Jun. 1st, 2017

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Not a big helpful thing, but there’s a little trick that works on a lot of DVD drives. Is there a little pinhole right next to or under the tray door? If there is, there’s an emergency release you can toggle by poking a pin or bit of wire straight into that hole and pushing. Sometimes that’ll open a stuck drive tray.

Alas, I did look for that. The computer in question is a weird vertically-oriented tower-CPU model running Windows 7, if that gives you any idea of vintage, and there’s no pinhole thing in it. It’s got no expansion slots. The keyboard is PS2, to further elaborate on how fucking ancient this thing is. It’s currently the oldest functioning computer in the store, with the exception of the computer hard-wired into the Noritsu QSS printer, which is a wet lab the size of a refrigerator with a laser imaging unit and developing and stop bath tanks in it. That computer runs Windows 2000, which notably is not compatible with the new Daylight Savings standards that George W Bush enacted, so for a few weeks a year it’s an hour off when it starts the program timer to heat up the chemicals to operating temperature.

By those standards, my computer’s brand new, but by any reasonable standards, I’m kind of chugging away on a dinosaur. Which, again, it doesn’t matter really, I only need three programs, and most of my time is spent waiting for a VPN so slow I could probably be doing the coding on an abacus.

The CD slot probably doesn’t matter; I doubt we still have the disk that’s actually for this computer.

Oh, one more fun fact about my computer at work: we had to reinstall Windows on it, and we used the original disks, but because that serial number had been used before– for that same computer, mind, but it still counts as used– Windows now believes my software is counterfeit and pops me up a little notice about it every twenty minutes or so, so at least fifteen times a day I’ll be working on something and suddenly the cursor will disappear and i’ll have to sit and wait so I can close the window once it’s popped up. 

Like, the main takeaway here is that this store doesn’t really deserve to still be in business, but it is, and I’m dumb enough to keep working here.
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au where kes and shara are great friends with cassian and the others and names cassian poe’s godfather and he has. no idea what to do with the baby


A, this is beautiful. B, this of course makes me think of the other two, and how Bodhi is fucking adorable with babies and small children and delights in babysiting. 

And also how Jyn technically knows how to look after small kids but she would rather take her own hand off than admit it because No. 
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I think that mostly proves that Duolingo’s algorithm is bullshit.

It’s just. Real limited, I think.

As a way to practice and get confidence in randomly-assorted vocabulary and some more advanced concepts, it’s a good fidget-assistant. I like having it on my phone as something to fiddle with when I’ve run out of Instagram to browse. But I’ve got a 63-day streak or something, and I’ve finished the tree, and now it’s just sort of getting repetitive. 

I can’t imagine trying to learn a language on it. I was thinking about doing the Gaelic course, I took a class in that language in uhhhh 1994 and it’d be fascinating to see if I remember anything, but I’m also thinking, if I actually wanted to improve my Spanish, I shouldn’t distract myself. 

I need to get back on my idea of watching telenovelas. I had a ton of replies and asks and things with great suggestions, and then I never answered them or compiled them or did anything with them. It’s still there in my head! But I was Offline and kind of moved on and forgot… 

Relatedly, I think I have to unfollow a bunch of people on here, and I just can’t bear to. Some people I don’t remember why I follow, I’ve been on here five years and drifted away from some interests but I can’t face giving up anybody– so anyway, if I unfollow you, understand that I was probably sad about it. But I’m gonna be three solid weeks on cellphone data in the yurt, so I can’t afford the overage charges from refreshing my dash more than once a day… 
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I was digging through my big shoulder bag to find a paycheck I hadn’t deposited yet, and I found an unlabeled envelope with $75 in cash in it, which is rad except how many times lately have I been goddamned stranded without money and freaking out and that was in there the whole time!!!
I guess I just need to chill and be delighted, but I kind of want to slap past me for being careless like that.
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Detectives had help from what Terrence calls a close-knit Russian-Ukrainian beekeeping community in Northern California. Tveretinov is Russian-Ukranian.


The bees on my sister’s farm are actually kept by a Russian beekeeping family. I wonder now if there’s actually like… a nationwide Russian beekeeping cartel? They’ve got hives all over and are constantly wheeling and dealing in all sorts of random stuff, we’re very fond of them but not knowing any Russian are sometimes at a loss for actually knowing what’s going on. 

Their honeybees are extremely aggressive though.



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