and the nps is not gonna intervene in that, no matter how much you fuss.

i have watched him celebrate small victories, like the time he wrote a funding proposal for a national project that was so fucking convincing he got $2million more than he asked for - under the fucking gwb administration. 

and, like, do not get me wrong, i have had me some issues with my dad over the years. i was not always super psyched to lose friends and have to make new ones every time we moved, or about the damage to my mother’s career some of these moves caused. not to mention their eventual divorce.

but i have never doubted, not for one fucking second, that my dad did what he did in his career because he genuinely believed he could make a difference. because he genuinely believed in the preservation of our natural resources for his children, and his children’s children, and everyone fucking else in this country. because he believed in protecting our environment and our history from those who would destroy it for their own short term financial gain.

the nps is made up of thousands of employees like him.

they have been relying on science to protect the resources under their administration for a long time.

they have been resisting those who would have them ignore scientific evidence for a long time.

you’re goddamned right they’re gonna resist this bullshit that’s going on now.
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Whoops I stabbed myself with my needle. And it’s bad enough, if my dad hadn’t just had the most incredible awful medical ordeal with an infection under his thumbnail and the only thing he can think is that he jabbed himself with a needle. There were multiple surgeries and a hospital stay, so– I doused this mofo in antibacterial soap. But I’m determined to finish this project!
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There’s a lot of talk about crabs on my dash today so guys please go google the Chinese mitten crab

look at he mitten

wit the fur

The whole club was lookin at her

Trying to debate if this is cute enough for my sideblog. What do you guys think?

I didn’t want to Google it so I said the phrase out loud hoping my dude would google it and indeed he did. But he didn’t image search it, so instead of seeing it he went to the Wikipedia page and read me a solemn thing about its status as an invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River (!>!@??!?!?!) and that it’s an autumn delicacy in Shanghai.

And I was like, but mittens?

and only then did he click on the picture, and he was like OH WOW MITTENS.

But this thing is apparently in New York State and is endangering local crabs??? I didn’t know we had local crabs??? 

My world will never be the same.
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sometimes when i have to fax things ill call the people and be like I’m faxing this to you i need u to tell me if it comes through or not. but that really sucks and i feel your pain. they wont let u scan it and email it? it has to be faxed????

Yeah, faxed. I don’t know, literally every other financial institution I’ve ever dealt with has had really robust online banking things that for example you can just upload image files of the documents to. One of my banks lets you just take a picture with your phone and send it. But not Wells Fargo.

On the upside, I discovered hellofax.com, and uploaded the images there, and they just have an automatic thing. It took seven minutes for the first copy of the fax to go through, so clearly their connection isn’t any good, probably on purpose… So then I uploaded it and sent it again, and then a third time, with a cover letter  saying “so sorry I’m not sure this is working I hope you got this?” and then a fourth time, with another cover letter “I think there was an error are you getting these?” and then a fifth time with no cover letter. 

Of course, hellofax tells you if they went through, and doesn’t stop trying until they do, so. But I figured, a minor waste of paper for them is a tiny tiny karmic payback for me, because I dialed that number about twenty times this morning and then this afternoon. 
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On Holocaust Remembrance Day, this twitter account is posting the names and photos (when available) of refugees turned away from America who became victims of Naziism. #NoBanNoWall #RefugeesWelcome 

(Please leave this caption in place.)



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