Dec. 29th, 2006

time flies

Dec. 29th, 2006 08:57 am
I am honestly absolutely booked solid until the new year. I sort of really don't like that feeling, but it's all things I want to do. (Except for work. I'm so disinterested in work at the moment. Which is a shame; you'd think with all the time I've had off, I'd be revitalized, but I'm really not. The only motivating factor I have is that I have to earn money to invest with my brother-in-law, which is silly and not really working very much for my motivation, but whatever.)
I didn't take a nap yesterday, but finished up with the bathroom instead, except that I hung the new shower curtain out on the back porch to air out, because they always smell so strong when you take them out of the package. And I was right-- it reeks out there, just from the new shower curtain liner. But the new curtain itself-- it's one of those posh fabric ones!! Oh my. Those are expensive! I must send Mom a photo of how nice it looks, to thank her.
But this means that I got home last night after having managed to attend roller derby practice (and showing up late didn't mean I missed anything, as the rink's previous engagement had run a little late-- ha ha!) and direly needing a shower, only to find that there was no shower curtain. Hm. I'd used up the last of my strength putting the garbage out by the curb, and could not face attempting to thread fifteen little rings through holes and onto a pole. So I took a bath instead. And that was nice and all, except that I was so sleepy by the time I got out that I could barely stumble to bed.
I am only a little sore today, although practice was brutal-- Mia was in charge and seemed to take the view that it's unlikely any of us did any working out since before Christmas, so she was going to kick our asses. So, sprints, pyramid drills, sprinting/weaving pacelines, and a whole lot of skating real fast. I am sort of proud of how not sore I am, but then, I didn't just sit on my ass all Christmas. (My family is really really into taking several-mile hikes on the hilly raviney terrain out back, in case anyone didn't know-- oh, I haven't posted photos yet-- and there's been so much rain lately that they were really more scrambles/slides than hikes in several cases.)

I have a lot of shopping I still have to do, things I was putting off until after Christmas. I also have a lot of errands to run, ditto. Then I have work tonight, [ profile] rootsnradicals's party after work, work tomorrow morning, the Nietszche's seisun tomorrow afternoon which I promised Bill I'd attend, and then Z is coming home tomorrow at tennish and so all the things I told myself I'd do before he got here have to be done. Ack! What am I doing still in bed?
Oh right, drinking the cold tea that I made myself to drink in the bath last night and didn't.



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