May. 28th, 2017

made it back home. cat was surprised to see me. dude went and got me takeout sushi.

i have achieved little writing this week and even less tumblring, but for some reason everything i worked on was smut, so. 

#1: i don’t know why this is happening but it apparently is, apropos of the sled dog guy mystery aside where cassian mentions his ex, so, I mean:

Jyn flopped back against the pillows, nothing coquettish or self-aware in her posture; she was just naked and comfortable. Cassian pulled a fold of blanket over his midsection, a great deal less used to being naked, and rolled a little onto his side to face her. He was still sort of waiting for some sort of shoe to drop, he realized. Things didn’t work this easily for him, was the thing. He always regretted these sorts of things fairly promptly, or left fast enough that there wasn’t time for it. But he was tired, and she hadn’t actually said anything horrible yet.

“Do you want the analysis?” she asked, glancing over at him. “How I figured you’d be good? Or are you contented to know that it wasn’t a shallow appraisal based on soap opera stereotypes?”

“I would dearly love to assume that it’s based on my attentive nature,” he said, “but I’m not sure I could stand to know.”

Jyn laughed. “Wise man,” she said. “Sherlock Holmes has us all believing Deduction Is Art when really it’s sort of boring. But I have to say, I haven’t been wrong once on this particular matter.”

#2: i’m still working on the Yavin 4some and finally broke through the blockage I had at about 8900 words and it’s almost 10k now so uh there’s that to look forward to someday:

“Okay,” Leia says suddenly, breaking off kissing Shara, visibly gathering herself, and her eyes are sparkling in the kind of way that means trouble. “Okay, I have a plan.” She also has her glass in one hand and her other hand full of Shara’s breast and clearly can’t bear to free either hand.

“A plan,” Shara said.

“I gotta go get the thing from our room first, though,” she says.

“That means you’d have to let go of my tit,” Shara says, amused.

“It’s so squishy,” Leia says, distracted.

“It is,” Shara says, and pulls her in and kisses her again until Leia almost drops her drink. Fortunately, it’s empty.

“I got some experience with Leia’s plans,” Kes says. “Not since she made general, mind. I bet she’s better at the supporting details now?”

Han shakes his head, since Leia’s busy with Shara, but he has overestimated how distracted she is— or, more accurately, underestimated how good she is at knowing when she’s being discussed.

“Excuse you,” Leia says, “my plans are flawless.”

“Of course they are,” Kes says, diplomatic. “But fill your support staff in, that we can better realize your vision, and let us sort out some of the mundane details ahead of time instead of on the fly, hey?”

“Oh wow,” Han said, “you really do know her.”

“Hey,” Leia says.
via Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted:

OK this is my hometown and it’s fascinating except the entire premise of the article hinges on referring to Troy as a “Rust Belt” town which is… not… in any way… remotely… anything like… true???? Troy’s heyday as a manufacturing centre was in the era of detachable shirt collars and cast iron stoves, I’m not making that up, so, like… ??? ??? ??? Not The Same as the part of the country that, say, Bethlehem Steel fucked up in the late 70s and early 80s. Like… not even close.

It’s hard to give the article the consideration it deserves in the face of that frequently-repeated bit of wtfery. And they don’t seem to address the fact that the city was a pit of hollowed-out nothingness in 1997 when I left, and has been gentrifying along with becoming more diverse. It wasn’t a place anyone wanted to be, but now it’s nice there, and we’re as surprised as anybody.

[I won’t contest that the Troy cops are racist as fuck but they’re also just completely fucking incompetent; I called them when I had my wallet stolen, and they were all about 22 with identical blond buzzcuts, and when I looked up the guy who took my report, it was his first day back after drunkenly crashing his car into a neighboring police force’s van-with-its-lights-on-at-the-time, so… And then they fucked up my paperwork and screwed it all up enough so I had a Bad Time at the DMV. Bunch of chucklefucks.]

Anyway. A fascinating article, if heavily marred by a total disregard for geography.

Also: Suburban? Troy’s a city of 50,000 and a county seat, it’s not the suburbs? What does that headline mean? I’ve no doubt there’s shit going down in the suburbs too but ?????

(The Rust Belt, if you were not aware, if you had not Googled it, if you wish to know more than the author of this piece, refers to the Great Lakes area stretching out into the Upper Midwest. Troy is about 150ish-200 miles from the closest of the Great Lakes, and is culturally pretty New Englandy– and they’ve got their own declined-manufacturing aesthetic, to be sure, but it’s of a different category and trajectory than that of the Rust Belt.)

he didn’t capture me. i came here myself. i defected. i defected.
oh no! i told myself now that i’m back in my own house i can catch up on naps and laziness and be a piece of shit but my nap was all spoiled by I Should Be Doing Something anxiety feelings and even an anxiety dream about something complicated involving transporting things from one place to another. 

Phooey, I’m going to have to be productive instead. 

@bomberqueen17 replied to your post: my perfect-pool knitsburgh socks? monkey. my…

i understood none of the nouns or adjectives in this post except for “socks” and I’m not sure I understood that, but I am enchanted.

i could give context but i almost like it better this way

There’s a surprising amount of the world that I experience like this– not really understanding any of the words, just vaguely comprehending the tone– and it’s more rewarding than 15-year-old me would have thought. 
A Good is that I have done much laundry today, and the rain held off so I have been able to hang things on the line. This pleases me. I also weeded the driveway, which wasn’t on my mental list but is also satisfying. We just paid eight thousand dollars for that goddamn driveway, at least I can try to keep it nice for like, a year. Who knows. I bet dude won’t ever notice that there were weeds coming up next to the house, let alone that I removed them. I should pour vinegar down the crack, maybe some salt, keep them from coming right back. The grass hasn’t even totally come back yet, but those weeds, man. Nuclear apocalypse wouldn’t stop them.

Another Good is that I’ve managed to do quite a bit of writing. 

A Bad, though, is that everything I’m writing is bogged down and moving in only incremental pieces. Two things that hadn’t moved since probably March are unstuck and slouching towards progress, but I’ll never have enough done to update anything, I firmly feel. I just want to bag everything and start a new WIP but I don’t have the kind of time to immerse myself in something like that, satisfying as it seems.

I sort of feel like I should try to wind up loose ends and reserve the next starting slot for something non-fanfic. It’s a really long time since I’ve seriously tried. I don’t know what I’d work on, though; I have so many WIPs in that category, too, and I want quite badly to resume one or the other, but maybe they’re all just mung and detritus by now and I should plow them all under and start over. That’d be A Lot, though. 

Still. I want very badly to be able to mark some fics as Completed, so I’d like to focus on that, and I’m trying to, but it’s hard and it’s a long incremental slog and I’m leaving again this weekend, so. Bleah.
#latergram of the mammoth toy I bought at the state museum: farmbaby combined him with the tunnel from her train set to make a Mammoth Crab who brings his house everywhere he goes.



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