Jun. 6th, 2017

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ugh it is never going to stop raining and i did not pitch the platform quite right and so rain is of course running freely across the entire floor of the entire yurt right under the doorway of course, because suck, and i have broken two umbrellas in wind gusts that were supposed to be keeping the rain off my bed, and i brought stuff to make a new roof flap since the one i got with this thing is totally inadequate, and of course, it is going to rain constantly for three or four days, during which i do not have time to effect any repairs, and so i am going to have to just fucking deal with a wet bed. Just, unmake the bed every morning so when it rains it doesn’t get the sheets. I can’t strip the bed and put the bedding in the trunk like I planned, because ants. And I can’t take a night to recuperate in the house because the guest-bedroom is occupied by my sister’s mother-in-law.

Who every time she has met me has asked me why I don’t have kids yet. She doesn’t know me from fucking Adam. And then she’s asking if Vegetable Manager is looking for a girlfriend. I’m like, bro is 30, he can look out for himself, if he wants help finding someone he’d ask. 

I have had a sum total of I think three conversations with this woman in my life and this has been the content of like, every one of them. 

God, it is just pouring down rain. Ugh. 

Chicken processing tomorrow. Let’s hope this time nobody’s ill and everyone can help. 
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Chicken processing day… don’t they look tidy! (at Laughing Earth)
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Sometimes this is really sad. Like I’ve seen kids parroting overly-critical and harsh language that they definitely didn’t learn on their own and I want to go over and be like “kiddo, that’s inappropriate no matter how old you are. You shouldn’t be talked to like that.”

Sometimes it’s just bizarre. I’ve heard a few kids who either watch the Simpsons or their parents literally talk like Ned Flanders.

Sometimes it’s really sweet and encouraging, like the little boy who’s friend built a block tower and he squealed, “You did it! Good for you, I’m so proud of you!”

Sometimes though, sometimes it’s hilarious.
One time I was babysitting a seven year old and his three year old twin siblings. I was helping the girl twin dress her doll when I noticed the boy twin making a mess. The older brother looks at him, sighs, and goes:

“Buddy. Buddy just…buddy don’t do that. Look, see? You’re making a mess, you’re just gonna…buddy, that’s not gonna work, it’s….*sigh* well, alright then.”



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