Jan. 8th, 2017

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Mark Hamill is for real doing dramatic readings of Trump’s Tweets as the Joker. 
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You know, this is solely my own opinion, but I’ve never really liked how modern versions of this beautiful song tend to change the original lines (shown here) “as He died to make men holy/let us die to make men free” for “as He died to make men holy/let us live to make men free.”

…Like, I fully understand the reasoning, but this is a marching song (written during the American Civil War), to be sung by Union troops (who indeed died by the hundreds of thousands), to the tune of an already-popular song about a man who gave his life for the abolitionist cause (and whose last written words were, “I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.”)

When you change that line, there’s just a certain historical context and gravity that gets removed.
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#diego luna #so number one#i realise that these are handwraps not bandages#but REMEMBER THE BIT IN THE NOVELIZATION WITH K-2 CARRYING CASSIAN TO A SAFE HOUSE#CATALOGUING HIS INJURIES#tell me about k-2 having to bandage up cassian and having no gd idea what he’s doing#but he knows he has to do something#and maybe cassian has to talk him through it#but he’s so high on adrenaline and space painkillers#that he’s like #ok now you have to kiss it better#and k-2 is like #??? kiss ??? what ???#major system malfunction #and then boning #bye tags via @gethporno

So maybe it’s just because I started paying attention but now I’m seeing a lot of people sexually shipping K-2SO with various characters and ok like, do what you want, don’t fuck the robot, etc., whatever, but– this is fascinating to me because literally nobody did this with BB-8 or R2-D2 or even C-3PO that I am aware of, and– what is it?

Is it that he was approximately human-shaped and used human language? But Threepio does those things too and nobody’s into that. Is it that he was played by Alan Tudyk? What is it? 

I don’t know but if we’ve all by consensus solved the problem of consent for fictional robots then I mean. I’m not not down.
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In this week’s edition of “first time for everything,” I discovered a jury duty summons in the mail and found my reflexive dismay suddenly replaced by a dawning sense of malicious glee, because in my hands was a document proving that all the fuckmunches who have been scheduling me on daily non-stop split shifts for the last month will be forced to admit, in public, that I can, in fact, have at least one entire day off, free from threats of reprisal, unfounded guilt trips, or other manipulative horseshittery, by decree of federal fucking law.


how goddamned done with both of your jobs do you have to be to make jury duty sound like a great chance to escape for a few days?

oh christ that is dire.

but here, i can add a little bit of shit to the top of that: my job not only gave me a guilt trip over how horrible it was going to be to fill in for me

they also refused to pay me for the time

said they were too small a business [i had read the guidelines, and they weren’t] and were exempt and i should have gotten the state to pay it

so I just… took those days off unpaid, it turned out. Spent (fortunately only two) days off without pay sitting in the county courthouse watching reality TV on mute. Sigh.
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this gonna be me setting up the tree for my future man in our crib

This is cute, but don’t get upset, when you see me setting up the tree while wearing a big tshirt, with my bonnet and house shoes on, you knew who u married lol.

These are both me depending on the day 😂

get you a woman who can do both
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i’m part of a generation that can send “snap chats” but couldn’t dehull buckwheat if their life depended on it 😒☕️🐸😪

what the fuck are you talking about i am from the generation that can send snapchats and also use Google 

Nobody’s ever just known how to dehull buckwheat. 

(Do I have a big jar of buckwheat hulls on my craft shelf? I do. Am I demographically weird? Not really. Personally yeah, demographically no.)

I know this was just supposed to be a shitpost but I couldn’t help being humorless about it. Also, specifically, I’ve been doing a ton of research lately on grain processing because, you know, combine harvester, so. 
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I got strong feelings about people who live here bitching about winter. Bro it’s Buffalo, you don’t wind up here on accident. You have a job and a house and presumably you have both of those things on purpose. Whatever the reason, you live here on purpose. If you hate it so much, you need to make it a priority to get the fuck out of here. When the leaves fall off the trees and you first have to turn your heat on and you’re already bitching, I am Not Here For It, and when the first snow falls and you’re like slow-mo-no-ing all over the office about it, I have No Time For Your Shit.

This is not because I don’t believe in complaining about winter. This is because bitch, we live in Buffalo, winter lasts from late October through approximately May. You have to ration that shit out. 

Also winter doesn’t even get serious here until after Christmas. Spare me the moaning in November when you first realize your snowblower won’t start. (Should’ve drained the gas tank when you put it away in June, eh? Here there’s probably some ether* in the back of mom’s garage, doesn’t everybody have ether lying around, spray it on your starter, you’ll be fine, if all else fails the fireball will melt the snow right off the walk.) You can make snide comments about how everybody forgets to drive in snow, sure, that’s appropriate. 

But you gotta save up the for-real despair, my friend. Because it’s January now, and the cold has set in, and that means we gotta pay the piper for how warm that lake still is, and that means that lake is going to shit on us unpredictably until it’s done cooling down. 

Now is when we bitch about winter. Now is when we sink into it and give up on any pretense of liking it here. Because the whining is finite, and it keeps you warm. It’s an important component of the climate. We can bond over this, you see, and we huddle for warmth dressed in all the handmade knitwear we own, and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch.

That’s what January’s all about. By February, hopefully the lake will be frozen and the snow will ease up and we can sober up and get on with our lives.

(In February we usually have psychotic breaks but we forget about them afterward so in our minds, February’s not so bad at all.)
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I finished the whole scene, and I think I have more to go, but I don’t want to put it on AO3 unless/until I have enough of a story for there to be, like, plot. 

So, here’s just the meet-cute part of a possible Bodhi/Cassian modern AU. 

in which I am salty about winter and my hometown, via Bodhi, mostly:

“No fucking shit I’m not from around here,” Bodhi said. “I’m from civilized places where you can park your van at the curb and not get accused of racism by random sled-dog mushers who just let themselves in and judge you for reacting to that like a person who knows they live in Hell now.”

The sled dog musher started laughing; through the ridiculous fur fringe Bodhi could make out that he had a long straight nose and dark eyes and there were crinkles around them like a nice person had. “This place is hell, isn’t it? And horrible people live here.” He peered out the window. “I think he didn’t see me, but is it okay if I sit here a couple more minutes to make sure he isn’t waiting?”

“Now you ask,” Bodhi said. “Now you ask?”

“Well,” the man said. “I mean, there wasn’t time to knock, I’d tried three other car door handles and they were all locked. I actually didn’t notice your engine was running until after I got in.”

“I can imagine the entire animal in your hood probably dampens the sound,” Bodhi said. “This is a work vehicle, I’m not allowed to take on passengers.” He looked glumly at the windscreen, which was still stubbornly coated in frost.

The sled dog guy looked, too, and said, “Oh shit, is that on the inside? Oh what a pain in the ass.”

“I don’t even know how to scrape that,” Bodhi said glumly. “The defrosters aren’t even making a dent. Why do I live in a place like this?”

“Why do you?” Sled Dogs asked.
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“I was in Budapest, shooting a different project. It was like 2AM in the morning, and I had to wake up at 5 to go to set. I got a call from Gareth Edwards, and he’s pretty dramatic so he says “Diego, welcome to Star Wars.” He gives you this amazing news, I started jumping, and he goes, “Wait, wait a second. You cannot tell anyone!” I go “What- what do you mean?” That’s like giving a kid a gift and saying “Yeah, this is your Christmas gift but you can just open it when you’re alone, you can never share it with anyone!” I went to the next morning to set at 5AM, with a huge smile like this. And I sit down in the makeup trailer and the makeup girl goes like, “Oh, what happened last night?” And I go like, “Um… uh… I got laid.” And then I start describing it, I needed to get it out! “Oh, it was the best time ever! It was at 2AM in the morning and it lasted ‘til 5 and I feel refreshed…” (x)



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