Sep. 3rd, 2017

yo why is everyone reblogging a time-sensitive thing well after it’s over? 

i don’t know why i didn’t see that coming

also the people commenting “well did it work?!?!” 

it’s not like, instant, bro. that’s not how awareness campaigns work. 

The percentage of “but free speech!” responses remains kind of refreshingly low, as do the number of anon hate messages I’ve gotten (I deleted a couple because who the fuck cares). 
We’d usually just block you, Anon, but we’re going to use your message as a reminder of where the violence is coming from in 2017.  Off the top of our heads, here’s what the year has looked like so far:January 20, 2017: A right-wing extremist shoots a protestor at a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington. January 29, 2017: Alexandre Bissonnette walks into a mosque in Canada during evening prayers and opens fire, shooting 17 people and killing six of them.

January 2017: Over 40 Jewish centers in the U.S. receive bomb threats.
 February 22, 2017:  Adam Purinton tells two men from India to “get out of my country” then shoots both plus a bystander, killing one.February 28, 2017: a mosque in Toronto is set on fire by arsonists.March 12, 2017: a mosque in Ypsilanti, MI. is set on fire by arsonists.March 20, 2017: James Jackson arrives in Manhattan with a sword and stabs the first black man he sees to death.  He later tells authorities he “intended to kill as many black men as he could.”March 24, 2017: Yelling “I hate Muslims!” a man in Minneapolis stabbed a Somali man in an attempt to kill him.  March 26, 2017: A racist mob attacks a 15-year-old Polish boy in Gloucestershire and, when a local Asian shopkeeper tries to intervene, attack him as well with crowbars and baseball bats, then attempt to run him over with a car.March 31, 2017: A 17-year-old Iranian/Kurdish boy is nearly beaten to death by a mob of eight people in Croydon after he revealed to them that he was a refugee.April 6, 2017: A Charlotte store is set on fire by an arsonist who leaves a warning message for the shop owner that he “did not want any refugee business owners and that they would torture the owner if they did not leave and go back to where they came from,” according to police.  It was signed “White America.”

April 30, 2017: A  white man storms a pool party in San Diego and shoots four black women, two black men, and one Latino man while allowing white attendees to leave.  One victim dies while the other six sustain critical injuries.

MAY 10TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:May 5, 2017: A man walking his dog on South Beach in Miami is confronted by two men who call him a “fucking faggot,” then attack him, beating him unconscious.  At one point in the attack, one of the attackers shouts  “all faggots need to die and we’re going to make sure they do!”
MAY 18TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:May 14, 2017: Vandals spray-paint hate graffiti on the home of a black family in upstate New York before attempting to set the house on fire while the family slept.  Although the family escaped unscathed, their garage burnt to the ground and their house suffered some damage.May 17, 2017: A homophobic mob break into the home of a gay couple and shoot and stab both men to death.  
MAY 23RD: EDITED TO INCLUDE:May 20, 2017: University of Maryland student and member of the “alt-Reich” facebook group Sean Urbanski walks up to 22-year-old Richard Collins III, who is black and who Urbanski does not know, and stabs him to death in an unprovoked attack. 
May 27th: EDITED TO INCLUDE:May 24, 2017: A barrage of doxxing, rape threats, and death threats received by trans comic book artist Sophie Labelle forces her to cancel an appearance and event at a Halifax book store, which also received bomb threats and threats of attacking the event.  Labelle is forced into hiding.May 26, 2017: Three men intervene on a MAX train in Portland when they witness another man verbally abusing two Muslim women with an Islamophobic tirade.  The Islamophobe responds by pulling out a knife and stabs the three interveners, killing two of them.  


May 27, 2017: A white man drives his pickup truck through a campsite, targeting the Native Americans camping there while yelling racial slurs at them.  He intentionally drives over two Native American men, killing one and injuring the other.

March 3, 2017: A Sikh man is shot and injured in front of his Seattle house by a white man waring a mask, who yells at him to “go back to your country!”May 27, 2017: A 34-year-old Anthony Hammond lets loose with a flurry of racial slurs directed at a black man in a parking lot, then pulls out a machete and stabs the man before barricading himself in his apartment for several hours, until finally surrendering to police.

JUNE 13th: EDITED TO INCLUDE:January 1, 2017: 19-year-old Nathan Richardson encounters 67-year-old jogger Wenqing Xu and beats him to death in an unprovoked, random attack.  After committing the murder, Richardson texted his friends that he “fucked sum chink up. Bodied him. I think pure crime scene – his head’s gone,”
JUNE 19TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:June 18, 2017: two men armed with baseball bats attack a group of Muslim teenagers, kidnapping a 17-year-old girl, who they beat to death, dumping her body in a pond.

June 1, 2017: A Princeton professor and racialized woman is forced to cancel a three-city lecture tour to promote her book about the Black Lives Matter movement after receiving over 50 death threats.June 19, 2017: Shouting “I’m going to kill all Muslims!” 47-year-old Darren Osborne drives a courier van through a crowd of Muslims leaving a Finsbury mosque, killing one person and injuring ten others.

JULY 4TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:January 28, 2017: a First Nations woman walking with her sister is struck by a trailer hitch hurled from a passing vehicle.  After struggling in hospital for several months, she succumbs to her injuries.  June 21, 2017:  an Islamophobe approaches a Muslim man and woman sitting in a car stopped at a traffic light and knocks on the window.  When the driver rolls down the window, the Islamophobe sprays the driver and passenger with acid, severely burning both.  
JULY 16TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:February 21, 2017: a 24-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Chicago, IL. February 26, 2017: a transgender woman is shot and killed in New Orleans, LA.March 1, 2017: a transgender woman is stabbed to death in New Orleans, LA. March 22, 2017: a 38-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Baltimore, MD.April 21, 2017: a 28-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Miami, FL. May 17, 2017: a 34-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Fresno, CA.July 2, 2017:  a 28-year-old transgender woman is shot and killed in Lynchburg, VA. 

June 3, 2017: 38-year-old white supremacist Phillip Wade racially abuses a 57-year-old black man on an Oakley, CA. bus, then pulls a knife and stabs the man to death while the man is walking away from the confrontation.  The victim is the third racialized person Wade has stabbed in the past six years and the second person he’s murdered.  July 16, 2017: A man attempts to pull the hijab off of a Muslim woman waiting for the tube in London, then hits her when she resists.  He then pins her friend to the wall and spits in her face before leaving.  July 16, 2017: Arsonists set a mosque in Manchester ablaze. July 18, 2017: A NASA researcher of South Asian descent has her car windshield shattered by a rock thrown through it by an assailant screaming “go back to your country!”  She’s injured in the attack.
AUGUST 2ND: EDITED TO INCLUDE:July 19, 2017: Two men exit a car and attack a racialized pedestrian with their fists and an iron bar.  
AUGUST 7TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:August 5, 2017: A mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota is firebombed, narrowly missing killing & injuring dozens of members there for morning prayers. 
AUGUST 10TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:August 8, 2017: A well-known Chicago neo-nazi starts an altercation at a concert, then pulls out a smuggled knife and stabs a man and a woman at the show.
AUGUST 12TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:August 12, 2017:  A white supremacist in Charlottesville, VA. drives his car at high speed directly into a crowd of anti-racist protestors, killing one woman and seriously injured 19 other people.
AUGUST 12TH: EDITED TO INCLUDE:January 25, 2017: An arsonist destroys the only mosque in Victoria, Texas.


August 12, 2017: A self-identifed member of the white supremacist “three percenter” movement is arrested by the FBI after unsuccessfuly trying  to blow up a bank in Oklahoma City with a car bombed modeled after the one used by Timothy McVeigh.
AUGUST 21ST: EDITED TO INCLUDE:May 25, 2017: A black woman riding the train home is subjected to extreme verbal harassment by Jeremy Christian, who admits to being a neo-nazi and tell her he will kill her.  As she leaves the train, Christian hits her with a bottle, cutting her eye open.  When police arrive, they refuse to arrest Christian.  The next day Christian would stab three people, killing two of them.

August 20, 2017: A racialized man standing outside his own home is attacked by a motorist who, without any provocation, jumped out of his car and ran at him, shouting racial slurs, before physically assaulting him.  The victim is seriously injured in the attack. 

In case you have trouble counting, Anon, that’s three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve shootings, three four five six seven arsons, two three four seven eight nine ten eleven stabbings, two three four five mob beatings, over 40 41 bomb threats, one failed bombing, an acid attack, and several other miscellaneous assaults by bigots, Islamophobes, nazis and racists so far this year.Eight Nine Eleven Twelve Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six Twenty-seven Twenty-Eight people are dead because of these bigoted attacks and fifteen twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-five thirty-five thirty-seven thirty-nine fifty-eight fifty-nine were severely injured.  
But it’s anti-fascists that people should be worried about, right?
“you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK“ 

Really, now?  Anti-fascists are as much terrorists as the KKK, a terrorist organization which murdered over 3000 people in lynchings, arsons, bombings, etc. over its 150-year history, are we? 

Maybe it’s time you learned about the logical fallacy of false equivalence, Anon!
I don’t know if this will work, but– 

Here’s #Farmsister, in the teal hoodie and black-and-blue check flannel, at a roundtable session with the Young Farmer’s Association of the Hudson Valley, speaking with her Congressman, John Faso, about agriculture, in the lead-up to the House’s sessions where they’re going to work on a new Farm Bill. 

I haven’t watched the whole thing. I just listened to her intro of herself (I panned along until I recognized her), and I plan to watch the whole thing. There wasn’t anything in the explanation of the meeting or program to explain this, but every single person in this discussion who isn’t Faso himself– i.e. all the farmers– seems to be a woman, and while there’s a chance that’s coincidence (the trend in farming is that young farmers tend to be women!), it also might have been deliberately set up that way, so that’s interesting. I’ll have to listen to it all to find out.

I’m mostly just really impressed that my sister managed to be so civil to this asshole for so long, when during all of my visits we’ve spent at least twenty minutes a week filling out postcard after postcard to send to each of his district offices telling him what a dick he’s specifically being on every specific bill he’s voted on.

OK the embedded thing is clearly not going to work, so here’s the direct link.

A post shared by Bridget Kelly (@bomberqueen17) on Sep 3, 2017 at 9:57am PDT

Like 6000 stitches into a 15000 stitch design, on the 8th color change, and I’ve taken the entire machine apart between each color change, let alone rethreading, changing bobbins. The first 7 colors are just all the bobbin thread and no top thread showing– mind, you have to rethreadwhen you change colors, that’s how you change colors– and I’ve gone thru the troubleshooting checklist each time– violently snapped a needle into my forehead after the 6th color- and after like 100 stitches of the 8th color suddenly it’s working fine with no further adjustments.
Why does anything do anything? We’ll never know, but I guess the lesson is, don’t give up.
via | Cure Yourself of Tree Blindness:



Just naming trees might sound a bit like a parlor trick to impress your friends. But it’s also a way to start paying attention. Then you notice more interesting things. Trees put on one of nature’s great sex shows. Each spring they break their winter dormancy with a burst of genitalia, also known as flowers. Some, including the famous cherries, are insect-luring exhibitionists; others, such as the oaks, are more coy, relying on the wind to help consummate the mating act. Take a moment to watch and listen to a flowering redbud tree full of pollen-drunk bumblebees. I promise you won’t be bored.

Some may want more practical reasons for learning trees. If so, I offer that knowing your trees opens up an abundant and entirely free food source. Those in the know can gorge on juicy native mulberries and serviceberries in the spring, and persimmons and pawpaws in late summer. That’s to say nothing of tree nuts, which carpet the forest floor in fall. Pecans, walnuts, hickory nuts, beech nuts; with proper preparation, they’re all edible. For Native Americans living in California before European contact, acorns were a staple more important than corn. Yet today they’re a specialty item, largely limited to the occasional D.I.Y. foraging workshop.

Spot on. The first tree I remember being taught to identify was the American elm. My fourth grade teacher taught us to see not the leaf shape (it was winter) but the bark and the V-shaped branching structure of the tree. Have never looked at plants, particularly trees, the same again. 



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