Jun. 11th, 2017

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welp i’m lying in bed in a canvas shack in the woods and hearing a ton of sirens and suddenly i smell burning and i’m wondering what that is, and my sister texts from the house that someone hit a telephone pole on the road around the corner from the house, and that burning is a car on fire, so

I’m not exactly in the middle of nowhere here, and i really hope nobody’s dead. 

… Sister says 4 ambulances, and nobody seems to be in any hurry, which is not encouraging. Yikes™. Guess I’ll light some incense to drown out the smell and maybe waft up a prayer or something. I said I hope then if someone did get hurt it was just the idiot driving, but that doesn’t seem hopeful either.

It’s a very small town. We’ll probably hear the story. It’s probably someone we know. D-: 


By the way I hope I’m not missing anything important on here, my world is mostly not online. I’m on Twitter a bit more, and Instagram; Tumblr just takes too much data and doesn’t work well enough on mobile to justify the attempt. I’m trying not to blow through a month’s worth of data in a night; I’m on the computer now but I know if i refresh Tumblr even one time, that’s like, 700mb of data in one go. I never did do that mass-unfollowing spree, I couldn’t think of anyone I really could bear to let go of. Sorry, though, as that in effect means I’ve just– unfollowed everyone. If anyone’s had any major life experiences do let me know. And if you see anything you think I really Ought To Know About, please do drop me a line. 

Had a lovely dinner at a pop-up restaurant located on one of the other farms that sells at the Troy Farmer’s Market– Saratoga Apple, which is really in Schuylerville. We stopped by the Saratoga Battle Monument on our way up, which was lovely, and drove right past the Schuyler Mansion (Phillip, y’all), and took in some historical sights. I don’t know why I didn’t realize how beautiful the Green Mountains are from that view. It all looks like a goddamn Ben & Jerry’s carton, it really does. Even the cows in the mid-ground on the green hills are on-theme. Now we know most of the farmers whose cows they are, so.  While at dinner, Sister and B-I-L mused that me having a yurt really gives them a lot of organic farm cred. This came up because out the window of the farmstand/restaurant there was this really keen Winnebago that someone had painted a scenic vista on the side of, and I was like, that’s what i gotta get next after the yurt. Either that or a vardo, but only if they get horses; I refuse to get one that would be towed by a vehicle. No. Horses only! (I’m kidding, but sort of not.)

I’m not getting a ton of writing done, but it happens that the one document I still have exclusively offline (I compose a lot in google docs, and never remember to set up offline editing) is the Yavin 4Some doc, which is still coming right along, so if anyone was waiting for some truly filthy Han/Leia/Kes/Shara porn without plot, that’s still happening. Slowly. 
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#shows up 15 mins late to the resistance with starbucks 
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Someone got a new swingset. It’s in progress, being built, but she has been Waiting Patiently, so she’s trying out the first swing now! (I turned the sound off, it was a bunch of motorcycles going by on Rte 2.)
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Swingset assembled!! But navy blue is not a great color in the sun on a 90-degree day, so we had to add water.
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sorry I didn’t text back I was in the Black Lodge



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