May. 31st, 2017

Apparently the latest Tumblr update has broken xkit so you can’t reply to replies anymore. I was kind of hoping it would work, but the only thing that comes up is the Block button, there’s no reply function anymore. So, back to screenshotting or copy-pasting like animals, I guess. This blue fucking hellsite is so incredibly devoted to making it impossible to converse, I really can’t believe it.

Sorry those are all in like, no order. Anyway. Thanks, y’all. <3 <3 <3

It does occur to me as I’m trying to wrap up this final epilogue chapter that I might have missed some loose ends, so I’d appreciate anyone who has managed to read the whole thing and is still speaking to me to point out any loose ends you’re still waiting to hear the end of. I mean– I’ve kind of abandoned Teeny and Karé to offscreen reconciliation, but Bolt’s getting addressed somewhat in the final chapter, and then it’s Kes and Leia wrapping things up, and I’m just– I’m convinced I’m missing something I meant to explain.

There’s post-quels, most likely– I have a few little snippets still in mind set on Yavin IV that I wrote ages ago and am going to update– but I feel like… 

Oh, BB-8′s arc– is mostly concluded, but I do have at least one more revelation from em, somewhere. 

But was there anything else????? 
One of the three programs I need to do my job now won’t work on my work computer so like
“Guess I’ll die dot gif”

Today’s really not going my way.

Tom Lehrer performing ‘We Will All Go Together When We Go’, 1967.
Phooey. Today has been a lackluster day, to put it mildly.

1) forgot my coffee on the counter on the way to work, ugh

2) unceasing anxiety over how ungraceful America’s fall from world superpowerdom is being, and how many people are going to get killed by it, Jesus fucking Christ. Bring back the fucking guillotine already. 

3) I’d been absently planning on taking up transcription/subtitling work online for extra cash since I’m not getting paid for the farm work like I’d hoped, but Rev turned me down and said only 12% of applicants are accepted so I should work on my grammar (!) and reapply in 45 days (!!) so– I’d really just absentmindedly assumed that was something you could just pick up, but apparently they’re extremely choosy? I would bet actual cash that my application was flawless, but they must just be full up at the moment. I don’t know. The other site’s call for captioners used to ask for English language and now doesn’t anymore, so I doubt they’ll want me either. Wahh, I was so foolish to think that money would just work itself out. I don’t need very much, I mostly just need gas and insurance and tolls and car payment, and I’m incredibly lucky, I know, but I’m going to be struggling to get that if I can’t come up with an income source. Maybe I’ll have to cut down how much time I spend on the farm after all. I’ll give it a shot for June, anyway. 
(They were going to pay me, for real, this year, for really real, but CSA signups are down and they took such a hit on the loss of the pigs and some chickens too, there was an Incident in the chick brooder, and they’re going to have to take out an operating loan, and i’m like, do not borrow money to pay me that is counterproductive, and I was really counting on picking up something freelance and remote and I clearly was counting on it too much.)

4) I just in a fit of pique went through the entire Duolingo Spanish program– I’ve already completed it, but you know how the strength bars deplete over time? My “fluency” never went above 38%, and now it was down to 30% even after I’d completed the entire program, so today I went back and filled in all the strength bars. All of them. At this point the entire program is filled in gold, I’ve completed the entire thing, there are no more exercises waiting for me to do– and I’m still at 30% fluency. So, I don’t know how they measure it, but I’d really been looking forward to having some kind of accomplishment, and I’d figured it would at least go up one measly percentage point if I finished the entire program, right? 


5) I made pulled pork in the crock pot and it’s such a beautiful day that all I want to do is go to the hot dog joint down by the Niagara River and people-watch and sit in the sun, and i can’t, because I already made dinner. When I’m at the farm, I cook dinner almost every night, but Dude goes out and eats takeout, and so when I’m here, he doesn’t want to go out or eat takeout, he just wants a home-cooked meal– so I’ve cooked every night this week, and will until I leave again, and dang it all I really want is cheap takeout but that’s all he ever eats so he can’t stomach the idea of it. I should really leave him with some premade meals or something but I am not his goddamn mother and he is an adult, if he’s tired of takeout he can make himself something. Also I know for a fact that if I pre-make him anything and put it in tupperware he’ll forget it exists and I’ll have to throw it away when I get back. Ask me how I know! Go ahead and ask me. 

6) One of only three programs I ever use on my ancient work computer stopped working today, apparently irretrievably– I’d reinstall it, but the DVD drive in that computer won’t function anymore. (I think it’s just stuck shut but I have no idea how to get it open; I already tried prying it, and that was months ago.) So I can’t, I just have to, I don’t know, somehow figure out a way around about half of my job. 

So, I’m grumpy. I’m just real grumpy. Maybe we can go out for ice cream tonight. Maybe I’m too grumpy to live. Grrrr. 
saffreelove replied to your post: Phooey. Today has been a lackluster day, to put it…

I really feel for you on all of this. But number two? A thousand gagillion billion times yes. I actually fucking looked up what would happen if Atlanta (that’s where I live) got hit and if we are close enough to go immediately.

yeah there’s an online calculator where you can put in the type of bomb and place it on a map and I think it even takes into account the terrain and it gives you blast radius information and like, fatality statistics and in short I’m also instant toast which i suppose is better than lingering on in poison but you know



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