May. 29th, 2017


i think it should be a sort of courtesy rule to send someone an ask if you reblog an ask game from them. 
Schaghticoke, NY: Author’s book details the contributions of Schaghticoke natives

The doughboy statue stands guard at School and Main streets with the names of 89 residents who served in World War I inscribed on a plaque at his feet.

But that roll of honor doesn’t list everyone with ties to Schaghticoke who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, according to Town Historian Chris Kelly.

She’s written a book, “Schaghticoke and The Great War,” that accounts for 149 men and one woman who went to war from 1917-18. Kelly plans to place the book online and to have it published for the collections of the A.E. Diver Memorial Library in Schaghticoke and the Rensselaer County Historical Society.

“This was a great opportunity to honor those who otherwise would be forgotten,” Kelly said.

The U.S. is marking the centennial of its entry — on April 6, 1917 — into the war. And the stories Kelly has rediscovered about its impact at home stretch into the Rensselaer County countryside and villages.

Those 150 veterans all have stories that Kelly has compiled.

My mom ran into this reporter in a coffee shop and got talking and he wanted to write a story about her book, which she’s going to self-publish. She’s already self-pubbed a similar version about the Civil War. 

Anyway, there’s my mom. Not show in that photo is my dad and Farmbaby, who were playing in the park.

Bright sunlight streaming through the upper layers of the Yavin primary refracted in many different colors, then struck the moon’s atmosphere, filtered through the rising mists to let loose a shower of rainbows that lasted only minutes with each dawn.

—Jedi Academy: Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson

Yavin 4 and thus everyone in the Rebellion is gay, no take backs



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