Nov. 27th, 2006


Nov. 27th, 2006 07:33 am
Ithaca is the worst place I've ever tried to park. I mean worst. I abandoned my car last night in a parking lot, and was told that it'd be ok to leave there overnight but the following morning I'd better move it before seven. So I dragged myself out of bed and went and got in it, and looked for an alternate spot to park.
I drove in approximate circles for literally ten minutes before I finally managed to wedge myself into the tiniest spot ever, in one of the most skilled and tight parallel parking jobs I've ever done if I do say so myself, about six blocks away from Ann's house.
It was ludicrous.

But, anyway, it's pretty here, Andreas made it safely with Fiona and Ann, we went out for beers last night and wonder of wonders, we were all over (although the waitress stared in dumbfounded amusement at Andreas's Norwegian driver's license. ["The date of birth is the fourth line down," he said. "Whatever," she said, and handed it back.])
Andreas is bearded and the facial hair makes him look disturbingly similar to Z. At least I managed not to get confused in my sleep, as we both crashed on Ann's floor last night. I think the fact that he snores more than Z helped. (Z doesn't snore unless he's very, very sick.)

I sort of like Ithaca and sort of think it's just the weirdest place ever. It's got a sort of strange feel to it, of grubbiness and money and overcrowdedness plus nature. But, I won't be here long, so it's sort of moot. Ann's co-op, which I keep calling a commune by accident, is cute-- a huge house full of kids, a giant kitchen with a strict duty roster, a big garden off to one side, and everything is neatly labeled with marker-on-masking-tape labels giving the item's name in Swahili, as one of the house's occupants is studying the language. Ah, college.

I repeatedly made an ass of myself in conversation last night. Something about Ann brings it out in me. I somehow can't hear when people talk, and ask a lot of stupid questions. It was fun. But I do wonder whether my whole family just thinks I'm an ass. I think they possibly might. I always do this around them. But then... I kind of am an ass, so it doesn't matter.

I am looking forward to hanging out with Andreas. Today we'll be driving around the Southern Tier somewhat aimlessly, with the idea of making it to Buffalo by dinnertime. So that'll be fun. Weather's supposed to be sunny and over 50, so...
Yesterday at my request Z checked the tire pressure and oil in the car (while I was packing and last-minute-cleaning the house), and then he went on to make sure the flashlight was behind the seat where it should be, and then he put the collapsible snow shovel in the trunk. I felt very cared-for. He even pumped up the slightly low rear driver's side tire with a hand pump he bought for the scooter. So, he is the best, hurrah.

There will be a lot of facial hair in my house this coming week.



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