Sep. 1st, 2017


Inspired by this post, here’s a graphic and a link roundup:

No new content Sept 1 2017, in protest of Tumblr @staff‘s complete lack of effort to take any action to control rampant white-supremacist hate speech on this platform.

If GoDaddy and Google, Discord, and even OKCupid  (and even Facebook and GoFundMe) can take steps to curb hate, why can’t Tumblr? (Users have been complaining for years, it’s not like this is a new problem.) Tumblr consistently refuses to enforce its own no-hate-speech policy in this matter.

(There’s even a lovely write-up of it from this very month: Nazis On Tumblr Are Attempting To Make White Supremacy Hip.) (There’s a petition about it too, which has a nice write-up of exactly how much absolutely-nothing Tumblr @staff are willing to do about egregious hate speech.) (No, I’m not involved with either of those links, nor the original post I’m referecing above, I just thought I’d Google it before I made a graphic. I know very little about this but it all seems pretty gross, now doesn’t it.)

I’m posting this now, then I’ll put it in my queue on the 1st and have that be the only thing that posts on that day (for those of us who can’t shut our queues down easily, that’s a solution). And then, no posts, no replies, no chats, no inbox, no messages, no visits to the site for the duration of the 1st in my timezone.

[Image description: On a blue background, white bold text says: “9/1/17 Tumblr Strike: This blog is posting no new content to protest Tumblr’s unwillingness to take action against white nationalist hate speech”]



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