Dec. 4th, 2006

I am having one of those days.
First, Not!(quite)Asshole Manager asked on Saturday if I could maybe work some extra days/hours. I said maybe, let me know which ones. She said she'd call me that night and let me know.
This morning I called and said, "Look, just tell me when I'm on the schedule next," as this is my day off.
I'm not on until tomorrow morning, when I'm coming in 3 hours early. OK, fine. (But I had to leave a message and have them call me back to find that out.)

Meanwhile Z went out to go to work. He came back in, in something of a panic. "Um, the Check Engine light is on." That's odd. I went out. It didn't stall, but the light was on again.
So I called Roadside Assistance and he went off to work. at least the house hasn't caught fire yet )
I have always wished I were the kind of person whose house is in order, who always knows where their possessions are and how many they have, and can produce them when they are called for. But I sort of don't believe that people like that really exist in real life.

Incidentally I have had to use my wall-mounted house telephone three times in the last two days to call my cellphone to figure out where I left it. I don't understand how people can leave their phones on silent mode, because I would not have a phone anymore if I did.

I promise my next LJ entry will be funny. Or, well, maybe not the next one. But one of these will not be whining. One of these days.



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