Jan. 18th, 2017

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I just can’t tell if Chita has forgiven us for leaving her with a sitter for five days.
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@bomberqueen17 And your shit is fucking exquisite on its own merits, kids-book canon be damned. Parts of this actually don’t make sense: you’re a spy with a bounty on your head and you stash your really recognizable starfighter with…your own father? Who is not exactly an unknown citizen himself? Not the best risk mitigation strategy for either party, there.

I’m still gonna milk it for all the angst it can handle, of course.

That’s my consolation, really– on the one hand, I’ve missed out on that great little angsty bit of canon, of Poe coming straight out of the torture chamber into his father’s arms and trying to hold it together etcetera, but on the other hand, I’ve definitely given more thought to the logistics of how an actual Resistance would work than the canon authors, so, there’s that.
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So I wrote a supportive postcard to Charles Schumer, D-NY, who is the Senate Minority Leader I think? anyway. My senator, at any rate, and while Googling to find out his Twitter handle I discovered that he is surely getting a whole shitload of nasty hate directed at him by some singularly uninformed people.

I plan to write a similarly supportive one to the junior senator for my state, who is also an alum of my high school. (She stood out recently as one of the only Democrats to vote against a particular thing; she seems extremely committed to civilian oversight of the military, among other things.)

I want to send more pointed postcards, as well– on Schumer’s, I bullet-pointed a couple of things, just to emphasize what I was supporting him on. I have some more specific things for Gillibrand as well, though I haven’t fully composed her card.

A colleague suggested I write to the former executive of my county, though, who is now a Republican rep in the House of Representatives, for a new district near mine. 

I’m going to write to my own rep as well– in fact I already have– but he’s a Democrat and so also is already approximately doing what I want.

However, by Googling the rep my colleague mentioned, I discovered that that rep (Chris Collins) has a mixed legislative record and, while reprehensible, is a blue-state Republican and so has some reasonable stances on a few issues. I plan to write to him about those issues. He serves on a committee I care about, and I plan to start with that.

I also discovered that the chairperson of that committee is another Republican rep from New York, and this other rep is one of the Rs who expressly stated that he would not vote for Trump. He has voted against the ACA but has expressly defended Planned Parenthood and has even spoken out against anti-abortion legislation that fails to leave allowances for the health of the mother. He also has been expressly supportive of LGBT causes.

So I’m writing to him too, even though his district is nowhere near mine. (I drive through it twice monthly though!)

I feel like the moderate Republicans are the places to direct attention, you know? 

There must be a list out there somewhere, of the potential swing voters. Surely someone more talented and organized than I am has devoted attention and time to this. Where should I start, looking for such a thing? I just don’t know what to Google, or what I’m really looking for. I’m following links around Wikipedia and trying to write down names and issues but I’m not doing well at keeping it organized and I don’t really know how to. Given that I’m singularly the-opposite-of-gifted at this sort of thing, pretty much any other human on the planet would be doing this better, is my point, but I don’t know how to find it. 
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Searching through K2SO’s memory…Locating memoryFile Name: Good Friend.
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do you ever reread your own shit and wonder how you came up with it?

the previous reblog, with K-2SO reflecting on friendship with Cassian, reminded me of a thing I wrote, and so I had to go find the scene. It’s from near the end of the last story in the Epic Saga, Never Wrote A Letter, and BB-8 has just saved the day but is now not sure anyone’s going to know what ey did, and so is trying to keep eir mind off things. 

In the spirit of reminding myself that I did finish that thing, I’m posting the excerpt, which I’m sure I’ve posted before, because I like it. 

Considering that, BB-8 supposed that any attempts to conserve power to maintain operation longer than the medium-term were really pretty futile. What was the point of maintaining operational vigilance past the next four or five standard cycles? If the beacon wasn’t picked up by then, the only thing remaining was a very long, very lonely vigil.

There was really no point maintaining any kind of attention, for that, so ey maxed the beacon and pulled up the internal replay for eir holocam, the preview playback mode. Given the circumstances, passing the time by re-watching some of eir extensive database of archival holocomms wasn’t particularly extravagant of power.

There was leisure time now to do this systematically, so BB-8 sorted the files chronologically— accounting for the glitch when ey had changed the file numbering system after the installation of the new holocam rig— and pulled up the first holocam recording ey had ever taken, as a brand-new droid pretty much straight out of the box.

“I think that did it,” the recorded Poe said, adolescent and gangly, grinning widely in a face he hadn’t yet grown into. “Looks like the recording’s active. That’s it, then, that’s the control for the holocam.”

“Confirm,” BB-8 beeped from offscreen, “holocam active!”

“That’s great, buddy,” Poe said, squinting in evident delight.

“Query,” BB-8 chirped, “meaning, [BUDDY]?”

Poe blinked into the holocam sensor– no, he was looking at BB-8’s optical sensor, which had been aligned differently with the old holocam rig before the upgrade. “Oh,” he said, disarmed. “It’s, ah, it’s just a– it means friend.”

“Unit BB-8 is a friend?” BB-8 asked.

“Yes,” Poe said, youthful grin stretching even wider, “you’re my friend.”

BB-8 shut down the holorecording abruptly. That was. That was maybe too much to contemplate, here at what may well be the end of things. Maybe– maybe it would be better to watch some holocordings that weren’t of Poe, who had told Luke Skywalker to have BB-8 reset.

A brief but comprehensive perusal of the archives turned up that the vast majority of holocam recordings stored here featured Poe in some way or another, either as the subject or intended audience. BB-8 considered this for a long moment, focusing only on the pulsing of the locator beacon. Surely ey’d had a bunch of holodramas in eir memory banks… but no, ey’d purged those, to make room for more data. They were all sitting safely on an external datapad back in Poe’s hut. No, Finn’s. Ey’d left them at Finn’s, in case Finn had wanted to watch more of them.

This, BB-8 reflected bleakly, had been a terrible choice of diversions to pass the time. Perhaps ey should go into standby now.
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Boeing B-17

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