Sep. 8th, 2017

replied to your video “Like 6000 stitches into a 15000 stitch design, on the 8th color…”

Is it a chicken? I hope to see the finished design!

It is! I actually had a few people who said similar things on various social media, like, ‘oh i bet it’ll turn out lovely’. Uh… no. That video was of the machine badly malfunctioning. So it turned out fucked-up as hell.

But it *is* a lovely design, I downloaded it for free on… shit. Uh. Some website. I was so sure I’d remember. embroiderthis dot com, probably. 

I’m still not sure if it came out so fucked-up because there was some sort of invisible dirt in the bobbin race, or because one shouldn’t really honestly use a narrow satin stitch for one’s entire design, or what, but it came out awful. However, the design is pretty. I just don’t think I’ll bother trying it again.

Sorry, chicken! That was your one shot. 

Here’s a screenshot of the design in the embroidery software, so you get some idea what it was supposed to look like:

Note, though, the weird yellow blob by the chin, and then the three weird reddish blobs above the head? Those are all berries and each one of those is a color stop. Why? I don’t know. They’re the same color, or should be, and so this indicates to me that the design was kind of… not very attentively digitized. However, it was free.

Here, however, is what it looked like. For the record, I cleaned out the bobbin race and rethreaded the entire machine about fifteen times, and then gave up and let it run, and after another thousand stitches or so, it started working, for the last, like, three hundred stitches of the design. So. Gnomes, maybe. Fairies. Gremlins. What are those things called. Who knows. 

yyyyyyeahhh no. I mean, clearly I did this on the best fabric I owned, lol. So whatever. I’ll use it as interlining for something, or stuffing, or scraps, or whatever. But. I won’t bother with this design again, most likely.

However, the machine has worked fine ever since that. This is the latest thing I did, which is a free downloaded design that i just resized. It’s got overlapping stitches I don’t like, though, and I think I can figure out how to erase them but I’m not sure.

Is the crucial difference the twenty-ninth time I rethreaded? The new bobbin? Or is it that this is a fill stitch and the other one was all satin stitches? I don’t know! Who even knows. It’s all a mystery.

Meanwhile I’m trying to load two sewing machines and approximately four fucktillion yards of fabric into my car, because I didn’t have the measurements I needed and couldn’t sew my yurt insulation panels during the three weeks I was in the house where my machines and fabric already are. But, at least I got my serger back from Wally and it’s all fixed, so I have that to help me. 

The rest of the ‘Finn finds himself caught in the middle during the Resistance/First Order peace talks’ thing. Now with added title and everything. Still missing the mention of First Order burial practices I wanted to put in but couldn’t get to fit, though.

Ten E Boom

Finn had been on a hair trigger this morning when the peace talks began. His chair had spikes, his back was just waiting for the knives. Pretty sure – he’d been pretty sure his death would be one of the First Order’s conditions, and yeah he wouldn’t blame General Organa for agreeing to it – it was just mathematical sense that one life meant nothing in the face of final peace for all. And yeah, if that was how it came down, he guessed he’d be okay with it – trained to die was a lot better than trained to kill. But still–

He’d smiled reassuringly at Rey when she asked him what was wrong, and he’d said “Nothing. Nothing at all. Just don’t like, you know. Being in the same room with them.” And he’d jerked his chin the way Han Solo used to, over to the other end of the table where General Hux sat, straight backed and seething like a lightning storm in a satin jacket.

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My car is Stuffed Full of Stuff. 

I brought the serger (repaired, yay! Wally is A+++ I now have the Sewing Machine Repair Hookup, this is amazing!!) and the embroidery machine. The embroidery machine is in a hard-sided traveling case I finally got off my ass and put on my amazon wishlist, and my mom got for me, so it’s actually safe in there and I’m excited about that. 

I also loaded all of the old cast-off draperies I’ve been hoarding into boxes, and I’m going to actually sew them into insulation panels for the yurt. I’m going to, I’m really going to. And if I don’t, I’m not bringing them back to my house.

This means an entire carload of clutter is out of my basement. So that’s something. 

I also have a box that’s all of the pairs of jeans I cut into pieces. I’m going to make them into things, I swear it. If nothing else, I’ll embroider patches.

I can’t work on big projects anywhere in my house because there’s too much clutter. But if I set up the workshop upstairs in the granary at the farm, I can have both the serger and a sewing machine set up at the same time. 

I tend to get more stuff done when I’m at the farm. Granted, much of it is housework to keep the farm household going, but. I’m hoping I can parlay that activity into getting some longer-term projects done. And maybe I can ride that momentum, once I’m back in my own, less-cluttered house, and do some of the projects I’ve been putting off. 

As I was packing this morning, I sorted no less than three Blue Apron boxes full of t-shirts I want to reconstruct into better garments, and stacked them under the guest bedroom desk. My long-term goal is to get rid of all of the clothes i don’t wear, and make myself an entire wardrobe of stuff I’ve made myself, because I’m happiest with things I’ve sewed. 

Also last week at work when I cleared out things I don’t think we can sell online, I took home a lot of camera straps that were too weird/gross/ugly/old/broken to sell, and I want to cut them apart and use the findings to make straps of my own. So I threw a plastic bag full of those into one of the boxes I brought along. Maybe I’ll make some cool homemade camera/purse/luggage straps while I’m sewing. We’ll see!
via replied to your post “danceswchopstck replied to your video “Like 6000 stitches into a…”

I love the concept of an embroidery machine. Like, I don’t know if I’ll ever put the brain cells together to acquire and painstakingly learn how to operate one, but I’m gonna occasionally daydream about the cool shit it could do if I worked at it.

I haven’t yet fully realized any of my ideas. They’re still a little nebulous. To be honest, it’s something I’d discussed with my BFF, intending to encourage *her* to get one, so that I could help her figure it out and make a couple of things I had in mind, but that mostly, she’d be the one to use. So the fact that she bought one for me was a little surprising, and of course I’m excited and touched, but I’m still kind of like– oh! I hadn’t really– thought about what I’d do with one. Still, very cool.

So I’m also not totally sure what I want, here, exactly, but. It turns out they’re not all that hard to operate if you’re familiar with sewing machines– and that’s the kicker, I think; she’s not great at sewing machines and has little interest in sewing, really. Her passion lies mostly in yarncraft. I don’t yarncraft at all, and I love sewing, and I sew a lot. I’m not good at it, mind, but I do it a lot, and that’s important. 

[If you’re considering getting one, the one I have is basically just a sewing machine most of the time, so it would happily do double duty. It’s good if you mostly do garment and quilting stuff, and want to embroider the occasional embellishment. It’s a kind of a compromise of a machine, really. My only worry is that it’s flimsy, but, you know, c’est la vie.]

I think most ideally I’ll get to a point where I can do art with it. That’s really truly what I want. Like, making patches to sell, I’ll probably do; a few copies of something are fine to make on a light-duty machine like this. But what I really want to work toward is to have really elaborate embroidered things, where the bulk of it is laid down with machine fills and satin stitches and such, and then I can master the tambour hook enough to do elaborate beaded edges and chain stitches and stuff, all the visible finishing stuff, by hand, so I can have really rich embellishment on art pieces but still actually finish them ever. 

I hate doing satin stitch and fill stitches by hand, so the few embroidery pieces I’ve tried to do that have included them have either never gotten done or have taken forever. (Like… my nephew’s birth sampler, which I gave to him finally when he was nearly old enough to read it, whoops. And actually when I was helping them move I didn’t see it, so I wonder if it ever wound up displayed anywhere…….. oh well)

But– short-term, my idea is that the potpourri sachets we sell at the holidays could be combined with the little Christmas tree ornaments we sell, and so I could do little embroidered fronts for the sachets and have them be ornaments. That’s my short-term plan. 

New DNA evidence uncovered by researchers at Uppsala University and Stockholm University shows that there were in fact female Viking warriors. The remains of an iconic Swedish Viking Age grave now reveal that war was not an activity exclusive to males – women could be found in the higher ranks at the battlefield.

The study was conducted on one of the most well-known graves from the Viking Age, a mid-10th century grave in Swedish Viking town Birka. The burial was excavated in the 1880s, revealing remains of a warrior surrounded by weapons, including a sword, armour-piercing arrows, and two horses. There was also a full set of gaming pieces and a gaming board.

The morphology of some skeletal traits have long suggested that she was a woman, but since this grave has been the type specimen for a Viking warrior for over a century, it has always been assumed to have belonged to a male Viking. Now, geneticists, archaeogeneticists and archaeologists have worked together and solved the mystery. DNA retrieved from the skeleton demonstrates that the individual carried two X chromosomes and no Y chromosome. Read more.



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