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i love that it’s canonical that kes and shara were really devoted parents who spent a lot of time making sure that poe had a wide variety of fun experiences as a kid? and i love that he had special activities that he did with each of them as individuals, with shara taking poe to classic ship shows and kes taking him camping and on hikes. the damerons are such a good example in media of a really tight-knit family without falling back on tired tropes of having to do everything together and sacrificing individual interests or time for the sake of “the family” or for the sake of “doing it for the kids,” and i just love it. and i love that they’re also so thoughtfully written as very different kinds of veterans and very different kinds of survivors with their own issues and their own viewpoints, and neither of them is demonized by outside-narrative in BTA or by poe himself in things like the logbook.

they’re just really strong examples of what good writing can be, for star wars AND in general. it would have been so easy, and so common, to make poe’s parents throwaway “parent tropes,” you know? and i love so much that they’re not.



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