Jul. 3rd, 2017

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Yeah Quebec and Ontario had a LOT of flooding this year. And we’re still getting more rain than usual which like, that’s better than the usual drought but… Lake Ontario is so high that the Toronto Islands are partially submerged and have been closed until end of July at the earliest, if not for the whole season. And we can’t drain the Lake into the St Lawrence like we normally would cuz we don’t want to flood Quebec again while the waters are still so high there too.

oh, the crazy weather doesn’t respect international boundaries. They just had 2 inches of rain in 3 hours back at the farm and it squashed a chicken pen flat just from accumulated water on the tarp roof. (Only one fatality! Could’ve been worse.) Resculpted all the creek beds and they had to haul all kinds of shit out of the culverts afterward too. Yikes ™. I assume if it flooded the yurt they’d’ve told me. I’ll find out next week when I go back. D-8

The St Lawrence Seaway’s levels are affected by hydro stuff, yeah, they said, but they also said there’s just not much else they can do. It was pretty sobering, seeing all kinds of 100+ year old stuff underwater that clearly had been fine ever since it was built. 

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This is the most delightful description of Canada this metro-Detroit native has ever read. 10/10.

LOL I mean, it’s not like it’s fair, I know Canada is an enormous and diverse nation and I’m really just scraping the surface of Ontario, but I’m closer than all the misleading “oh they’re so polite” stereotypes. 

I actually realized yesterday that over a quarter of the people I follow on Instagram are Canadians, what with various things. Some of it’s living in a border town, a lot of it’s having skated cross-border and picking up friends that way, some of it’s just sort of random. I don’t notice it as much on Facebook or whatever, and on Tumblr it’s not discussed as much, but on Instagram, Christ, it’s a lot of y’all. 

Dude and I are currently sitting in our B&B with tallboys from the local brewery and watched all the clips on YouTube that we could find of Letterkenny. It just seemed right. 

Our bartender today at one place we went was wearing a Juno Beach 1944 t-shirt. And there are cars all over with those flagholders you see in the US, but of course they’ve got Canadian flags. A lady on the tour boat today had maple leaf temporary tattoos on both cheeks. It’s intense. I wasn’t ready. It’s just so bizarro-world to be surrounded by US-style jingoism but not about the US. Gotta admit, it’s kind of refreshing. Y’all can have your problematic shit and I can nod thoughtfully about it but please nobody bring up Tr*mp or I’ll cry. I said as much at one point, and people were very sympathetic and understanding. 
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Art for @marthawells‘ Books of the Raksura. If you go see her at a convention or a signing, you can get these as stickers! :D

(if you don’t know these books, they’re basically shape-shifting dragon people who live on epic sci-fi monster world. They’ve got found family, reversed-gender roles, and loads of delicious hurt/comfort. Also snarky dorks.)
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Happy b-day canada! A quick stop in Toronto on our way out means we’ve entirely circumnavigated Lake Ontario.
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Inside yurt at Takaka



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