Nov. 25th, 2006


Nov. 25th, 2006 08:29 am
Gah! I have run out of time. I had intended to fully clean the house including things like cleaning the bathroom a second time, but my schedule for the upcoming two days is this:

8:50 am: leave house for work.
4:00 pm: return home from work.
4:30pm: depart house for Nietzche's.
5:00pm-2am: Nietzche's for seisun, then Z's Battle of the Bands finals, then cleanup afterward.
7:45 am: leave house for rollergirls practice
8:15-10:30 pm: WFTDA's Skills Assessment for me and two other girls at roller derby practice
11:00 am: breakfast
11:30-4:00 do everything I meant to do over the last week
4:00 pm leave for Corning, NY
6:30 meet Fiona, Ann, and Andreas in Corning
stay overnight? or return immediately?

Anyway that's it; I'll pick up my guest there, and then I'm bringing him straight back with me.

So tomorrow early afternoon is where I have to pin all my hopes. I think I'd better prioritize. At least I can do all the shopping with Andreas here. But so much for good intentions... At least I got all my clothes sorted and washed yesterday (except for one load of whites remaining, which I saved for tomorrow to get all my work clothes in it).

I have to go and get dressed now to leave for work. Aargh!



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