Jan. 14th, 2017

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if you ever feel sad just remember oscar isaac played in a ska band in the 90s called the closet heterosexuals 

I feel like @bomberqueen17 needs to see this

… I knew this but I didn’t know-know this and

ok here are two pieces of trivia:#1 Oscar Isaac is like exactly six months older than me so we would have been in the same year at school#2 I grew up in a really rural fairly isolated area without a ton of culture and pretty much the most entertaining thing in my hometown was that a couple of my little sister’s friends started a ska band?

I have a very, very tender spot in my heart for extremely terrible and heartfelt 1990s ska. 

This is inexcusable and how dare you show me this.
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3 yo, holding a book on a tray: “I’m looking at facebook!”
*turns pages*
“This is really boring.”
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This is fun!
Reblog with your poor explanation!

I enter codes so that dudes with hammers can have help when they’re sick or old.

I break your electric stuff when you don’t want it no more.

I tap very loudly on my keyboard so insurance vendors can fight each other for big-ass client business.

Three different sets of people yell at me about three separate things they want implemented. I then yell at a different set of people to do what the other people want done. Then I travel to the place to make sure the people I yelled at did what I told them to so I don’t get yelled at again.

I make my money from a company who makes its money by taking the money earned by people who trust them with their money. I also run reports on who makes more money and where they put it. Money.

I run a team that makes people online feel like they need to click things for information. I then force them to consume extra things that they don’t want. I also spend a lot of time trying to not piss off very rich public figures with giant egos. 

I use computers and mathematical equations that don’t make any sense to figure out how few people are needed to do a job so as little money is spent as possible

[♫ that’s the technology-being-use-to-exploit-workers-under-the-guise-of-efficiency raaaaagggg ♫]

I use my extensive knowledge of a particular product to put outdated system admins out of work

[♫ that’s the i’m-going-to-be-the-first-against-the-wall-when-the-proletariat-rises raaaaaag ♫]

(sorry for ripping you off david)

(sorry not sorry)

I encourage adults who act like children to act like adults.

I try to make online services make sense to mostly men who sell things really fast (currebt project).

I tell people where books are.

I make sure the machines that give off particles that might give you cancer give off the right amount of particles. Also I know how magnets work?

I put dirty books and movies/CDs into piles. If they are very dirty or broken, I put them in a special pile of shame. I’m in grad school so I can take the piles of dirty books and give them to other people.

People who are bad with computers call me.

I stalk the wealthy. 

I stare at plants, and also give presentations about how people don’t stare at plants right.

i wave a little plastic stick around at a magic square for a couple hours a day. this makes some people very happy and other people very mad. if i make more people happy than mad, i can keep having food and a home. 

People yell at me when things are broken and I send people out to fix the broken things. Sometimes the people I send can’t or won’t fix the things so I have to send other people. 

(stay-at-home parent)

I make facsimile humans so real people can shoot at them, then brag about how many they shot. 

Using the magic of various Adobe products, I do the work of three people, faster than I ought, for less money than I should, for a company that is its own worst enemy.

I stack food on top of other kinds of food on top of plates, then move the stacks from one part of a room to another part of the room. Sometimes I wrap the stacks in paper and then put them in bags and then in boxes and then move them to another part of the room. Other times, I teach other humans to do all the stacking and moving the right way.

I teach people how to write the good kind of metaposts. Only all the fandoms are 600+ years old.

Other times I try to figure out how interrelated canon texts relate to each other, when all the metadata is missing, and then I write long boring meta about it.

Sometimes I reverse-stuff poultry, and sometimes I change numbers on the Internet to other numbers. 
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I really wanted more exploration of the tension between Saw’s faction and the official Alliance, as well as the fractures within the Alliance itself–what would all those prettily-dressed senators think of Cassian and his actual, official assassination mission handed down by Alliance military command?
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Haha I forgot about that one. 

I am actually writing several fics he is in, none of which have begun publishing, so I’ll resurrect that for when I post them.

HE IS THOUGH, RIGHT? I don’t at all get people who are trying to make him some morally ambiguous dark whatever. Christ, he could not be a better portrait of a morally upstanding person who has spent his entire life in a brutal slog through an unforgiving world of hard fucking choices who knows that sparing his own conscience will cause untold death and suffering. His choice in that scene was Shoot a man in the back? vs Both of us die, possibly after betraying our comrades under torture. What a goddamn choice. (And like. Shoot a rebel who is also against the Empire, or Let him throw a grenade that will definitely kill me? Hmmmm. Hard to do, but not actually much of a choice at all.) It’s dark as fuck but that doesn’t make him Maybe A Bad Guy in the face of, you know, actual genociders.

My sweet, sweet murder muffin.
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I was absolutely enchanted by this– you can’t see them here, but there are a bunch of the egg hens in here. They’ve decided the pig pen is a better roost than the chicken greenhouse, so about a dozen of them roost by perching literally on the bodies of the sleeping pigs. It is adorable. (at Laughing Earth)
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I was just enthusiastically awarded a congratulatory sticker upon emerging from the restroom, which really only makes sense if you know that someone in this house is toilet training.



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