Sep. 9th, 2017

christ, new york state, your hunter safety course quiz is dumb, also why did you send me eight texts to remind me that this course is tomorrow and none reminding me i had to fill out the test first ughhhh

I signed up for this class in fucking April and you know that, and that’s why you sent me two emails and fifteen texts about it, and nowhere in those did you feel the need to remind me of anything but the time? Fuck you, man.

also thank you, wisconson hunter safety course, for having elegant and concise answers to some of these questions when i Googled because the NY hunter safety pamphlet rambles the fuck on

also nowhere in the NYS hunter safety pamphlet does it actually tell you what the five primary requirements for survival are. It’s got three listed, and then the next section goes on from there with the other two, but there’s not like, a list. There’s a bullet point that says you should know what the five primary requirements are but then there’s not, like, a list or anything. You have to piece it together by reading the thing, and even then, you have to know that’s what those are. I seriously picked up my phone ad fucking Googled it because rereading the pamphlet was not telling me what the specific phrase I needed was.

so thank you wisconsin.

also this course tomorrow is going to be torturously obvious just like the driver’s ed classes i had to take were, only when I was 16 I was way better at sitting through shit like that and now I am in my late thirties and have hit my lifetime cap on bullshit, so this is going to be great. 

Anyway the class is in seven hours and I am going to bed now.

(For the record: shelter, fire, signal, water, food.)


A couple months back you were talking about a topographical quilt you were considering and I mentioned my family had a rug with the same idea. This is the rug. Its the Guayas River in Ecuador. The river is orange because in the picture given to the rug maker the sun was shining and made the river look orange.

whaaaaaaat that is so cool!!!! 

I’m totally taken with this! What a cool thing!! Where on earth would you get a rug like this made!! What a neato concept. 

It looks like abstract art! I love it. 
What a great sign! #huntin (at Pleasantdale Rod & Gun Club)

Quilted bedrock map of Minnesota at the MN Dept of Natural Resources.



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