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It always cracks me up when people describe fetal movement as butterfly kisses or bubbles or other nice, soft-sounding names, because in my experience over the course of two pregnancies, it feels exactly as you would expect it to feel to have a three-pound independent being living in your abdomen and kicking the shit out of you–that is, unnerving as hell.

thank you times one million for the straightforwardness of this post. Among all the bizarre, intrusive, and genuinely inexplicable questions I get about why I’ve opted out of gestating a human being, by far the weirdest is “but don’t you want to know what it feeeeels like????“

And I’m like. My friend. My relative. My dearest random acquaintance. Babies kick so hard that it’s visible from outside the gestating PARENT’s BODY. Not for a single hot second do I want to know what it feels like, I can see it just fine from over here, what the entire fuck.

I was once at a baby shower with my roller derby team, and about half of us were non-child-bearing people of various genders, and the other half were moms, and this was really close to the kid’s due date so the expectant parent was really giant, and at one point the baby kicked– but like, one of those really unnervingly big that’s-a-whole-ass-baby-in-there ones, where like, an elbow or something poked out and dragged across the whole belly and you could see it through her shirt, and all the moms in the room kind of went “aww” and all of us who’d never been pregnant all shrieked in unison and recoiled violently across the room because what the fuck was that.

It was absolutely hilarious, and also, you could not possibly convince me to ever ever do that.



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