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ughhh god. I don’t care, and nobody cares, but my stupid brain won’t be satisfied if I don’t write something, and god nobody cares but nothing matters either so if you’re going to waste time by being alive you might as well make something!

I actually have a whole new Lost Kings story sitting there finished that I can’t muster the attention span for one final proofreading pass through, so there’s that. Maybe I can make myself do that today. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it because nothing matters. 

If not, I have a couple of squares of fabric that I’ve trimmed and squared, and so I can just sit and hem them. That’s completely simple and requires no decisions or commitment to an aesthetic, and still has the benefit of being something I can do with my hands so I don’t sit and fret.

(There’s a lot to fret about. Mitch McConnell is forcing through a bill that hurts literally everyone, including health insurance companies, and doesn’t actually provide much benefit to the billionaires whose taxes it’s supposedly cutting– they don’t really want it either, even they can see that if the economy is destroyed by this, which it will be, it’ll hurt some of them in the long run too, and won’t really help the rest much– but the whole point is to hurt everyone, the whole point is to satisfactorily demonstrate that they can do whatever they want, and I’m astonished anybody’s still bothering to cloak it in any other language at all; I suspect it’s just habit at this point.) 

I was going to post snippets to try to motivate myself but I can see that won’t really help, because nothing matters, so I suppose it’s better I don’t. Focus, B, focus. Or don’t, because it really doesn’t matter. 



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