May. 9th, 2017

Nephew feeling poorly is fortifying himself with some dog therapy.

ROGUE ONE NOVEL EDITS → Bodhi reached for the comm controls again and bit his lip. Baze and Chirrut were out there, probably shooting and getting shot at along with all the rebel soldiers. Cassian and Jyn and K-2 were inside the Citadel by now. If everything went well, even if everything went perfectly, not everyone would make it back alive. 

They weren’t his friends. They hadn’t gone drinking with Bodhi after his crush on Bamayar had rejected him, or helped him reassemble his astromech after he’d stupidly taken the droid apart on a dare. But they had saved him from Saw Gerrera, believed him when Saw and his people hadn’t. They’d never once put him in cuffs. They’d needed him on Eadu and never once pretended they hadn’t. 

They wanted to stop the Death Star. 

They didn’t deserve to be hurt.
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Eek! May all your immune system be strong!

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “oh noooooooo the niece who has been so snuggly since we got here just…”

Ohhhh yikes. Sending healthy vibes!

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some possible hope: there are some types of stomach flu virus that only children get, basically, because it’s possible to build up immunity to them. so most people get them once or twice as children & then are immune. so you have a chance, I guess, that it’s one of those types.

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I hope you didn’t catch it!

<3 y’all

We are all in considerable hope that it was just something she ate at school disagreeing with her; she was given a snack of animal crackers and pudding she described as “hot” (she’s not quite five, so her command of descriptive language is at times not… easily comprehensible) . She had recovered enough by dinner to be desperately hungry, and we’d made her favorite thing, too, so it did feel like torture to deny her food. (I’d made banana bread, and then we made banana pancakes with strawberries on top, and bacon, for dinner– and Dude did all the cooking, and it was Very Special, and she was Extremely Sad and only the judicious application of My Little Pony helped her get through this trial.

She’s taking today off but only because she really really asked to– she’s clearly fine, ate breakfast and has been bopping around. Her oldest brother is certain that he has it and his stomach hurts so much and he is dying, but he has no more sick days to take from school, so. Hopefully he isn’t actually sick.

Life with kids is just. Well. Observing my sister at work– she’s single-momming the three of them at the moment– is bringing back a lot of childhood memories. 

(Oh, and in the midst of it yesterday she got a text from her boss asking about her take on a work Situation, and she was like, uhhh, and called one of her subordinates, who was like, oh yeah I sent you an email, oh boy, and she’s like… the joys of the National Guard, being part-time but also In Charge, I don’t check my email much when I’m in the midst of Momming…) 

(By the way on the months-ago debate of Sir vs. Ma’am, when she called her subordinate the woman said “Hi Ma’am” so loud and crisp I heard it on the other end of the phone, LOL. So, in real life, the women who are actual officers in actual command of the actual armed forces get called Ma’am; Sir is a sci-fi and fantasy thing and I stand by it being slightly offensive in real life. Much of the US Army is female, in real life.) 

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Someone claims to be too sick for pre-k so she is, as you see here, being Helpful as we pack the Pod. :) (at Georgia)
We have put so much stuff into this pod, guys. So much.

It’s 93 out. Sis put the air on last night, and this morning when it was 60 was like, you know, this seems silly, but I know what’s in the forecast, and sure enough, at noon we were like… whew it is hot out here. Good thing the air’s on.

We have put so much stuff in this pod, y’all. Lots of high-level heavy-stuff Tetris. My sister has this exquisite collection of furniture, collected painstakingly over the two decades of her adult life (she’s 18 months older than me so this year she’ll turn 40) (shit I just realized that, we have to have a party don’t we) and every fucking piece is really fucking heavy. 

She’s moved a billion times, but she joined the Army when she was a freshman in college, so they’ve done most of the moving every time. I think this is her first big move not at the Army’s behest (and therefore on their dime). It was interesting, though– some things, she’s like, “I got that overseas, I got that overseas, I’m saving that because it’s from Iraq,” there was a leather plaque with Saddam Hussein’s face on it that she’d gotten over there, “oh those are all the letters Mom wrote on the typewriter or printed off the computer to mail me when I was first deployed” because email wasn’t reliable yet in 1999 when she first went overseas).

Yesterday she said “I’m trying not to work you so hard I make you cry again” and Dude was like when have you made B cry and I was like “Spain 1998, we don’t speak of it” and he was like “you do so speak of it, you’ve complained about it before, I just didn’t think you’d throwback so far in your references”

Dude has been a champ, btw, which I knew, he’s quite good at moving, we just haven’t done it together in like, Christ, 12 years.

One huge heavy Rubbermaid tote was unlabeled, and she said to me with the Sharpie, “oh, that’s Army plaques”, and I said “plaques?” and she was like “well whenever you leave a place they give you a commemorative plaque” and I was like “that must play hell with your home decor” and she said “no that’s what your office is for”. 

We cannot find the New York State flag our father brought to Vietnam and back and gave to her and that she brought to Iraq and back (twice) and she is very distraught about this, but we’re sure it must be somewhere.

We’ve Tetrised the fuck out of this Pod though. I’m not sure I can convey how much. I might do one of those multi-photo Instagram posts later, rather than post an uninformative photo now. We’ll see. 

I don’t know how people are expected to move house if they don’t have families willing to come help them do it. All y’all who do this alone and don’t have a million extremely practical sisters, I salute you. 



oh i get it. it’s called carnivore because you

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it’s okay, take your time



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