Jan. 25th, 2017

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Tiny (4x4") proof of concept– painted not embroidered in interests of ever finishing– of the emoji “a woman’s place is in the Resistance” slogan. Not super legible but neither are actual emoji. Used a brush with like three hairs in it and it still wasn’t fine enough at this scale. Anyway I thought it was cute.
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Shaving?? Have you never tried waxing? It’s the best; it hurts so good and doesn’t itch.

I have waxed approximately two square inches of my body and it was literally the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. There was blood, and it didn’t even properly remove the hair, and I may have cried. And then, when it was healed, after days of contact dermatitis and a lot more tears, I had to go back and use tweezers to actually remove the hair, which took forever and hurt like a bitch, but since all the little hairs had gotten yanked out, the remaining untouched big hairs were even more prominent and bothered me even more than they had been in the first place, so I had to remove them individually and let me tell you that sucked.

So: sorry, waxing enthusiasts, but Never Again. I’m not afraid of pain, and sometimes kind of like it a little, but I also don’t have time for that kind of unmitigated bullshit in my life. I’m not adding anything to my beauty routine. I’m already wet and soapy, adding a razor is not really another step. I’m not going to set up a thing and try to do it, especially not if it’s unmitigated bullshit with a history of personal injury.

(And let’s be real here, with my executive function I’d do it once, and even if it went flawlessly, I’d never do it again. Like dyeing my hair, which takes very little effort and I enjoy: I just stopped, because it would have taken me five minutes, and my brain has decided I must spend those five minutes staring vacantly into space and fiercely wishing I was dyeing my hair instead. So I don’t dye my hair anymore and it’s mostly faded out and that source of joy is gone from my life, but I let go of wishing to do it because wishing only hurts now.)

(cut for the expected, from that opening gambit, TMI, and also my not strictly necessary thoughts on why shaving one’s bikini area is not condoning pedophilia)

You know what, I thought I’d have trouble with itching and such, but it doesn’t at all. The first couple times it did, and the skin got angry a couple times, but I was so fired-up I didn’t care. But now with a fairly regular routine, I actually have less irritation and problems and ingrown hairs than ever before. I used to always have trouble with the hair at the tops of my thighs– you know how you kind of had to pick a point to stop? and it often wound up right in that crease of skin there, and the hair remaining would irritate the crap out of the shaved skin. 

So, actually, I solved a lot of my skin issues by being irritated with Bush, as it turns out. I have basically a problem-free, comfortable bikini area life, LOL, which I never did before. I have actually gone a few times without shaving in the last couple of years especially– I don’t bring a razor along during my visits to the farm, and actually do some of my bathing outdoors at that point, so I’ve been pretty fuzzy at various points, and about two weeks in is when I start to have troubles and things get itchy and distracting and such again. So… there’s that, in my decision: if I decide to grow things out, I’m going to have to Deal, and hope that it settles down again.

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But srsly, Drumpf seems like a pedophilic shaved-pussy kinda guy. So gross. Isn’t that reason enough for anyone to grow it out? He’s. So. Gross.

Here’s the thing, I actually have a bunch of feelings on this, and #1 is: when I was a child, indeed I did not have pubic hair, but I also did not have a lot of the other topographical features of that area that developed along with puberty? So it is blindingly obvious, and even more so sans pubes, that these genitals are *not* those of a child. So while I recognize that a lot of the fad for shaved pubes comes from thoughtless squeamishness by dudes who don’t like to think about women being mammals, I do also appreciate on an aesthetic level that if you’re not actually thoughtlessly squeamish, the lack of concealing pubes makes it easier to aesthetically appreciate the entire kinda vulva assemblage in all its complexity and very-not-childlike appearance. Which is to get sort of in more depth than the conversation strictly required, but– I do feel strongly that the argument that shaving pubes is encouraging pedophilia is a pretty reductive one.

(I know, it’s different for different people, but in my case, man– you can kind of be an innie or an outtie, downstairs, as a cis ladyperson, and if you’re an innie maybe things don’t look that much different than when you were a kid, but man, I really am not. And like, given porn standards– I don’t have to worry: whether I shave or not, my body itself is intrinsically disgusting to the sort of person who has that kind of porn-aesthetic standards.)

It’s one of those things– if someone expected it of me, I would be absolutely appalled. But the dude did it first, and now that I’ve done it, it’s actually kind of lower-maintenance for me. 

So I mean. In order to be properly defiant to the fascists, sure, I should grow out all my body hair and never shave anything again. I do appreciate that aesthetic.

But since after all this practice, shaving is basically no more hassle than washing (I’m way more faithful with the bikini area than with my legs, it’s kind of ridiculous)– and also, I’m blonde, I once grew out my leg hair as A Statement and literally nobody noticed, there’s basically nothing to see– I’m sort of conflicted on the concept. Sure, aesthetically, the choice is clear, but in terms of actually being comfortable…

I’m mostly just going to miss my little weekly-ish meditation on how pleased I was not to have a government that seemed bent on world destruction, is what it boils down to. The fate of my actual body hair doesn’t really matter much. But I like having meaning to my superstitions and like having superstitions to tie my everyday actions to, and so I’m at loose ends here.
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I made a thread today to give some tips for all the protesters around the country going out and resisting, and I figured it would be helpful to share it here too. Be smart, safe, and radical. 
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I feel like all the employees at the EPA and other Federal departments are in the middle of a real life version of the final scene in Rogue One trying to save all of their research and data before the Dark Lord destroys everyone and everything.
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I found my stash of premixed glitter glues and mod podged my journal cover. yay glitter!
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“Like much of the feminized work done more often by women than men, thinking, worrying, paying attention, and delegating is work that is largely invisible, gets almost no recognition, and involves no pay or benefits. Seidman suggested she had a “seeing superpower” that her husband and children did not. But she doesn’t, of course. It’s just that her willingness to do it allows everyone else the freedom not to. If she were gone, you bet her husband would start noticing when the fridge went empty and the diapers disappeared. Thinking isn’t a superpower; it’s work.”
- This piece points out that, even in hetero households where men do a significant share of the housework, women still end up doing the thinking that undergirds that work - noticing what needs to be done, paying attention, and delegating tasks to others. Good point!  (via birdlord)
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This is really cool! I’m planning on making a Rebel Scum back patch for one of my jackets.:)

That’s my end goal, a larger-scale back patch for a denim jacket I’m altering. (I’m adding pockets and pockets and pockets to it because fuck, I always need pockets.) So the tiny scale of this meaning the emoji are illegible is less important than it might otherwise be.

I might also add another layer of text in Aurebesh, maybe just the same thing or maybe something about Leia or Carrie.

I also plan on adding rhinestones somewhere, I’m not sure where or how. Glitter!



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