Nov. 24th, 2006

In high school I studied Latin according to the Berlitz method, which involved a lot of recitation, and I mean literally you would recite these routines... it was taught in a classroom with no English in it, and you were just expected to pick up on the Latin by figuring out what was going on. Now, this was a girls' school, so we had a rather critical shortage of masculine nouns.
So our "puer" [boy] was a small model made of cardboard, whose name was... Wait for it.
It's valid Latin.

And we'd perform this routine, so we got used to declining a masculine noun. Each of us would take a turn standing in front of the classroom. First we'd point to Dufus. "Hic est Dufus." And the class would answer back. "Hic est Dufus!"
Then we'd look at Dufus. "Video Dufum!" And the class would answer back, "Videmus Dufum!" And then we'd touch Dufus with our finger. "Digitus in Dufo est!" Etcetera, etcetera. The net result is that I still know how to decline basic Latin nouns (and conjugate basic Latin verbs: the best, best ever, was when the teacher conjugated-by-demonstration the verb parveo, but I think I'll let you try and figure out what that one is).

The other result is that I think of Dufus as a valid name and have been known to say, "Salve tu quoque, Dufe," at least in my head. I should start speaking to Idiot!Manager in Latin. Ugh. (I successfully managed to Not Be The One With The Problem With Him today. Good for me. Everyone else is filing grievances but you know, I didn't really need Thanksgiving dinner anyway so I didn't kick up a fuss.)

Anyhow. What prompted the title of this entry, and thus the digression into ninth-grade memories (Digitus in naso est was our all-time favorite. Remember that "in" can mean either "on" or "in" in Latin. The English meaning of "in" was a more striking demonstration of that particular phrase. Mr. Simms would get it up to the first knuckle.) was how spectacularly stupid Leviathan-Carp (the goldfish) is. He's bored at the moment and is attempting to bottom-feed, and in the process keeps forcibly evicting poor Plecosaurus from whereever he, he being a legitimate and actual bottom-feeder, is attempting to do what it is that defines him. So things are rather out of sorts in the fishtank at the moment.

I have not yet heard whether my airborne cousin has landed in NYC yet. I am expecting that I will be traveling Sunday and Monday and will bring him back to Buffalo in a relatively leisurely fashion, whereupon we will commence to drink like veritable fishes and perhaps do some shopping, I'm not sure. I can scarce believe it in this Internet age, but apparently it is still difficult to get certain things in Norway, and so the cousins always do a great deal of shopping when they come here. Which is good, as it's almost the only time I buy things.

I just sent a ridiculous email to about over-DDD sports bras. I should be banned from talking about boobs on the Internet. But I want a sports bra! For my boobs! So I don't get bruises!!



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