Sep. 22nd, 2006

I am writing this from my NEW LAPTOP which as of last night the Fedex tracking system assured me was in Anchorage, Alaska. I was expecting it on Monday or Tuesday. The Fedex guy was pretty funny about it.

I would call in sick today to play with it except that I know one of my coworkers already called in today (they called me at 7:30 this am to ask if I'd come in early, is how I'm so magically psychic--- I said no, btw, as the bus would've been ridiculous to attempt at that hour and also the shift I'd be working would suck more than my scheduled one), and anyway, I shouldn't.

Next week Z is planning to work from home and put in at least sixty hours, because he wants to finish a major application for work. If he's staying there, he figures, he might as well do so on his own terms. And he got such an assload of work done while "on vacation" in Georgia, locked in Katy and Adam's office, that he's realized this working from home lark is actually a damned good idea. So he's imposed telecommuting and flex time by force upon his employers with 7 hours' notice, but you know, they've learned in the past that when he does these things it's in their favor, and so it's likely to work out well.

But that means: We clean the house this weekend, we go on a major grocery shopping stock-up trip, and I plan all the meals out now so that I can do them with no fuss. Also we get Z set up in An Office Like Setup, preferably away from me.

Anyway. I am going to go play with my new computer on the bus. Except that I need to finish this software update. Eeeek. (I unchecked everything I wouldn't immediately use. And still it is not done. Eeeeeee. Hurry!)

Shiiiiny computer. Shiiiiiiiinyyyyyyy.



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