May. 7th, 2017

I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack. However I did demolish a steak.

Tell me though, people who wear Statement Lipsticks, how the fuck is it supposed to work? Because I was fine thru appetizers but by the time my entree came out I was like, I bet I only have a line of this super-not-the-color-my-actual-lips-are around the outside of my mouth now, but I wasn’t going to stop to reapply in the middle of demolishing a steak. So I finished eating, and then was like, do I wander off from this scintillating conversation to go reapply my stupid lipstick, or do I whip it out at the table like a savage? I literally never see other lipstick-wearing people do this.

I reapplied at the table, because I was enjoying the conversation and didn’t know where the bathroom was. But I felt weird. I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to work. My date didn’t care, because he’s my dude since 2002 or whatever, but– I felt like the rest of the room was going to Judge me.

Are you supposed to go reapply in private and this is why girls go to the bathroom so much?

Help me, I’m 37 years old and never learned this. (Also that’s not my turquoise hair, it’s fake hair I clipped in and I’m sure I did it wrong but also nobody cared. It turns out you usually don’t get graded in real life.)
via replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

1) jfc what a hottie, 2) liquid lipstick is basically bulletproof, gotten through cons and weddings and so on without having to reapply once

aww thanks. nobody needs to see the outtakes, lol.

but i have I have TRIED liquid lipstick but I don’t know what KIND! I think I got the wrong kind! It beaded up and like, rolled off. Other glossier ones wind up schmooeyed across my entire lower half of face especially in that divot under my nose, I don’t know how to make that not happen. I don’t know maybe I fidget my face too much! also i never have the guts to buy the stuff that probably works because i look at it and i’m like well that’s like $25 and probably I’ll get it and it’ll be the wrong color. This lipstick’s supposed to be blue but of course on my pink face it’s purple, which is fine, but I want blue, and i don’t know how people get blue unless they have white lips or something. I don’t know how this works.

(Also all I really really want in life, besides Eerily Unnatural Blue Lips, is perfect scarlet victory-red lipstick and every red lipstick I have ever bought has been either bright pink or bright orange on me, so I feel like this is maybe Futile. Maybe I’ll just grow up and start wearing pink lipstick.)

albymangroves replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

you look fucking hot shut up

<3 aw thanks!

unicornduke replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

you look super cute that’s all I know.

Why thank’ee kindly. Let us not discuss the many outtakes where I did not look so good in the pictures, because that is a universal truth of selfie-taking. Google Photos helpfully assembled them into an automatic collage, as it does, and I was like, how do I stop you from doing this to me. Google is too helpful and I am a little leery of what it will be like when it becomes our Robot Overlords. (It also asked me for a review of the restaurant down the block from the one we actually went to, which I reviewed last week when we were there. Uh okay?)
Have woken up like 2 hrs early for the plane, bah, but on the upside that means i’ve now done the rest of the dishes so we can leave the kitchen actually clean and dry and hopefully with nothing for ants to find while we’re gone, so. victory, except I’ve cleaned and put away the coffeemaker and so now there’s no way to get coffee before we go. I figured we’d get it on the other side of security anyway… 

krytella replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

For making weird colors work: lip liner! NYX makes a huge color range of lip liners for around $4 each. Pick a lip liner that’s close in color to your lipstick. Draw a line around the edges of your lips, and then fill in your entire lips with the lip liner pencil. It’s actually way easier than the lipstick part, it’s like using colored pencils. Then do the lipstick on top of that. This will make the color cover better and also help it stay, since the liner is drier.

Lip liner is the ONE thing I DO do. And in this case, it’s actually waterproof eyeliner pencil, because I have a lot of blue eyeshadow, because I compulsively buy it when faced with a large array of choices, the same way I always buy the reddest lipstick, and so I get home and realize that I have fifteen of nearly the same thing… Anyway. Usually I have real actual lip liner. I get lipliner, I’m pretty good at it, but no matter how good I am at it, I still get the dip in my upper lip filled in basically instantly.

krytella replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

First, for long-lasting “normal” colors, try liquid lipsticks that dry on like Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline SuperStay. These go on liquid and then you let them dry fully before putting on the shiny topcoat side. They should be around $8-12 at a regular drugstore.

I think Revlon ColorStay was the one I had that balled up and came off in weird chunks, but, in its defense, I suppose, I was rollerskating strenuously at the time. Maybe I just asked too much of it.

eveiya replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

Looking fab! As a sometime wearer of black, blue &amp; v dark purple lipstick in my full on goth days, I never could get it to survive smoking or eating, though I tried all the tips like putting foundation on your lips first etc. I’ve no qualms about frequent reapplication anywhere and everywhere, though, LOL. Anyway, today I’m especially envious of your nice dark blonde hair - sadly I’ve just managed to dye mine bright orange while aiming for something like your colour!

I had a suspicion that it wasn’t true that other people weren’t reapplying lipstick, it’s just that I don’t notice it and it’s basically invisible to me. Clearly I must have seen people put it on before, or I wouldn’t know how to do it; I just could never tell if they were doing it anywhere public, they just always looked really good. This is a con, I think, of being sort of gay, because mostly I see pretty girls and get distracted by how pretty they are and forget that I’m supposed to be taking notes so I also can be pretty. 

Oh man, any attempts i’ve made to dye my hair have been bad. That’s just my hair color. You can’t see the ends, where I ombre-dyed it blue like three years ago and it’s still greenish and floofy. I was born tow-headed and have darkened a bit, but every other adult in my family for generations had their hair darken through their teens into their twenties until they’re medium- to very-dark brunette (my father was a white-blond kid, and was even still sandy-haired when he was in Vietnam, but by the time he was about 28 his hair was almost black, where it’s been ever since), and so in my mid-20s I decided I’d better start studying how to dye hair, but I never did and it never changed, and now I’m scared to experiment with anything beyond the last six inches or so because What If I Fuck It Up And It Doesn’t Go Back Like That. I did just cut off another inch of the leftover green last night in the bathroom sink though… 

meanderings0ul replied to your photoset “I feel like i was Cute for Date Night but now I still have to go pack….”

I like revlon’s 16 hours liquid/gloss combo for most-of-day wear. It’ll even make it through the pool. Kinda sticky, but i think vaseline takes it right off. The 16 hour kinds are often better than the 24 hours kind as far as look and comfort. I usually wear the typical stick kind, revlon or nyx mostly, and I reapply whenever the fuck I feel like it because fuck em ;) People are always smearing chapstick on, so I don’t worry about it.

16 hours. I’ll look for that.

I always see the ones– Lime Crimes and the knockoffs– that look like… they look so delicious, like, really thick, really bright, some are matte and some are glossy and I just think they look like they’d be amazing, but they’re like, $25.

Anyway, harpers_child over on Dreamwidth suggested lip primers, so I might also try one of those. Mind, I wear lipstick like, once in three months, but still. I’d wear it more if I was more confident I was doing it right!
Coincidentally we’re flying the airline whose big controversy causing stock prices to drop was that they opted to give their staff raises instead of giving more $$ to their shareholders… I’ll take that over the other stuff going around and hope for the best. I randomly got assigned TSA precheck so I’m worried that used up all my good luck this trip but I’ll take it as an auspicious start– not having to dig out my toiletries bag was really darn nice. #americanairlines #sofarsogood

hi there, if anybody else is feeling bummed out lately by marvel’s ongoing ooc darkfic wherein captain america is a fascist, i know it does nothing to address the real and alarming undercurrent of actual fascism gaining power in america and in much of the rest of the world but if you need a few minutes of mental respite, the good thing about captain america is that despite what marvel licensing laws might imply, nobody can own an idea. all possible versions of a fictional character are equally untrue, equally unreal, which means they are also all equally real. technically you can store anything in your head; nobody will show up in your brainmeat and slap the ideas out.

so if you’re interested here’s my cordial invitation to take 30 seconds today to imagine steve rogers as a bisexual socialist who grew up chronically ill in a poor neighborhood and whose favorite fucking song in the world is this one:

between 1940 and 1943, woody guthrie was in a band called the almanac singers, who were an explicitly anti-racist, anti-fascist, pro-union group of folk musicians who played high-energy concerts in new york city. so it would be historically accurate for steve to be a fan!

pete seeger was in the band too! here’s a vintage little toe tapper about wanting to murder hitler while still being critical of racism and anti-semitism at home

“This is the reason that I want to fight, / Not ‘cause everything’s perfect, or everything’s right. / No, it’s just the opposite: I’m fightin’ because / I want a better America, and better laws, / And better homes, and jobs, and schools, / And no more Jim Crow, and no more rules like / “You can’t ride on this train ‘cause you’re a Negro,” / “You can’t live here ‘cause you’re a Jew,”/ “You can’t work here ‘cause you’re a union man.”

anyway, that is one steve, of all the infinite possible steves, and if you want to keep that steve in your brainmeat today, feel free.



im going to have a stroke

Instead try…Person A: You know… the thingPerson B: The “thing”?Person A: Yeah, the thing with the little-! *mutters under their breath* Como es que se llama esa mierda… THE FISHING ROD

Also consider:

Person A: yeah, she’s eaten bread from a lot of ovens
Person B: what
Person A: do you not say that in english

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Made it to Georgia! (at Georgia)



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