Dec. 12th, 2006

because ghost is here watching me. she is terrified of me. i am very scary. if i move or look at her, she runs and hides in the playroom (the little room off the living room). so i can't make eye contact with her or she'll run away.

what a spaz.

Gram is in the nursing home / rehab center, all set up with her christmas cards. She was much more chipper today.
I may yet succeed in meeting up with Kat tomorrow. It's only taken, like, five years. Yeah, I'm not so good at this reality thing.

I sent Z a long email today instead of posting it here. I am so very sleepy, and coming down with a cold. I will probably do a big update once I'm home.

Oh, Dad sat with me and showed me a lot of the exhaustive work he's done on cataloguing his Vietnam collection and notes. It would make an absolutely incredible website. He's got notes, daily passwords, radio frequencies, photographs, map sheets, grid coordinates of all the locations mentioned in his notes, newspaper clippings, letters sent to him and letters he sent. He's got his uniform and most of his equipment and all kinds of details. I mean, it's just a tremendous wealth of detail, and it's much more historically valuable because he's actually going through it and noting down the significance and deciphering the difficult handwriting and what-have-you.
He says he might write a book.

Ghost is staring at me, peeking one eye around the corner of the bookshelf. Dad has tried explaining to her that I am busy eating my ice cream. "She has her own bowl," Dad pointed out. "She's eating her own ice cream with a spoon. You don't eat cats with spoons." "Yes," I said. "If I were going to eat a cat I'd use a fork."

Silly kitten.
(edited to add: Dad is now lecturing her on how cats are meant to be predators, not prey, and she really ought to shape up or reconsider her career.)



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