Jun. 22nd, 2017

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It worked! Holy hell! And I realized while making it that simply changing the colors would make it possible to create pretty much all of Black Squadron. Swipe the beard pattern from Obi-Wan, make the helmet white and blue, and poof, you have Snap. Swipe the hair from the Rey pattern and you have Jess. I may be making Star Wars amigurumi forever at this rate.

P.S. @bomberqueen17, he has a chest box and that of course made me think of respirator clips and fucked-up X-wing vent systems and such. So now I’m wondering if the pattern for the Cantina Band dudes could be morphed into Goss Toowers.

This is brilliant! One of my many sisters does amigurumi crochet and I have no idea how it works, but am consistently amazed by it.

That is AMAZING.

You realize I have no idea what the chest boxes are supposed to really be for, mind. I researched, and realized nobody else really knew either, so I just sort of… improvised. They’re inconsistent about making the pilots use air masks anyway… 
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Set of photos from my sister’s new house (the one that moved from Georgia): view of the main house from the “shop” outbuilding where the guest room is, taken just now, then pictures of the various animals (KITTEN), and a view of the shop from the house taken last night. My car is in the same place in both pictures.
There were two dogs who made the move, but one stopped eating, and they thought it was stress but it turned out to be inoperable cancer. Much sadness, and the yard now has a memorial in it. :(
Then the orange cat in the photo with my sister disappeared for three days, and they feared the worst, but yesterday he reappeared, hungry and grimy, clearly having been trapped somewhere. He’s being coddled and fed kitten food, and is delighted to be back.
So– it’s never boring. Me and middle-little sister are here to help move furniture. :) (at Baltimore County, Maryland)


Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:52 pm
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