Dec. 11th, 2006

OK. It's 4 am, I'm up, I'm going to leave the house.

See y'all later via modem from Melrose.

Mysterious headache: Mysteriously gone, just as it came. Shrug. I will never know. (I Hope.)

in melrose

Dec. 11th, 2006 01:15 pm
1) The headache was, apparently, a symptom of me coming down with something. What? Why, it's That Time of Month! And, yet again, here I am at my parents' house scrounging in the bottom of my suitcase for a dang tampon because of course my mother doesn't have any in the house. This has happened to me twice now. Something about Melrose says to my body, "Why, it's time to be early and surprise her!" Argh.

2) The cats are happy to see me. Except Ghost. She is hiding from me. She hides from everyone.

3) Cousin Arthur and his son Andy are here deerhunting. They are going to get one tonight, they have informed me. Art saw two run right across the ridge in front of his nose but he held off shooting at them because they were two does moving fast and he thought there was a buck chasing them. But there wasn't. But there is a monster buck out there, with huge hoofs and a giant rack, and they've been sure for three years now they were going to get him. They inform me they're going to get "the monster" tonight.
I love Art and Andy.

4) All right, I should go visit Gram in the hospital now. We swung by on our way home from the train station but the physical therapist was in trying to get her to move her feet, and we thought perhaps we should not involve ourself in the technical details. Gram, by the way, has a view of the road from her window, and gave us a quick rundown of her analysis of the traffic patterns and parking habits within her view.



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