Jan. 28th, 2017

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So I don’t know what kind of source that really is, but the screenshot makes the speaker seem to be Robert Reich, former US Sec of Labor, and I’ve linked to the Twitter thread but there weren’t any further sources there. 

Anyway. Who knows, it’s hearsay, but at least someone else has the same idea I do.


greenglittercat replied to your post “I wrote about this on Facebook and have seen a lot of references to it…”

On the puppet scenario: We had his in Germany in 1933. If I remember it right Hitler was first seen as weak enough for the parliament to guide him to their will and then use him as a scapegoat. We know how history turned out.  Even though I fully back your argument and think this is highly plausible, there is still that other way it can go. Don’t underestimate Trump. (But still prepare for the coming elections)

Dead on. They’ve made this devil’s bargain assuming they can control their puppet, but that sort of thing is so unpredictable. Trump does whatever Bannon wants, so far, and is apparently amenable to all kinds of flattery, but what if he gets a new advisor nobody can touch? 

We think we have bulletproof impeachment material, sure, but we also thought we had enough dirt on him to keep him from getting elected. There are any number of factions battling to control him, and he’s such a wildcard; what if an even more destructive faction gets their claws into him, and the impeachment proceedings can’t go fast enough? It’s a dangerous fucking game, and nobody’s guaranteed to win it at all. We might just all lose. 

And in the meantime, irreparable harm is being done to irreplaceable people, places, things, and ideas. 

I’m just saying: Pay attention to the men behind the curtains, and hold them accountable. Even if the worst doesn’t happen, they were willing to accept that risk, and it’s unconscionable. No Republican who does not break from the party line can be spared. Their deeds must be tied to them.

But, Dems too– I’m 100% behind Schumer, for now, and doing my best to support him, but I’m also taking fucking notes, Chuck. He’s our front line of defense and I’ll cut him a little slack because surely he has a clearer eye on the proceedings than I do, but also, I am not a goddamn chess piece, none of us are, and if you bargain away too much we won’t forget who you considered disposable. 
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What times we live in. Redacted In The Butt By Redacted, just announced on Twitter by Chuck Tingle.
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Hello, anon!

While, obviously, I have been screaming my feelings, I can try for something a little more disciplined.

I loved Rogue One, without question. I think it was a great movie, though a flawed one, structurally. I’ve been squeeing, so I’ll get to the boring criticisms:

Keep reading
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Go to bed friend!

<3  I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, got stuck compulsively refreshing again, but made it eventually. And then my damn cat decided at 3:30 am that I needed to wake up and pet her. Which would have been fine, i’m not against cat snuggles, except then I spent the rest of the night lying awake wondering what our Reichstag fire is going to be. Now that all the civilian agencies are gagged, the ambassadorships empty, and the State Department emptied, there’s no one to handle any kind of crisis, so even something fairly minor is going to spiral out of control and give them a golden opportunity to declare a state of emergency that absolutely requires us to instate Extraordinary Measures etc

so, you know. The usual.
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YO someone whos awake right now gimmie a draw…

oh man i don’t know what a good draw suggestion would be. bb-8? is the only thing i can draw because ey’s all circles, that’s my fallback.

nope, very few circles here! lots of finger nibbles tho. finn finally found the treats bb likes best.

(followers pls read b’s found cat au)

BB! This is the best! 

How did I not know you were so good at drawing?? Oh my gosh!! Look at Finn! Look at his fingers! Look at BB’s tail! What a delight!
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Movie Clip (x)

Maybe I’m projecting because when I watched the movie it didn’t read like this, but in my current state, the second gif looks to me like nothing so much as Cassian deciding, “Well, if she’s going to murder me with it, then fucking let her. Bring it on.” 

Same, bro. Go ahead and shoot me, lady. Just don’t miss. 
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@bomberqueen17 replied to your post:

YO someone whos awake right now gimmie a draw…

oh man i don’t know what a good draw suggestion would be. bb-8? is the only thing i can draw because ey’s all circles, that’s my fallback.

nope, very few circles here! lots of finger nibbles tho. finn finally found the treats bb likes best.

(followers pls read b’s found cat au)

BB! This is the best! 

How did I not know you were so good at drawing?? Oh my gosh!! Look at Finn! Look at his fingers! Look at BB’s tail! What a delight!

I’m tying Found Cat together with the Bodhi/Cassian non-fluffy thing I was working on, and I have no idea how to organize it or in what order to publish it. So it’ll probably be a while before I get that sorted out; I’m probably going to have to write the whole thing before I can work out in what order I publish it. But this makes me want to post a snippet, so I’m going to. :) 

Finn pretended to himself that it didn’t reassure him enormously that Rey researched the hell out of both Jess and Iolo in the three days before she got into Jess’s car. She came over with her notebook three hours before they were set to depart, and Finn listened to her debrief politely as she ran down Jessika Pava’s educational and residential history, and Iolo’s surprisingly uncontroversial personal resume.

Meanwhile he tried on and discarded every shirt he owned. Which didn’t take long, as he didn’t own many.

“Just go without a shirt,” Rey interrupted herself to say. “It’ll look great.”

“It’s cold out,” Finn pointed out. The weather had grown unwelcomely cold. They’d known about cold, but the snow here was something else. At least Poe had instantly found Finn some good snow boots, and within a day had turned up with a pair for Rey too.

Rey sighed. She herself was bundled in layers of clothing, which gave her the aspect of an average instead of very thin person. She had jeans on, with leggings underneath, and Finn knew there were at least three shirts underneath the lined black hoodie she was wearing.

Finn was just wearing jeans. He finally settled on a plain blue t-shirt with a flannel shirt over the top. He just didn’t want to stand out. “So neither of the two of these people has a criminal record,” he said, hoping that since Rey had stopped, she might be persuaded not to resume.

“No criminal record,” Rey said, “but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any connection to the Order. If they did, it would be covert. That’s why I’m reading this to you, to see if there’s anything you recognize that might be a covert reference!”

“Oh,” Finn said. “Rey, I wouldn’t recognize it if it were, you know I never had access to any of the higher-level stuff. I don’t know the conceptual stuff or even the code names for anything.”

“You’d know more than I would,” Rey said, sitting up.

Finn shook his head. “I really don’t think so,” he said. “Listen, all we can do is just go, and keep our eyes open. But you know Poe knows things, he wouldn’t vouch for them if he didn’t trust them.”

“Has he vouched for them?” Rey asked darkly. “Or do you just assume he has because he lets them in his house? He’s not that choosy about who he lets in.” She’d taken two weeks to get over the thought of Poe just up and giving Finn a key to his apartment, just like that, and had only really come around to it after Finn had explained some of how sex worked to her. (That wasn’t why Finn had explained it to her, but she’d decided on her own that it seemed like a suitable incentive.)

Finn and Poe had been dating for two months now and had pretty much had all of the sex, including a few of the things Finn had been convinced were just on the list to make the list longer. It turned out that there was some merit to some of those things. Some of them were a lot less interesting than the basic stuff, but there were a few things Poe clearly liked a whole lot more than Finn did, and a thing or two that worked the opposite way, that Finn really enjoyed but that Poe mostly seemed to like because of how Finn liked them.

Rey was still faintly disbelieving about all of it, but Finn could tell she was coming around on the whole concept.

“I think Poe would have been more alarmed about me going anywhere with them if he weren’t in effect vouching for them,” Finn said. “Even if they are operatives for the Order, or one of them is, I doubt they’ll make their move with both of us together.”

“Still,” Rey said.

Finn was pretty sure Poe didn’t know that Rey checked the building for bugs every time Finn told her the study group had been over. He occasionally let her into Poe’s apartment so she could check the interior too. Poe probably knew about that, but he didn’t say anything. It didn’t seem to bother Poe, so Finn didn’t make a big deal about it either way.
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the other day at work i made the mistake of talking about some of my zillion star wars theories with the two coworkers who have

seen star wars

it was more than they could handle

i feel bad

I have a coworker who’s an old-school, 80s-kid, Star Wars nerd, who was pretty hardcore into the OT as a kid. 

We both know it’s a game, but occasionally he’ll say really nerdy things about Star Wars and I’ll let him wind me up and then I’ll go off in incredible detail in response.

The same thing works with Lord of the Rings; he’s a movie fan, who read some of the wiki pages. I’m a has-memorized-the-books-since-childhood fan. 

It’s only funny because we’re both in on it. Sometimes if someone else is present it’s fun to watch them get super weirded out. Because coworker knows some stuff, but I know all the stuff. 
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I thought the end times were going to be more fun for us sinners, like free booze and orgies everywhere, not just huddled over our phones wondering how I can file a Freedom of Information Act for precipitation data.

Self care is important! Schedule mini drunken orgy breaks in between marches and research. Commit small sins while on hold with your representative. Little iniquities can make a big difference!

i’m sinning right now

I’m saving some of my sins for the weekend

♪ Everybodys sinning for the weekend ♪

Sinned first thing this morning!
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Bullets Kill, which is Bad :( BUT NOW! they also create Life, a Flower,

this might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen

How the fuck do u honestly look at a bullet meant for imperialist violence and think “the problem with this is it’s not eco friendly enough”

Peak neoliberal dystopia

ok these are for target practice though. Like, I get the discourse here, I really do, but the point is, the Army’s realizing how gross and polluted their firing ranges are and are like, ok, we gotta do something about that.
It’s… not like it’s making the Army any more peaceful, they’re just trying to address a problem because it’s polluting the groundwater of the bases where they live. It’s not much but it’s something.
They’re not going to start shooting people with bullets that have seeds in them. That would be weird.
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From this thread on Twitter. This made me bawl like a child. What a story. 
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They came in by the dozens, walking or crawlingSome were bright-eyed, some were dead on their feetAnd they came from Zimbabwe or from Soviet GeorgiaEast St. Louis or from Paris or they lived across the streetBut they came, and when they finally made it hereIt was the least we could do to make our welcome clearCome on in, we haven’t slept for weeksDrink some of this, it’ll put color in your cheeks



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