Dec. 10th, 2006

last night

Dec. 10th, 2006 02:03 pm
I am having a lovely Sunday morning. I slept right through roller derby practice, for which I feel very guilty, but this is the first day of my vacation! I've only missed two practices that I could have made but for laziness in the entire time since I started in August, so I think I'm doing ok. (Except, of course, that i miss one a week because of work. But still.)
I just sat on the couch and cleaned my skate wheels, which have accumulated a lot of mung from the rink floor, and the bearings as well as I could without removing them, since they don't come out without a special tool. (They'll come out of some wheels, but really not out of the Witch Doctor blues.) Z is sitting on the love seat writing his next gadget column (on stocking stuffers), and we're listening to the Barenaked Ladies' Maybe You Should Drive, and it's nearly 50 degrees out which means the heat's not on constantly in here so it's actually pleasant.

Last night was just in general a great time. I got home from work, put real clothes on, and we zipped over to Chris and Rose's for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. We sat with them and with Chris's mom and sister, and with Z's mom, and we mostly swapped stories of childhood, accompanied by much howling of laughter. Chris's mom is a 2nd-grade teacher in a Catholic school, and Z's mom teaches fourth grade in a magnet school. So it wasn't just our childhoods that were discussed. Teachers, particularly elementary-school teachers, have absolutely wicked senses of humor when you pour a little wine into them.
Also the food was awesome and it was the only real Thanksgiving dinner I got, as I had to work on the last Thanksgiving, so... Mmmmmmmmm.

After we dropped the mothers off at home, Z and I changed clothes slightly and went out to a house party given by the guys whose housewarming party we attended a couple months ago-- e:PMT from elmwoodstrip. (e:Paul, e:Matthew, and e:Terry). This was different from the last one, because it was a birthday party for a particular member (e:Enknot), and so it was comprised largely of his friends, many of whom are not e:strippers, and so at one point Paul commented to me that he didn't know more than about six of the fifty people in his house.
Which was fun.when DL7 parties... mostly she just people-watches )

Anyway. So this week I am on vacation. I am going to spend today, tomorrow, and the day after getting my house and affairs in order, and then Weds. I am going to take the train to Albany, and I'm going to spend a couple days with my grandmother, a couple days with my folks, and then I'm going to take the train back out here. Seems reasonable to me, right?


Dec. 10th, 2006 07:34 pm
i have a fantastically terrible headache. it hurts somewhere between my right ear, my jaw, and the back of my neck, just on the inside. i can't bend over or it hurts so much i think my eye will pop out. it's not the usual place for a headache. It's like... the roof of my mouth but above it, and the inside of my neck, but not my throat, and not my lymph nodes. It's not my teeth. It's not my sinuses. It's... the spaces between them? I have no fucking idea what actually hurts, it just hurts intensely.

this is seriously cramping my style. especially as i am trying to pack my bags for a 6 am departure tomorrow and the laundry's not done.

Z, helpfully, has gone to take a nap.

i don't think i can get back up if i go down the basement stairs to switch the laundry over. what to do? maybe if i brought a blanket i'd be warm enough down there until the laundry is done and then maybe the ibuprofin would kick in and i could get back up the stairs?

but my hands are so cold already...

I hate not feeling well, and this came out of nowhere as i bent to sort the laundry in the hallway. is God punishing me for not having done the laundry earlier? It seems odd He should care.

But the fact remains that the washer must be done by now and I don't know how I'm going to get back up here if I go down to put the clothes in the dryer. Boo.



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