Jan. 20th, 2017

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Via ProPublica: The Labor Department’s Women’s Bureau seems to have recently/hastily put up a link for public to download all its files en masse.

If you have disk space, you might want to become an archive.
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Kaytoo wasn’t a particularly good dog, he knew that. He had a few areas of expertise. Mostly he was a bored dog. He got to be outside a lot, lately, but he didn’t like this place. Some of the men that lived here were all right, but Cassian smelled stressed a lot of the time, and didn’t seem to be getting enough sleep. The bed was small, which was great because it meant Kaytoo could snuggle right up to Cassian, and there was no room for Cassian to shove him away, so Kaytoo got to sleep right on him where it was good and warm all the time. But the room was crowded, and he didn’t like the noises and smells of the other men sleeping so close.

Some of the other men smelled nervous around him, and Kaytoo didn’t really care much, but it was a bit stressful. He didn’t like that.

Cassian was unhappy. It wasn’t just the absence of Jyn. It was whatever he did all day while he was gone. Sometimes he’d come back and put his arms around Kaytoo and just sit there with his face buried in Kaytoo’s fur, and he wouldn’t even be petting him, he’d just hang on like he needed help staying upright.

Kaytoo didn’t mind, but he preferred being petted to being leaned on, really.
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When you say everywhere, maybe include some stickers that people could put on postcards to their elected officials? I recently started researching manufacturers who’ll take art and make it into mugs, stickers, etc. Let me know if you’d like me to pass you some links…

I could just make the postcards, and then people could write whatever they wanted on the backs. 
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“But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.”
- Umberto Eco (via eco-base)
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The internet in my house is really slow lately. The internet at work is crushingly slow. I amt yping this blind because the screen isn’c tcauth up. Caught up. Christ.

It’s just. It feels like a metaphor. Or something. No images load. I scroll and scroll, and it’s blank boxes, on my computer or on mobile. 

Our database got corrupted, at work, in a power outage, two weeks ago. We haven’t been working right since then. eBay banned us from listing new items because we had “duplicate listings”, because we were selling the same model of filter in multiple sizes. (What the fuck, eBay. They’re not the same thing. if you need a 49mm filter you can’t just buy the 43mm size. I know that’s only one digit difference but it matters, bro.) We maybe have the database working again but we had to throw out a literal decade of data to do it, and there’s no net improvement– it’s still the same barely-functional laggy buggy system that doesn’t really do what we need. After two weeks of agony (most of which I wasn’t present for, because I am a lucky fucker and also powerless so what would be the point).

And like. Since our system is down and we’re doing everything manually, our shipments have been slow, so our approval rating on Amazon (which is another automated system with no human oversight) has gone down, so we’re getting fewer orders, so– that’s the way you spiral down to death, in this online age. There’s no appeal, it’s an automated system.

It’s just one damn thing after another. And I pinched a nerve in my shoulder. So it’s just. Ugh. It only hurts if I move unwisely but it’s kind of impossible to really predict what’s gonna do it, so I’m like, 89% fine, 11% STABBING AGONY, no big deal. It’s not poor me, it’s just I feel like nothing works and I’m stuck. So there’s that.

In times like that, though, I get a lot of writing done. I wish I’d finished at least one of the really juicy threesomes I’m working on to put up as a distraction on this Day of National Despair, but I didn’t, so. I have a great many stories about 5/6ths done, and nothing to show for it. 
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Just for cheerfulness’ sake, here are some photos from July, of my sister arranging flowers that she grew to sell. I think this is from when we did that wedding. She’s putting together a portfolio on her website of the wedding flowers, and asked me for pictures. I thought these were perfect for a gray January of hopelessness.

I just love the heavily-laden garden cart full of flowers. I never got tired of that. Fridays were flower harvest day, and I’d often get sun poisoning and get sent inside by 10am, but after noon I’d come back out, and from about 12:30 on, we’d be out under a shade fly arranging flowers, and Mom would come over, and sometimes other people came to help, and it was tiring sometimes, and I was usually itchy and hive-y, but the flowers were so nice to work with and it’s satisfying to arrange them. 



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