Mar. 23rd, 2006

BWAHAHA. Seen in a friend's journal, I'm not hotlinking but I'm going to provide a link to go read this strip about Bill Napoli: He's a senator in South Dakota who believes women can't make our own decisions. So whenever I'm faced with one, I call him at work: 605-348-7373.

Heh heh heh. Ahhh. Yep. Good times. His home phone number's in there too. ((605) 341-2370, if you're interested.)

Seen in [ profile] ethangilchrist's journal, but in an f-locked post, so...
edit: We've determined that the original is from [ profile] mcmillan. Thanks, [ profile] ethangilchrist!

Also amusing is Smart Bitches Trashy Books' campaign to formalize the definition of the new verb Napoli through a judicious Googlebomb-style campaign. Honestly I'm not very political but he just took such an unholy amount of detail in salaciously describing the Only Scenario In Which An Abortion Is Acceptable-- I mean, say they didn't anally penetrate this religious young woman, but a little oral, I mean, is that "sodomized as bad as you can make it"? I mean, what if they just weren't very imaginative with that broom handle? What if their hearts weren't in it? Maybe it was as bad as SHE thought they could make it, but if they interviewed the perp he said "but I went easy on her because she was so religious" and thus reveals that it was not, actually, as bad as he could make it?
Or what if she wasn't actually saving herself for marriage? What if she was saving herself for the right man but not necessarily a church wedding? I mean, what if she was Buddhist? She's still religious, right? Does that count? Or what if she was religious but not a churchgoer? Who can testify to her religiousness if she doesn't have a regular confessor?
Seriously, will the cops have a form you can fill out, with tick marks: Saving Self For Marriage (note any exceptions with explanations: a) But this one time I was drunk, b) But he lied to me and I thought we were getting married), Sodomized: a) with broom handle, b) orally, c) anally, d) with trauma... and like, you have to get twenty-five out of the thirty?
And how badly "messed-up" do you have to be? Who determines that? I mean, what about "would be okay except this forced, unwanted pregnancy will end my dream of missionary work in Africa"? Does that count as "messed-up"? What if it only ends your dream of finishing your degree in accounting?

Anyhow. The world abounds with motherfuckers, literal and metaphorical, but really I was going to write about non-political things, things that possibly make sense. Maybe later: I have the day off.

good things, and funny: cut for Things My Mom Wouldn't Want To Know )


Mar. 23rd, 2006 02:17 pm
So. Everyone says, sow lettuce seed "as soon as the soil can be worked", or "start indoors 8 to 10 weeks earlier".
What if you started it indoors? When should you put it out?

I have three different varieties of lettuce that I started under my gro-light, and I don't know when to plant them outside.
(People's impression of our "frost-free date" also varies widely, but I imagine that's because people have different ideas of what that means-- "average date of last frost" is one thing, while "date beyond which there has never been a frost" is quite another, in fact over two weeks "quite another".)

Well, I was just outside, and the soil can sure as hell be worked now... I cleared out the part of last year's garden where the tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants were, pulled out all the weeds, turned over the soil, and put some fertilizer in it for good measure. And it's not only totally not frozen, it's also home to a fairly active earthworm rave, as far as I could tell. There were worms of every size and shape you could imagine, all having themselves remarkably fast-paced little parties. I mean, given that it's 34 and cloudy out, and they're cold-blooded (I assume?), they were wriggling around like it was a rainstorm in July.

But I don't know when I should set out the lettuce I planted, or when I should sow my beets and radishes...



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