Some yurt pictures on a lovely sunny afternoon, including an appearance by Whiskey the cat, and some shots of my idiosyncratic storage aesthetic. For anyone who was wondering how the yurt was doing. #yurtlife

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Guess it’s really too dim for the camera. Birdsong, raindrops on canvas, wind: sunrise, and the roof didn’t leak after all. #yurtlife

This wind is really something else huh?
I’m not gonna get any sleep tonight. :(

I think I would have gotten over the wind and gotten a reasonable amount of sleep if not for all the bugs that it shook down out of the rafters who then spent the rest of the night CRAWLING ON ME whyyyy :( :( :( 
It is 3am and I can’t sleep and I can’t find a flashlight so I lit a candle and looked over and why is this dude in my bed. Buddy you do not belong here this is not a frog-safe space. Don’t look at me like that. #yurtlife never a dull moment.
Lying in bed 5:00 am listening to the rain on the roof when suddenly i remember the roof hole is uncovered and I’m listening to the rain coming in whoops!
Umbrella to the rescue. #yurtlife
#yurtlife pic no.1 is my tiny cat bro Whiskey, illuminated in the light from my newly-improvised window– wall unhooked and covered in Ikea net curtain. No. 2 is the view thru said window, and no. 3 is the view at sundown last night through the roof hole. Back to indoors job for a week, but then I’ll be here nearly a month! :)
Got more furniture in the ger now, even a candle… and there’s the handle of the baseball bat, reachable from bed, in case the chupacabras comes back. #yurtlife
What makes a yurt a home? Why, a roommate. My sister’s cat Whiskey is delighted to find that this new little house in the woods contains not only a bed, but a pair of hands that can be induced to provide petting. She lives here now, which pleases my sister, as Whiskey’s former preferred nightly ritual was to sleep on the baby’s changing table and be In The Way. #ger



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