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I was going to whine some more but there’s no point to that. Instead, here is another Hilarious Work Anecdote. 

Manager, who has 5 kids and whom I sometimes call Superdad, made a little girl cry today.

He was talking with her mother about printing a photograph. It wasn’t the right crop ratio for the size she wanted, and so he said, unthinkingly, “Well, we could move it over a bit, that might look more like you want, but I’d have to cut her arm off,” referring to the small child, who was in the photograph.

The girl, who was about three, began to cry. “Mommy,” she managed to say, “I don’t want him to cut my arm off!” 

As he related the story to me, he concluded, “I will now remember to use the technical term ‘crop’ when I’m talking about photos of young children in front of them.”



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