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I’ve now read the last Raksura book one and a half times, crammed into everything I’m also doing, and I have to admit I still don’t understand the final action sequence, but it’s sort of only because it’s like, three books’ worth of action all happening simultaneously, and I tore through it because I was terrified she’d kill off one of the principal characters or other, and I was desperate to find out which.

So I’ll have a reaction to all that later, I just thought I should check in. I spent yesterday on the road too, and then I have houseguests coming today, so I’m frantically cleaning– not like, to impress anybody, but because the guestroom is so physically full of junk that there’s literally no room to put anyone in to sleep, so I have to take care of that. 

I am consumed with a desire, however, to make a tapestry wall-hanging of the Raksura stories, and while my attempts to teach myself tambour embroidery have been slow and unrewarding, I remain confident I’ll get the hang of it, and then just you watch, I totally will.



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