Jun. 3rd, 2017

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so Dude is kind of a big David Lynch fan, if you can really… use that phrase. It’s not that he… gets it, or like, assigns meanings to anything, but he made me watch Mulholland Drive pretty early on in our relationship so I kind of have always known what I was getting into here. 

(Side note: no, I still don’t know what the fuck that movie was about.)

cut: i witter on about twin peaks. i wouldn’t say i’m into it, mind, i’m just– not not into it.

He has been pretty pumped about Twin Peaks coming back. Here’s the thing, he’s my age (he was born december 1979, I’m a couple of months older), and we were really too young for Twin Peaks. I remember it being on, and I remember that my family Did Not Watch It. I had no clue what was going on, I just remembered that there were promos where people kept asking “who killed Laura Palmer??” and I got the idea that maybe it was a mystery crime show or something.

But he has a sister 4 years older than he is, and cousins another 5-6 years older than her; they were the perfect age for it. They all got together and watched it. They were super into it. They had viewing parties, big giant bags of popcorn. They wore costumes for the series finale. (His cousin got a pet log for the occasion.)

Dude was definitely too young for it, but he was the youngest in the family, in the entire generation, on either side of the family. They weren’t going to lock him in the closet or whatever. So he watched the show, as it aired, in real time, and even though most of it went right over his head, he was surrounded by people who loved it. So he loved it, and absorbed a lot more of it than he ought to have, given how young he was. 

He and his sister bought one another the box set of the series the first year it was finally released on DVD. This was not coordinated; each of them opened it at the same time and cracked up. He and his sister rarely communicate, but they are eerily same-wavelengthy despite having extremely different lives. (She leaves things on my Facebook wall for me to send to him, it’s very odd. I’m absolutely certain she has his phone number and could text him, but she doesn’t. He is a great uncle to my niblings, but has basically zero contact with his sister’s son. I dunno; his family just doesn’t hang. Who knows. I get that living in a canvas shack in my sister’s yard is a bit closer than most, but do recall, there were a solid three or four years where no two of us lived in the same state, we chose this.) 

So he’s been excited about this relaunch, anyway. The Return? Whatever it is. 

We just sat and watched Fire Walk With Me, which is the prequel movie to the original TV show, released after the TV show was over. It does explain a lot of stuff. It doesn’t really explain any of the stuff in the reboot that makes no sense, though.

Anyway I have no deep thoughts on this, I just had to, I dunno, process the fact that I just spent two hours or so being completely baffled. Actually I think I followed the plot of the movie a little more than I have been the reboot episodes? I guess it’s not a reboot. Anyway. It made more sense than I expected, and I suppose the sequel episodes kind of prepared me for the sheer quantity of titties. 

For all it seems so sexy-exploity-scaredy-girly, I gotta say, there’s a surprisingly sympathetic view of women in the collected works. I don’t mean, like, oh aren’t they nice– I just mean, given that the subject matter is so much about women getting sexily murdered etcetera, the viewer is invited to witness it from the women’s viewpoint more than is typical in, say, crime procedurals, or other bits of media with tits and gore. I don’t have super deep thoughts on that, I just mean– Laura’s really sexified for a lot of it, but you are meant to feel her feelings a lot. Even the sex scenes are not really meant to be titillating. And in the new series, there’s a black prostitute who solely exists as a plot device and is introduced with a lingering shot on her naked breasts, and still she manages to be a pretty compelling audience-insert outsider POV on the proceedings, you know? She’s got like, five lines, but you feel her.

Anyway. I wouldn’t call it feminist media, but isn’t it sort of sad that this aspect, which has remained consistent since the series began in 1990, and didn’t seem exceptional to me then, is now something that does seem exceptional. Like, wow, it’s a show about a naked murdered sexy girl, but she’s human, what a concept.

Also holy shit, everyone wore really unflattering jeans in the 90s…
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hey just a gentle reminder that in addition to all the other ways that the “everybody’s a little bit bi” mindset is harmful, it’s especially harmful to actual bi folk (and pan folk/other people who experience multiple gender attraction!) by trivializing our attraction

i know a lot of bi people who are still dealing with and unlearning this - especially bisexual girls and women who struggled to come to terms with their bisexuality just because they think “all women are a little bit attracted to other women, right?” including myself, and to this day i still worry about whether or not i’m actually bi and this mindset has been one of the biggest reasons i worry.

if you find yourself attracted to people of the same gender over and over, more likely than not you’re Not Straight. and obviously choosing to identify as something other than straight is a personal choice, but i think the “everybody’s a little bit bi” mindset has done nothing but harm - because in the end it doesn’t normalize bisexual people, it normalizes straight people being able to recognize that people of the same gender are attractive without being Too Gay™.
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I’m making this post because I just KNOW that posts of praise are going to start circulating among people who do not understand what Leo Varadkar is like. People who don’t know that he would rather rub sandpaper along his eyeballs than deal with the working class. Who don’t know that he has repeatedly stated that he is pro-life. Who don’t know that, despite being openly gay, he has done nothing for the LGBT community in Ireland.
This is a lurch to the right. This is not good. If you’re in the UK, the best comparison I can make is that Varadkar is a Tory. While there might be some good eggs in Fine Gael, Varadkar is decidedly right-wing conservative, self described “social conservative”, and with the progress Ireland has been making, this is bad news for any momentum we might have been building.
Your orientation doesn’t decide how much of a good person you are. A first openly non-hetrosexual leader would be a great thing to be able to celebrate, but this is not something to cheer about.
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At dayjob camerastore work we do canvas prints– photos printed on canvas in the wide-format inkjet, and then we stretch them over wooden bits and glue them down, there are precut adhesive strips and the like, it’s all very efficient and sort of… not my aesthetic.

rarely, but sometimes, we have those prints rejected. we hate that, because the ink is pricey, the canvas expensive, the wooden bits very expensive, and then there’s a bunch of labor getting them cut to size and stretched and sprayed with fixative and such. 

at one point a couple months ago, we had a stack of like, three rejected canvas prints. two were black and whites where nobody had calibrated the printer, so they came out fucking cyan, and then some dumbshit still went ahead and mounted them. come on. one was a picture of a black dog so poorly exposed that the animal was almost unrecognizable. 

Well, instead of throwing them out, I claimed them, and took them home, and just painted them over white. So now I have three or four primed stretched canvases.

I haven’t painted (well, except for sign-painting, I’ve done a shitload of that) in twenty years or so, not seriously since my art instructor told me, junior year of high school, that I wasn’t cut out for art and my work just wasn’t “good”, refusing to elaborate. But I have these canvases. And, see. I could paint them, if I wanted to. I don’t know what I’d do with them when I was done, but. I could paint them, if I wanted.

I have no point to this, it’s just an observation. I could paint on them. I guess I’d give them to people, so I should paint things people would like…

Hm. Well, I’ll think about it, anyway. 
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Look, as i said, i am not a well researched expert here, and people are allowed their opinions. But it doesnt seem fair to hold gadot over the fire for serving in the israeli army (in a non combat role especially) when, ya know, serving in the israeli military is MANDATORY for israelis. I understand critiquing the actions of the government and military as a whole, but it hardly seems right to condemn a conscripted fitness trainer for decisions she had nothing to do with.



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