Jul. 13th, 2017

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You’re 7 years younger than me - that’s not middle aged!

When does middle-aged start??? I don’t know! 

Oh the Internet says 45. Well, ok then. I don’t mean to be a jerk about it. 

Then what am I??? I figured, you pick the average age your demographic lives to, and divide it in half, and like, Dude’s dad only made it to 52 so we’re burning the midnight oil here, we’re definitely lighting this candle at both ends. 
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Farmbaby, who slept the night on my couch as her family passed back through from a reunion in Illinois, just asked, “Mommy, do you think Chita’s nocturnal?” She’s just woken up, and is having a quiet discussion with her mother. There was a moment’s quiet discussion, and then Farmbaby says, “Or maybe she has a secret.” 
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I took the “Phone” app off the shortcuts bar to make room for something else, I forget what, and then I had to make a phone call and like, scrolled through my apps for like ten minutes trying to find it again, like, I know there’s an app for that but damned if I remember what it was called. (I was looking under “T” for “telephone”. Spoiler alert: “P”.)
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So I got my computer back from repair. $925.86 including sales tax. They replaced literally every part of the computer. The display is different. The top case is different. The logic board is different. The hard drive is different. 

Literally the only thing the same is the serial number. It’s a new computer. 

I hadn’t realized: my laptop keys were worn down, to the point that the under-keyboard illumination shone through several places. Now that there are new keys, I’m a little weirded out. It doesn’t feel like my computer. I keep missing the space bar, it’s too textured. (Mine is worn smooth; I only ever hit it with my right thumb.) 

I did a full restore and everything’s fine except my Adobe software didn’t come over, and neither did Scrivener. I manually moved Scrivener over and it seems to be working. But Photoshop and Lightroom, both of which I purchased legitimately but a really long time ago, both want me to re-activate them, and it’s been so long I literally have no idea where the disks are. So I don’t know what I’ll do without that, and in the meantime, I can’t import or process photographs. So those are all still in my camera– Maryland onward is still in my camera. Oh well. 

Headed back to the farm the day after tomorrow. Yeehaw. 
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It’s really depressing how Labor Day has gone from “give laborers a day off” to “give white collar office workers and executives a day off but make retail laborers work so that executives can get a latte on their day off”



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