May. 27th, 2017

(Context, for those just tuning in.)

Basically I feel this more strongly than ever, because the entire underlying premise of that quote makes zero sense if there was any slight, remote plan for Leia Organa to die in The Last Jedi. I’m calling it now, Leia is not going to die in TLJ! 

Like, she’s just not! They’ve already confirmed that there’s been no major structural story changes for TLJ in the wake of Carrie’s passing. Unless she’s just straight up lying, for KK to say this, it necessitates the expectation that everyone involved in the creation of the sequel trilogy expected Leia to be in IX. 

So given they’ve also explicitly ruled out CGI facing Carrie’s Leia into the next film, if we rule out Lying Liars Who Lie, we are left with two options:

Writing Leia Organa all (or at least, mostly) out of Episode IX, either by way of the character’s death early on in the film or else by unexplained absences. Either way, the emotional beats and arcs built around Leia either get left as plot holes or end in tragedy.

They recast Leia Organa and proceed with the story as (or mostly as) intended. 

I genuinely cannot fathom how the fuck option one would honor Carrie Fisher’s memory. Honor Carrie’s memory by giving her character the storyline and narrative focus and emotional resolution that Carrie would have wanted to play out herself! It won’t be the same, no, but… unfortunately it just can’t be. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see the (hopefully) happy ending Leia Organa deserves, even if outside the fourth wall, we’re still grieving a little, or a lot.

As for who, idk. Meryl Streep would be fine for me, given they were close personal friends, but I’m also in favor of a lesser-known older actress getting the opportunity to play such an iconic role. 

Rather than swim, Epaulette sharks often “walk” by using their pectoral fins as a pair of rudimentary legs. 

I’m scrolling backwards and kind of fast through my dash and saw this and thought it said “Etiquette sharks” and had to scroll back down, all entranced at the idea contained in that descriptive little phrase.

I mean, walking sharks are cool and all but I am disappointed that there’s apparently no such thing as an Etiquette Shark.



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