hahaha I JUST hit preview on it. I might pause for dinner but I’ll have it up within probably an hour. :)
I’ve heard a lot of theories– it could be for a vending machine, a storage unit, a motorcycle or bike lock, etc.

I have no way of knowing what it’s to! Only that it’s almost certain that what happened is that this same person rummaged a bunch of cars in my neighborhood, probably stole that keychain out of another car, and discarded it in mine, either on purpose or by accident.

There is no way I’m going to be able to find that keychain’s owner. And so whoever it is, whatever poor schmuck it really belongs to, that person is going to have to make a very expensive call to a locksmith.

I was going to call the cops and ask about it but I just don’t have time and let’s be real, I can’t make a phone call to literally save my own life, I once got arrested for not being able to Adult properly. I am not calling the cops because I found something in my car that someone might want back, on the off-chance that they too will call the cops. I’m just not.

So I’m stuck with this bitter certainty that this thing I possess is something some other poor innocent badly needs back, but I have no way of reuniting it with its owner.
You can reply to replies on regular Tumblr now.

It just doesn’t notify the person you’re replying to. So it’s like void-howling. It’s pointless. They’re so smug about having added this functionality? And it’s useless, because it’s not a conversation.

You can’t even cheat it by going straight to the post you replied on and checking there to see if anyone replied to your reply, because, wait for it, this is the stupidest fucking thing: REPLIES DON’T SHOW ON THE INDIVIDUAL POST PAGE. Nope! You can only see them if you view the post on your dashboard. 




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